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Yukihiro Takahashi - Early Albums Collection 1980-1983 (4CD) Remastered 2005-2007 [Re-Up]

Yukihiro Takahashi - Early Albums Collection 1980-1983 (4CD) [Remastered 2005-2007]
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 1.2 Gb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 497 Mb | Scans included
Synth-Pop, Techno-Pop, New Wave, Electronic | Time: 02:55:23

Yukihiro Takahashi (高橋 幸宏 Takahashi Yukihiro) is a renowned Japanese musician, who is best known as the drummer and lead vocalist of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, and as the former drummer of the Sadistic Mika Band.
Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - A Different Hat (2010) [Re-Up]

Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - A Different Hat (2010)
EAC | APE | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 253 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 115 Mb | Scans included
Adult Contemporary, Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop/Rock | Label: Carrack-UK | # PCARC019 | 00:47:27

2010 album from the veteran Rock/Soul vocalist and former member of Squeeze, Ace and Mike & The Mechanics. On Different Hat, Carrack has recorded some of his songs and classics by other artists with an orchestra. David Cullen arranged the music and conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Paul Carrack has always had the ability to combine the contemporary with the timeless classic effortlessly this album shows he is still able to challenge himself and create exceptional results.
Jean-Marc Berlière, Franck Liaigre, "L'affaire Guy Môquet : Enquête sur une mystification officielle"

Jean-Marc Berlière, Franck Liaigre, "L'affaire Guy Môquet : Enquête sur une mystification officielle"
Larousse | 2009 | ISBN: 203584598X | French | EPUB | 159 pages | 0.3 Mb

Le 16 mai 2007, jour de son investiture, Nicolas Sarkozy annonce que la dernière lettre de Guy Môquet à ses parents sera lue dans tous les lycées de France le 22 octobre. Aussitôt, médias, hommes et femmes politiques, historiens même, s’emparent de la figure de ce jeune militant communiste, fusillé par les Allemands le 22 octobre 1941, et redessinent l’Histoire : par ignorance ou pour l’instrumentaliser à des fins politiques ? Guy Môquet devient ainsi l’incarnation de la résistance aux barbares hitlériens et son engagement reflète celui du PCF de l’époque. …

Mott The Hoople - Albums Collection 1969-2007 (16CD) [Re-Up]  Music

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Mott The Hoople - Albums Collection 1969-2007 (16CD) [Re-Up]

Mott The Hoople - Albums Collection 1969-2007 (16CD)
EAC | FLAC (Cue&Log) ~ 5.7 Gb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 2.1 Gb | Scans
Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Proto Punk | Time: 15:00:01

Flamboyant British icons of the 1970s whose nasty fusion of heavy metal, glam rock, and sneering cynicism influenced many punk bands. Collection includes: 'Mott The Hoople' (1969); 'Mad Shadows' (1970); 'Wildlife' (1971); 'Brain Capers' (1971); 'All The Young Dudes' (1972); 'Mott' (1973); 'The Hoople' (1974); 'Live' (1974) 30th Anniversary Edition 2004; 'Rock And Roll Queen' (1974); 'Drive On' (1975); 'Greatest Hits' (1976); 'Two Miles From Heaven' (1980); 'The Ballad Of Mott: A Retrospective' (1993); 'Fairfield Halls, Live 1970' (2007).

Stephan Micus - Desert Poems (2001) [Re-Up]  Music

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Stephan Micus - Desert Poems (2001) [Re-Up]

Stephan Micus - Desert Poems (2001)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 217 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 125 Mb | Scans included
World Fusion, Neo-Classical | Label: ECM | # ECM 1757, 159 739-2 | 00:47:23

Desert Poems both consolidates and expands Stephan Micus's solo quest to fashion a music of archetypal, world-ranging import: music–often modal in nature–which would be both as old as the proverbial hills, yet as fresh as tomorrow. If you've followed this multi-instrumentalist's musical odyssey of the past 30-or-so years (this is something like his 15th solo project) you probably won't need any encouragement to buy an album that finds Micus's mastery of such instruments as the sarangi, nay, shakahuchi, steel drum and humble flower pot enhanced by a range of solo and polyphonic vocals. His pan-global sources are filtered to create a somewhat sombre, strongly devotional sense of the deeper rhythms of life to which music may awaken us. Apart from the vocalising on pieces like "Contessa Entellina", standout tracks include the solo shakuhachi feature "First Snow" and an instrumental reworking of "Shen Khar Venakhi", a masterpiece of old Georgian polyphony.

