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American Warships (2012)  Video

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American Warships (2012)

American Warships (2012)
BDRip 720p | 1h 29mn | 1280x720 | MKV AVC@2560Kbps 23.98fps | AC3@448Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 1.88 GiB
Language: English | Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Subtitles: None

When a US plane is taken down over seas by an unknown assailant, the army is sure it was North Korea and a new war is about to break out. Even worse, the true attacker is an alien armed force and only one old battleship can stop them.

The Sleeper by J. Robert Janes  eBooks & eLearning

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The Sleeper by J. Robert Janes

The Sleeper by J. Robert Janes
English | December 15, 2015 | ISBN-10: 1504022181 | 264 pages | EPUB | 1.1 MB

David Ashby spent the last war killing Germans, and the years after falling in love with one. By the time Hitler comes to power, David has a half-German daughter, Karen, whom he loves more than life itself.

Plain and Ugly Janes [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Plain and Ugly Janes [Repost]

Plain and Ugly Janes: The Rise of the Ugly Woman in Contemporary American Fiction by Charlotte M. Wright
English | 30 Dec. 2006 | ISBN: 0877459940 | 152 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Plain and Ugly Janes was the first book to define and explore the ramifications of a new character type in twentieth-century American literature - the ugly woman - whose roots can be traced to the old maid/spinster figure of the nineteenth century.

Swimming in the Shadows by Diane Janes  eBooks & eLearning

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Swimming in the Shadows by Diane Janes

Swimming in the Shadows by Diane Janes
Severn House Publishers; First World Publication edition | English | 2014 | ISBN-10: 072788431X | 256 pages | EPUB | 0.8 MB

A young woman's past is about to catch up with her in this gripping tale of suspense
Susan McCarthy is a health centre manager in the Yorkshire Dales, engaged to be married to geography teacher Rob Dugdale. Her life couldn't be happier. Except Susan McCarthy isn't Susan McCarthy at all, but Jennifer Reynolds, a young woman who has succeeded in escaping a deeply unhappy past.

Home Emergency Guide by Karen Hosack Janes [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Home Emergency Guide by Karen Hosack Janes [Repost]

Home Emergency Guide by Karen Hosack Janes
DK ADULT; 1st edition | April 21, 2003 | English | ISBN: 0789493462 | 260 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Providing the key to solving a wide range of problems in the home, the Home Emergency Guide features clear, user-friendly symptom charts to help readers determine whether to call an ambulance or a doctor, or to use self-help measures.

Janes's Space Recognition Guide  eBooks & eLearning

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Janes's Space Recognition Guide

Janes's Space Recognition Guide
Collins Publishers | 2008 | ISBN: 0061191337 | English | 384 pages | PDF | 111 MB

World warships in review, 1860-1906 (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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World warships in review, 1860-1906 (Repost)

John Leather - World warships in review, 1860-1906
Macdonald and Janes's | 1976 | ISBN: 0356080765 | 128 pages | PDF | 157.7 MB

Janes Fighting Aircraft of WWII  eBooks & eLearning

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Janes Fighting Aircraft of WWII

Janes Fighting Aircraft of WWII
Crescent Books | 1994 | ISBN: 0851774377 | PDF | 308 pages | 272 Mb

More than one thousand black-and-white photographs, line drawings, and data tables accompany an authoritative survey of World War II aircraft that reviews the airpower of sixty-eight nations and provides detailed descriptions of each aircraft.

Janes Realty 2 v1.18-TRK  Games

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Janes Realty 2  v1.18-TRK

Janes Realty 2 v1.18
PC Game | English | Arcade Games | 68.4 MB

Jane is back! This time she is here to reconstruct a small town resort that has been greatly damaged by a powerful earthquake. Now you have a unique opportunity to practice and improve your skills in real estate management! Create, reconstruct and renovate cottages and mansions, villas and palaces, administrative and industrial buildings, beautiful gardens and fountains! Buy all kinds of decor and furniture, travel through colorful locations and build the city of your dreams!.

Janes Realty 2 v1.01 (Full)  Games

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Janes Realty 2 v1.01 (Full)

Janes Realty 2 v1.01
PC Windows | Simulation | 2010 | 58 MB

Feel creative, play Jane’s Realty 2! Jane’s real estate business is developing very fast, now her opportunities are even greater than ever. In a brand new game Jane will have a huge amount of land that needs to be bought and built on. You can help her to build a wide range of objects: from ordinary houses to the whole estates with beautiful gardens and fountains!
Moreover there is a rich collection of amazing furniture and differents items for your buildings. By the way, you can not only build new houses but also you have a chance to renovate buildings, add gloss and luxury to their image!
Hurry up, build and upgrade your dream-town! All is up to you!