Korean Couple

Couple Or Trouble (2006) Korean Drama  Video

Posted by mozeto at June 27, 2009
Couple Or Trouble (2006) Korean Drama

Couple Or Trouble (a.k.a. Fantasy Couple)
Korean | Subtitle: English (softsub) | 16 episodes app. 60 minutes each | 1280 x 720 | 29.97fps | MPEG-4 (H.264) | Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo (2 ch) | about 1,4 GB / ep.
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Sul, Korean Alcoholic Beverages  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by step778 at Aug. 16, 2017
Sul, Korean Alcoholic Beverages

Park Rock Darm, Lee Kun Wook, "Sul, Korean Alcoholic Beverages"
2015 | pages: 128 | ASIN: B019UG4VHW | PDF | 5,5 mb

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor v1.68  Software

Posted by Orten at May 16, 2017
Couple Tracker - Phone monitor v1.68

Couple Tracker - Phone monitor v1.68 | 3.5 MB

Couple Tracker Pro is BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING PREVENTION AND DETECTION MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARTNERS, lovers and husbands. Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange text messages (SMS), phone call history, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments with their partners in real time, Application helps to catch cheating partner, reduce risk of infidelity / affair and also reduce jealous behavior of your love, Mutual monitoring and overview is the best cheating and affair prevention for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.
BBC Storyville - North Korean Kidnap: The Lovers and the Despot (2017)

BBC Storyville - North Korean Kidnap: The Lovers and the Despot (2017)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 2371 Kbps | 1h 34mn | 1.66 GiB
Audio: English AAC 125 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary | Thriller

The bizarre and sensational story of the despot who stole a film star. In 1978, North Korea's movie-loving dictator Kim Jong-il arranged for the Hong Kong kidnap of South Korea's leading lady, Choi Eun-hee. Choi had left South Korea in search of a new start. Her marriage to Shin Sang-ok, her long-term collaborator and one of the country's most successful filmmakers, had collapsed when Choi found out about his affair and second family with a younger actress. After her disappearance Shin, retracing her last known steps, also fell into the hands of Kim's kidnappers.
Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks (1973) Korean Expanded Reissue 2016

Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks (1973) Korean Expanded Reissue 2016
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 451 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 183 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans ~ 52 Mb
Genre: Pop Rock | Label: Big Pink Music | # BIG PINK 472 | Time: 01:12:57

Buckingham Nicks is probably the sole studio album by the American rock duo Buckingham Nicks. Produced by Keith Olsen, the album was released in September 1973 by Polydor Records. Buckingham Nicks is notable as an early commercial collaboration between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, both of whom later joined Fleetwood Mac.

Cho-kam-gak Keo-peul / Sensitive Couple (2008)  Video

Posted by fekmax at Oct. 18, 2016
Cho-kam-gak Keo-peul / Sensitive Couple (2008)

Cho-kam-gak Keo-peul / Sensitive Couple (2008)
Korean | DVDRip | MKV | 716x464 | AVC @ 1843 kb/s | 1.33 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 448 kb/s | 6 channels | 01:22:47 minutes | Subs: English, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian (embedded)
Genre: Romance

College boy Su-min is looking around paintings in a gallery when he hears someone screaming for help. That’s where he first meets a high school girl, Hyun-Jin. They soon meet again in a park, and she realises he is gifted: he can read people’s minds. He doesn’t want to be near her but somehow he happens to talk with her all the time, which makes him confused.

Bad Couple (2010)  Video

Posted by TinyBear at Feb. 12, 2011
Bad Couple (2010)

Sa-rang-eun Bit-eul Ta-go – Bad Couple (2010)
DVDRip - BAUM | MKV | 720x304 | x264 1480kbps | AC-3 448kbps 6CH
Language: Korean | Subtitle: English/Korean | 107min | 1.48GB
Genre: Comedy | Romance

A comedy movie that tells the story of a criminal detective with bad credit and a bond company worker who argue and eventually fall in love.

Attic Cat (2003) Korean Drama  Video

Posted by mozeto at July 27, 2009
Attic Cat (2003) Korean Drama

Attic Cat (a.k.a. Cat in a Rooftop Room / Cats on the Roof / Rooftop Room Cat / Rooftop Romance)
Korean | Subtitle: English (softsub) | 16 episodes app. 60 minutes each | 576 x 432 | 23.976 fps | XviD | Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps (2 Ch) | 700 MB / ep.
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Korean Movie Sex Is Zero 2 (2008)  Video

Posted by home_avec_moir at March 7, 2008
Korean Movie Sex Is Zero 2 (2008)

Korean Movie Sex Is Zero 2 (2008)
Lang.: Korean | Sub.: N/A | 125 min | XVid 640x352| 128 kbps vbr mp3 | 25 fps | 782 mb
Genre: Comedy

‘Veteran’ student Eun-sik and prom queen, swimming champ Kyung-ah are a notorious couple at the campus. While their relationship has been solid for three years, Eun-sik struggles to proceed to the ‘next step’ with Kyung-ah, and despite the help and support of his friends, does not manage to get her into bed. Making things worse is Ki-ju, a current prosecuting attorney and Kyung-ah’s old boyfriend, who keeps interfering with the couple. Eun-sik fears that Kyung-ah will turn her back on him and is determined to get her back…

Korean Movie - 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant  Video

Posted by hangmeas at Aug. 16, 2007
Korean Movie - 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

Korean Movie - 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant
Korean | English Subtitle | 95 min | XVid 576x384 | 128 kbps mp3 | 25 fps | 700 MB
Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama | RS.com, MegaUpload

Ha-yeong is dumped by her boyfriend on the 100th day of their relationship, an important milestone for every couple. Hyeong-jun is a wealthy and handsome man who melts women wherever he goes, but is not interested in dating. One day, as the later is driving his luxury car, the two will meet. Disgruntled by her recent rejection, Ha-yeong kicks a soda can out of frustration, which finds its way onto Hyeong-jun's head. Startled by the impact, he loses control of his car and scratches it against a wall. When Ha-yeong is unable to pay for the damages, he persuades her to repay him by signing a contract that binds her to his service for 100 days. What happens next is strictly by the (silly) book and inevitably, they both start having feelings for one another.