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Jamaican Cakes: Most Popular Breads, Puddings, and Cakes  

Posted by AlenMiler at June 10, 2015
Jamaican Cakes: Most Popular Breads, Puddings, and Cakes

Jamaican Cakes: " Most Popular Breads, Puddings, and Cakes " by MiQuel Marvin Samuels
English | 20 May 2015 | ISBN: 9769581011 | 100 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (conv) | 6.24 MB

In this cookbook, I will give you pictures and recipes with instructions of the most popular Jamaican cakes people are eating today. Few of the recipes will be authentic, others traditional Jamaican.
Celtic Instrumentals For Fingerstyle Guitar #2 - Alternate Tunings [repost]

Celtic Instrumentals For Fingerstyle Guitar #2 - Alternate Tunings
DVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~829 kb/s | 608x464 | Duration: 01:05:34 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Booklet | 525 MB
Genre: Guitar lessons

Al Petteway continues his excellent lesson with five beautiful and evocative guitar instrumentals in the Celtic style. This time, he covers songs and effects that can be attained through a variety of tunings, including standard, dropped-D, open G and low C. Al shows you how to create your own arrangements by finding the melody within the chord structure, then fleshing it out with pipe-like drone notes, chord substitutions, moving bass lines, the rhythmic "Scottish Snap" and other Celtic-sounding elements. Embellishment techniques_right hand rolls, hammers, pull-offs, etc._help you turn basic tunes into elegant guitar pieces.

VA - Trojan: A Jamaican Story Box Set (2001)  

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VA - Trojan: A Jamaican Story Box Set (2001)

VA - Trojan: A Jamaican Story Box Set (2001)
Roots Reggae / Early Reggae / Jamaica Ska / Dub | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 3,71 Gb
Label: Trojan Records | Release Year: 2001

This whopping 30-CD box set gathers together the best of Trojan's three-disc box set series. Included are the Ska, DJ, Dub, Instrumentals, Jamaican Superstars, Lovers, Producer Series, Rocksteady, Roots, and Tribute to Bob Marley volumes, each of which can be found under Trojan Box Set for their individual reviews. What's lacking here is a booklet with additional notes and information; the bulk seems to demand some extra coverage and care, yet all that's here are the original notes of each volume – only as much text as can fit on the back of the CD sleeves. From a music standpoint, however, this box is excellent; a truly diverse and comprehensive collection. Of the 500 songs, less than ten reappear on another volume, so you get a more-than-satisfying amount of music spanning the history of the Trojan label.

Jamaican Food: 10 Delicious Dinner Recipes  

Posted by AlenMiler at Jan. 3, 2015
Jamaican Food: 10 Delicious Dinner Recipes

Jamaican Food: 10 Delicious Dinner Recipes by Cherie - Ann Darby
English | Dec 31, 2014 | ASIN: B00ROB381G | 20 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/AZW3/PDF (Converted) | 2 MB

Jamaican cuisine is revered all over the world because its bold tastes and vibrant hues are incomparable to any other fare. This straight to the point ebook provides delicious Jamaican recipes like ackee and saltfish and jerk chicken, that you can cook for dinner, or anytime you need some spice in your life.
VA - Return Of The Instro-Hipsters, Vol. 2: Groovy Instrumentals From The UK 1965-1973 (2007)

VA - Return Of The Instro-Hipsters, Volume 2 (2007)
Groovy Instrumentals From The UK 1965-1973

EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 361 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 135 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans ~ 68 Mb
Instrumental Pop/Rock, Jazz Pop, Lounge, Early R&B | Psychic Circle | # PCCD7013 | 00:56:06

Nick Saloman of the Bevis Frond once again invites us to join him in the obscure pleasures of little-known pop, R&B, and jazz instrumental sides of the '60s and '70s with this collection. A number of the selections featured on Return of the Instro-Hipsters are so obscure that even Saloman isn't sure just who is responsible for them (though he offers some educated guesses on the artists behind such names as Sharks, Oliver Bone, and the Masked Phantom), but there are a good share of solid grooves and kicky melodies to be found here from a number of gifted little-knowns. If you went to the movies in the '70s, "Soul Thing" by Tony Newman will sound familiar, while flautist Harold McNair solos over a Dave Brubeck-influenced piano groove on "The Hipster," Jerry Allen demonstrates new uses for game calls on "Fuzzy Duck," Thunder Road's synthesized version of "Peter Gunn" beats Art of Noise's variation on the theme by more than 15 years, "The Brooke Bond Beat" by Cliff Adams may be the most swingin' tea commercial ever, and the Outer Limits serve up some tough, moody rock, appropriately titled "Black Boots".
VA - Instro-Hipsters A Go-Go! British & European Instrumentals, Volume 3 (2003)

