Raizo Ichikawa

Stefan Kaiser, Yasuko Ichikawa, Noriko Kobayashi, Hilofumi Yamamoto, "Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar"

Stefan Kaiser, Yasuko Ichikawa, Noriko Kobayashi, Hilofumi Yamamoto, "Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar"
Publisher: Routledge; 2 ed | | ISBN: 0415687373/041568739X | English/Japanese | PDF | 728 pages | 26.9 Mb

"Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar” is a complete reference guide to modern Japanese grammar. …
Satsuo Yamamoto: Zoku Shinobi no mono aka Ninja Band of Assassins Continued (1963)

Zoku Shinobi no mono aka Ninja Band of Assassins Continued - Satsuo Yamamoto (1963)
Japanese | Subtitle: English | 1:33:10 | 608 x 288| DiVX | MP3 – 120 kbps |700 MB
Genre: Action/Drama

After destroying the ninja schools, the evil despot Nobunaga Oda (Tomisaburo Yakayama) proceeds to track down and crucify the remaining ninja fighters. Goemon Ishikawa (Raizo Ichikawa) escapes with his new wife Maki (Shiho Fujimura) but is unable to remain neutral. He joins a rebel faction in a new province and sublimates his personal desire for vengeance to the will of its leader. Using stealth, false messages and other forms of trickery, Goemon plays three enemies off one another – Oda, another high born feudal leader and a warrior lord (So Yamamura) cruelly mistreated by Oda. The payoff comes when the warrior lord is maneuvered into attacking Oda. Goemon sneaks into the battle to finally extract his personal revenge. But disaster soon follows. The new feudal leader steps aside to let two warring lords fight over who will attack the rebel fortress. Goemon and Maki elect to stay with the rebels, as a siege forces them into starvation.

Takuji Ichikawa - Quando cadrà la pioggia tornerò  eBooks & eLearning

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Takuji Ichikawa - Quando cadrà la pioggia tornerò

Takuji Ichikawa - Quando cadrà la pioggia tornerò
Italian | Salani | 2008 | ISBN: 8884519802 | 265 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Takumi e Yuji, un giovane padre e il suo bambino, sono rimasti soli: la dolce Mio, moglie e madre, è morta a soli ventotto anni per una malattia tanto fulminea quanto inspiegabile. Ma prima di andarsene per sempre Mio ha fatto una promessa: quando cadrà la pioggia tornerò. E incredibilmente, ad appena un anno dalla sua morte, con l'arrivo della stagione delle piogge, una creatura identica a lei, con il suo viso e i suoi occhi, ricompare al loro fianco… Una storia, intensa e tenera, dove la verità dell'amore vince il tempo e la realtà per rendere immortali i sentimenti.

Kagi / Odd Obsession / The Key - by Kon Ichikawa (1959)  

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Kagi / Odd Obsession / The Key - by Kon Ichikawa (1959)

Kagi / Odd Obsession / The Key - by Kon Ichikawa (1959)
DVD5(Cust.) | Japanese | 720x480 | Mpeg2, ~5800 kbps | AC3 ~192 kbps | 4.29 GB
Subs: English, Russian | Drama

Several cinematic variations on Junichiro Tanizaki's novel about jealousy, voyeurism, and sexual arousal began with this award-winning drama by director Kon Ichikawa. Kenji Kenmochi (Ganjiro Nakamura) is the older and increasingly impotent husband of young Ikuko (Machiko Kyo). He is desperate to regain his virility and when injections fail to do the trick, he discovers by spying on his daughter and her lover that jealousy will arouse him.

HATACHI 20 - The Golden Best Yui Ichikawa (15.02.2006)  Girls

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HATACHI 20 - The Golden Best Yui Ichikawa (15.02.2006)

HATACHI 20 - The Golden Best Yui Ichikawa (15.02.2006)
176 JPG | 1200 x 859 | 39.27 MB

Yui Ichikawa (Ichikawa Yui, born 10 February 1986), is an actress and model from Tokyo, Japan. She is also known by her nickname, Yui-nyan. As an actress she has appeared in several dramas (doramas), and in recent years she has concentrated more on her film career.

