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Various Artists - Peru - Music of the indigenous communities of Cuzco (1997)

Various Artists - Peru - Music of the indigenous communities of Cuzco (1997)
World/Ethnic | FLAC lossless | cuesheets+log | covers+booklet | 71m17s | 428mb
Label: Unesco/Auvidis | cat. no. D 8268

The city of Cuzco, Peru is home to a number of indigenous peasant communities. Much of their music continues to be associated with fertility rites and to mark agrarian cycles, but the Spanish introduced guitars, mandolins, and other instruments that the indigenous peoples adapted and blended into their ancestral music. The songs are sung in Quechua.
The liner notes, in English and French, provide information about the geography of the region, the history of its inhabitants, local rituals involving music, and especially the musical instruments heard on the recording.

Cano & Peru - Zak Blackhole - One Shot - (re-up)  Comics

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Cano & Peru - Zak Blackhole - One Shot - (re-up)

Zak Blackhole - 1/1. Star Epidemy - (2004)
Scénario: Jean-Luc Cano, Olivier & Stéphane Peru | Dessin: Olivier & Stéphane Peru | Science-fiction | PDF | French | 27MB

Le capitaine Zak Blackhole et son redoutable équipage se retrouvent mêlés malgré eux au plus grand conflit qu'aient connu les 1000 Galaxies. Cet univers subit de terribles mutations : l'invasion des Verkills, le mystérieux projet Genesis, les complots de l'ark Riad sont autant de menaces qui finiront par emporter nos héros dans une trépidante aventure dont ils ne ressortiront pas indemnes...

Peru & Pacurariu - Assassin - Complet - (re-up)  Comics

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Peru & Pacurariu - Assassin - Complet - (re-up)

Assassin - 2 Tomes
Scénario: Olivier Peru | Dessin: Cristian Pacurariu | Fantastique | PDF | French | 110MB

Enfants de l’ordre sacré des Haschichins, artistes du meurtre pour les uns, fanatiques religieux pour d’autres, la mort est leur commerce, ils sont les Assassins. Depuis des temps oubliés jusqu’à la gloire de Saladin, tuer était leur acte de foi. Mais la folie des croisades les a exterminés. Les rares assassins qui y ont survécu se sont cachés dans les ténèbres de Jérusalem jusqu’au début du XXe siècle, jusqu’à ce qu’un occidental se montre digne de leur Savoir, le soldat et aventurier Lawrence d’Arabie. Mais en 1933, un homme rêve de doter son puissant Reich des meilleurs tueurs de la planète. Adolph Hitler veut les secrets des Haschichins et il est prêt à tout pour les acquérir. Une bataille d’ombre et de sang s’engage alors...
Titu Cusi Yupangui, "History of How the Spaniards Arrived in Peru (Relasýýion de como los Espaýýoles Entraron en el Peru)"

Titu Cusi Yupangui, "History of How the Spaniards Arrived in Peru (Relasýýion de como los Espaýýoles Entraron en el Peru), Bilingual Edition"
Publisher: Hackett | 2006 | ISBN: 0872208281/087220829X | English, Spanish | PDF | 223 pages | 1.22 Mb

Catherine Julien has delivered, yet again. This edition of the Inca's account of the Spanish conquest of the Andes is a wonderful addition to the literature, which can be useful to both the ethnohistorian or the lay reader. Working in either language, the character of 16th century Spanish has been preserved. Bilingual readers will take much away from Julien's careful treatment of the text and her award wining commentary on the document…

Lonely Planet: Peru, 8th Edition  eBooks & eLearning

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Lonely Planet: Peru, 8th Edition

Lonely Planet, Carolyn McCarthy, Carolina A Miranda, "Lonely Planet: Peru, 8th Edition"
English | ISBN: 174179921X | 2013 | EPUB | 576 pages | 10,3 MB
Peter Gabriel - Latin American Tour. Lima, Peru 20.03.09 [2CD] (2009) {RealWorld}

Peter Gabriel - Latin American Tour. Lima, Peru 20.03.09 [2CD] (2009) {RealWorld}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 911 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 339 Mb
Full Artwork @ 600 dpi (jpg) -> 18 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 2009 RealWorld / PG
Rock / Art Rock / Prog Rock

2-CD set of the complete and unedited concert recorded from the soundboard and mixed by the Peter Gabriel engineering team. These professionally mastered and manufactured CDs (NOT CD-Rs) are packaged in cardboard mini (LP-style) gatefold sleeves that add to the bootleg look and feel.

Emperor of Peru/Odyssey of the Pacific/Treasure Train (1982)  Video

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Emperor of Peru/Odyssey of the Pacific/Treasure Train (1982)

Emperor of Peru/Odyssey of the Pacific/Treasure Train (1982)
DVD5 | Run time: ~78 min | MPEG2 720x480 NTSC 16:9 ~5258 kbps avg | 3.71 GB
audio#1: English | DD 2 ch ~192 Kbps | audio#2: Russian | DD 2 ch ~192 Kbps | audio#3: French | DD 2 ch ~192 Kbps | Sub: English, Russian

Toby and Liz live with their aunt and uncle in bucolic happiness, and one day a Cambodian orphan adopted by the aunt and uncle joins the family. Han has a dream of returning home. So when the youngsters come across the eccentric King of Peru and his magic locomotive, Han gets the idea of jumping on board and riding it back to Cambodia.

Bikini Destination - Lima Peru  Video

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Bikini Destination - Lima Peru

Bikini Destination - Lima Peru
English | HDTV-Rip | 1280x720 @ 1500 KBPS | 00:26:00 | Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch | 3.7 GB
Genre: Documentary, Adventure

Peru (Eyewitness Travel Guides)  eBooks & eLearning

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Peru (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

DK Publishing "Peru (Eyewitness Travel Guides)"
DK Travel | English | 2008-05-05 | ISBN: 0756636450 | 353 pages | PDF | 129 MB

Eye of the Beholder (1999)  Video

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Eye of the Beholder (1999)

Eye of the Beholder (1999)
WEB-DL 1080p | MKV | 1920x816 | x264 @ 11,1 Mbps | 101 min | 8,18 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps | Subs: English SDH (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

British Consulate investigator Det. Stephen Wilson, a.k.a. the Eye, comes across a disturbed lady serial-killer while on an otherwise mundane assignment. Already a bit psychologically fragile from his wife's abrupt removal of herself and their daughter from his life (with the lingering memory of his daughter haunting him like a manifest ghost), his psychosis as a displaced dad dovetails with the femme fatale's psychosis as an abandoned daughter (crying "Merry Christmas, Daddy" over her expired victims). A bond forms, or, rather, an obsession, as the Eye abandons his job to secretively stalk this mysterious woman full-time as she visits many major U.S. cities under various names, leaving numerous victims.