VA - Instro-Hipsters A Go-Go! British & European Instrumentals, Volume 3 (2003)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 518 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 175 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans ~ 82 Mb
Instrumental Pop/Rock, British Invasion, Psychedelic | Past & Present | # PAPRCD2045 | 01:12:58

The success of the Austin Powers movies rekindled an interest in everything groovy, swinging and mod. The Instro Hipsters a Go-Go responded in kind, serving up fun but mostly forgotten instrumentals from the '60s and early '70s that sound equally good in a bachelor pad or discotheque. Instro Hipsters a Go-Go, Vol. 3 is a Wall of Sound made up of twangy surf guitars, tumbling drums, flourishes of strings and brass, and funky organs, especially on classic instrumentals like "Cherokee" and "Raunchy," which have been given mod makeovers here by the Mitch Murray Clan and the Ray McVay Sound. Harry Stoneham's "Mogul/I Spy/The Avengers" nods to the spy movie and TV show fetish of the time, while Shocking Blue's "Ackla Ragh"'s trippy sitars allude to the '60s and '70s fascination with Indian music. Though it's more eclectic than some other volumes in this series, this collection makes for very entertaining mood music that still conjures up this swinging, stylish era.

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals: Volume 1-2-3 [repost]  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by ParRus at Nov. 29, 2016
Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals: Volume 1-2-3 [repost]

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals: Volume 1-2-3
3xDVD5 | English | VIDEO_TS + PDF Tabs | 720 x 480 | MPEG2 ~6437 kbps | 29.970 fps
PCM 1536 Kbps 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | ~3 hours | 10.9 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Guitar lesson

In this comprehensive three-lesson set, Martin Simpson shows how he uses a variety of tunings to achieve a broad spectrum of musical and emotional effects. You'll learn his beautiful arrangements for Irish Airs, American banjo pieces, Scottish fiddle tunes and traditional English songs. While teaching these songs, Martin reveals his ideas about guitar musicianship and chord theory; how to get good tone; techniques for moving up and down the neck; the uses of movable scales and chords, hammers and pulls, harmonics. These videos will inspire guitarists of all levels and styles!

James Last - Great Instrumentals (1999)  Music

Posted by TmanHome at Nov. 21, 2016
James Last - Great Instrumentals (1999)

James Last - Great Instrumentals (1999)
Easy listening, Jazz, Classical Crossover | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 67 min | 169 MB
Label: Spectrum | Rel:1999

The well-established & beloved German bandleader Last made a name for himself by redoing pop themes in a big band style. This item assembles the best instrumentals culled from his extensive discography, including 'Moon River', 'You Are My Sunshine','I Left My Heart in San Francisco' & many more.

Jamaican Mafia (2015)  Video

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Jamaican Mafia (2015)

Jamaican Mafia (2015)
720P HDRiP | 2h 20mn | 1248x560 | MKV | English | [email protected] Kbps | [email protected] Kpbs | 2.43 GB
Genre: Crime

Jamaican Mafia is a gangster-thriller movie in the vein of Goodfellas and Shottas, which follows Zoolian Anderson (Zoo-Zoo), a frustrated Car Salesman who desperately desires riches and respect, and discovers he's the nephew of a powerful crime-boss when he decides to quit the corporate world to join the illicit organization better known as the 'Jamaican Mafia'.

VA - Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals (2009)  Music

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VA - Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals (2009)

VA - Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals (2009)
Instrumental, Rock'n'Roll | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 151 min | 355 MB
Label: Just About As Good As It Gets | Rel: 2009

The subtitle "The Original Rock 'n' Roll Recordings 1950-1960" further clarifies the contents of this double-CD compilation tightly packed with 63 predominantly instrumental tunes from the early days of rock & roll. Most of the usual suspects are here, such as "Tequila," "Rebel Rouser," "Rumble," and "Honky Tonk," but it's the rest of this set that is such a revelation. Obscure choices from legends such as Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & the Comets, and Fats Domino share space with less familiar names such as Kid King's Combo, Lawson Haggart Rockin' Band, Dave Appell & the Applejacks, and Merrill Moore, best known only by rabid fans of the genre. The strict chronological time frame precludes any surf, which generally came to prominence after 1960, so much of this stays in the blues, country, and R&B veins. There are a few obvious omissions such as Santo & Johnny's classic "Sleep Walk" but that doesn't detract from the wealth of rare and seldom-anthologized songs that make this such an enjoyable spin for enthusiasts of the time period.