The Kon Ichikawa Story (2006)  Video

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The Kon Ichikawa Story (2006)

Ichikawa Kon monogatari/The Kon Ichikawa Story (2006)
DVDRip by MrCJ | AVI/RAR | 704 x 400 | XviD 733kbps 23.976fps | AC-3 CBR 448kbps (2 chnls) 48.0KHz
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: English | Runtime: 82min | 701.76MB
Genre: Documentary

Director: Shunji Iwai
Welcome to the world of legendary Japanese director Kon Ichikawa via current Japanese film super-star Shunji Iwai. Created to commemorate the release of Ichikawa's latest film "Inukamike no Ichizoku," Shunji Iwai takes us into the mind of Kurosawa contemporary Kon Ichikawa to look behind-the-scenes at Kon Ichikawa's childhood, up through his eyars in animation, and right through to his latest film. This is the latest film from "Hana to Alice" director Shunji Iwai, about one of the heavy influences of the director's own work.

Ichikawa for Aiko 3  

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Ichikawa for Aiko 3

Ichikawa for Aiko 3 | 12 Mb

A casual outfit for Aiko 3 including Top, Shorts and Shoes with 3 texture sets and corresponding MAT pose files. Specific MAT pose files for P4/PP/P5-6 to ensure correct loading of bumpmaps and material settings.
5 Supported FBM's each using ERC to automatically adjust to fit morphs applied to the figure in poser 4, 5 and 6 (consult readme for instructions).

Kon Ichikawa - Nobi aka Fires on the plain (1959)  

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Kon Ichikawa - Nobi aka Fires on the plain (1959)

Nobi aka Fires on the plain (1959)
105 min | XviD 640x272 | 926 kb/s | 23.976 kb/s | 96 kb/s MP3 | 699 MB + 3% recovery record
Japanese | Subtitles: English, Italian and Spanish .srt | Genre: War / Drama

An agonizing portrait of desperate Japanese soldiers stranded in a strange land during World War II, Kon Ichikawa’s Fires on the Plain is a compelling descent into psychological and physical oblivion. Denied hospital treatment for tuberculosis and cast off into the unknown, Private Tamura treks across an unfamiliar Philippine landscape, encountering an increasingly debased cross section of Imperial Army soldiers, who eventually give in to the most terrifying craving of all. Grisly yet poetic, Fires on the Plain is one of the most powerful works from one of Japanese cinema’s most versatile filmmakers.

Duro relato antibélico que narra la desesperada situación, abocada a la derrota, que está sufriendo el ejército japonés en Filipinas en 1945, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ichikawa retrata de forma implacable, con su habitual mirada cínica y humor negro, las correrías de un grupo de soldados japoneses y su lucha por su supervivencia recurriendo a la violencia, al robo e incluso al canibalismo.

Yui Ichikawa - Yuirus 2002  Girls

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Yui Ichikawa - Yuirus 2002

Yui Ichikawa - Yuirus 2002
86 JPGs | 730 x 1000 (HQ) | Japan | 16.76 Mb

Kon Ichikawa-Tôkyô orimpikku (1965)  

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Kon Ichikawa-Tôkyô orimpikku (1965)

Kon Ichikawa-Tôkyô orimpikku (1965)
1461.6 MB | 2:49:56 | Japanese with English s/t | XviD, 1040 Kb/s | 576x240

A spectacle of magnificent proportions, Kon Ichikawa's Tokyo Olympiad ranks among the greatest documents of sport ever committed to film. Utilizing glorious widescreen cinematography, Ichikawa examines the beauty and rich drama on display at the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo, creating a catalogue of extraordinary observations that range from the expansive to the intimate. The glory, despair, passion, and suffering of Olympic competition are rendered with lyricism and technical mastery, culminating in an inspiring testament to the beauty of the human body and the strength of the human spirit.