Wilco - Albums Collection 1995-2011 (13CD) [Re-Up]  Music

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Wilco - Albums Collection 1995-2011 (13CD) [Re-Up]

Wilco - Albums Collection 1995-2011 (13CD)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 4.14 Gb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 1.6 Gb | Complete Scans
Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Country-Rock, Experimental Rock | Time: 11:06:05

Critically acclaimed Chicago band initially connected to the No Depression neo-country scene, later emerging as an experimental-pop powerhouse. Collection includes: 'A.M.' (1995); 'Being There' (1996); 'Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 1' (with Billy Bragg) (1998); 'Summerteeth' (1999); 'Mermaid Avenue, Vol. 2' (with Billy Bragg) (2000); 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' (2002); 'A Ghost Is Born' (2004); 'Kicking Television: Live in Chicago' (2005); 'Sky Blue Sky' (2007); 'Wilco' (2009); 'The Whole Love' (2011).

Elliott Smith - Albums Collection 1994-2007 (8CD) [Re-Up]  Music

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Elliott Smith - Albums Collection 1994-2007 (8CD) [Re-Up]

Elliott Smith - Albums Collection 1994-2007 (8CD)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 2 Gb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 860 Mb | 05:33:19
Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Folk-Punk, Lo-Fi, Sadcore | Scans included

Collection includes: Roman Candle (1994); Elliott Smith (1995); Either/Or (1997); XO (1998); Figure 8 (2000); From A Basement On The Hill (2004); New Moon (2007).
John Lee Hooker - I'm John Lee Hooker (1959) Remastered Reissue 2000 [Re-Up]

John Lee Hooker - I'm John Lee Hooker (1959) Remastered Reissue 2000
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 132 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 95 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Blues | Label: Vee-Jay/Collectables | # COL-CD-7100 | Time: 00:32:13

Winding through the literally hundreds of titles in John Lee Hooker's catalog is a daunting task for even the most seasoned and learned blues connoisseur. This is especially true when considering Hooker recorded under more than a dozen aliases for as many labels during the late '40s, '50s, and early '60s. I'm John Lee Hooker was first issued in 1959 during his tenure with Vee Jay and is "the Hook" in his element as well as prime. Although many of these titles were initially cut for Los Angeles-based Modern Records in the early '50s, the recordings heard here are said to best reflect Hooker's often-emulated straight-ahead primitive Detroit and Chicago blues styles. The sessions comprising the original 12-track album – as well as the four bonus tracks on the 1998 Charly CD reissue – are taken from six sessions spread over the course of four years (1955-1959). Hooker works both solo – accompanied only by his own percussive guitar and the solid backbeat of his foot rhythmically pulsating against plywood – as well as in several different small-combo settings.
YES - The Hi-Res Album Collection (1969-1987, 2013) [24bit/192kHz] Combined RE-UP

Yes - The Hi-Res Album Collection (1969-1987, 2013)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time - 739:22 minutes | ~ 27 GB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover(s)

YES, the most successful and influential progressive rock band in the world, will celebrate its prolific tenure at Atlantic Records with the Hi-Res of the studio albums they recorded with the label…

Sokal - Kraa - Complet (re-up)  Comics

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Sokal - Kraa - Complet (re-up)

Kraa - 3 Tomes
Scénario & Dessin: Benoît Sokal | Légendes | French | PDF | 265MB

Début du XXème siècle. Une région encore sauvage entre l’Alaska et la Sibérie est colonisée par des hommes ambitieux, décidés à exploiter les sols de » ce nouvel eldorado « . Une ville se bâtit autour d’un projet de barrage hydro-électrique qui va noyer cette vallée. En hauteur, sur ces terres isolées, vit une petite communauté indienne à laquelle appartient le jeune adolescent Yuma. Un farouche aigle noir vient de naître. Tous deux découvrent cette nature et cette vie, menacée. Entre eux, un lien se crée. Yuma accompagne l’aiglon dans son apprentissage, développe un don chamanique, entrant en communion, en communication avec lui. Lorsque attaqué, gravement blessé, l’adolescent revient miraculeusement de la mort, il est amnésique et s’affirme la réincarnation de Kraa, l’aigle, le chasseur, qui le rejoint. Leurs instincts ancestraux se mêlent, tous deux survivants d’un monde en péril. C’est une histoire de colère et de vengeance.