David Bowie Hours

David Bowie - Hours... (1999)  Music

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David Bowie - Hours... (1999)

David Bowie - Hours… (1999)
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Art Rock / Pop Rock

Since David Bowie spent the '90s jumping from style to style, it comes as a shock that Hours, his final album of the decade, is a relatively straightforward affair. Not only that, but it feels unlike anything else in his catalog. Bowie's music has always been a product of artifice, intelligence, and synthesis…

David Bowie - Hours... (1999)  Music

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David Bowie - Hours... (1999)

David Bowie - Hours… (1999)
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Rock / Pop / Experimental Rock

David Bowie - Hours... (1999)

Ranked #30 in Mojo Magazine's "Best of 1999"
"Thursday's Child" was nominated for the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. After releasing the techno industrial, Trent Reznor-influenced EARTHLING in 1997, David Bowie came back down to Earth on HOURS. And although this album has an ambient feel and contains its share of loops and programming, it is organic overall. HOURS manages to be cutting edge and personal at the same time. "Thursday's Child," a commercial-sounding single, uses strings and synthesizers to create an atmospheric feel. Credible solo performer Holly Palmer lends her strong voice to the track. "Something in the Air" features the restrained yet effective guitar talents of Reeves Gabrels, who has previously worked with Bowie on his solo material and in Tin Machine. "Survive" is a beautiful tune that features both Mellotron and an acoustic intro and ending. "If I'm Dreaming My Life" features the formidable rhythm guitar of Chris Haskett, who has given the Rollins band its metallic crunch. The dark rocker "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell" is also another standout track. The subdued feel of HOURS shows a classic rocker who is at ease and introspective. Not one to rest on his laurels, David Bowie continues to put out vital material.
David Bowie - Original Album Classics (1995-1999) [3CD Box Set] {2012 Reissue Sony Music}

David Bowie - Original Album Classics (1995-1999) [3CD Box Set] {2012 Reissue Sony Music}
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Rock / Experimental Rock / Contemporary Pop

From Bowie's more recent career this album collection features Outside 1995 (his reunion with Brian Eno), 1997s Earthling and Hours… from 1999. Includes the singles 'Hallo Spaceboy' and 'Little Wonder'. Reissue of three original albums in vinyl replica card sleeves housed in a cardboard case. The 90s was when Bowie embraced industrial, techno, alternative rock, and goth in a big way, finding time to do singles with the likes of Trent Reznor, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Charlie Clouser, Photek, Moby, and many others. This set collects Bowie's three late-90s albums (the ones that saw him touring with Nine Inch Nails), starting with Outside (1995) on through Earthling (1997) and finally with Hours (1999). On these you'll find The Heart's Filthy Lesson, I'm Afraid of Americans, Little Wonder, Dead Man Walking, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, and more essential Bowie hits.

David Bowie - 5x Blu-SpecCD2 Collection. 1993-2003 (2013)  Music

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David Bowie - 5x Blu-SpecCD2 Collection. 1993-2003 (2013)

David Bowie - 5x Blu-SpecCD2 Collection. 1993-2003 (2013)
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Remastered, Strictly limited edition Japanese Blu-SpecCD2

Features the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD2 format (compatible with standard CD players). Comes with lyrics and a description. Part of a 5-album David Bowie Blu-spec CD2 reissue series featuring albums "Outside," "Earthling," "Hours," "Heathen," and "Reality." Blu-spec CD2 is the next generation Compact Disc that employs the Phase Transition Mastering, the technology developed for mastering of Blu-ray discs, to further perfect the acclaimed characteristics of Blu-spec CD. Fully compatible with standard CD players, Blu-spec CD2 completely alters the experience of music.

David Bowie - All Saints. Collected Instrumentals 1977-99 (2001)  Music

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David Bowie - All Saints. Collected Instrumentals 1977-99 (2001)

David Bowie - All Saints: Collected Instrumentals 1977-99 (2001)
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Rock / Pop / Experimental Rock / Electronic

David Bowie - All Saints. Collected Instrumentals 1977-99 (2001)

This collection of instrumentals offers a stark reminder of the sheer mind-boggling scope of David Bowie's sound and vision. Most of these 16 brooding soundscapes are plucked from Bowie's hugely influential 1977 albums, Low and Heroes. Taking his cue from Kraftwerk, Bowie enlisted ambient pioneer Brian Eno and decamped to Berlin. It's no exaggeration to say that the resulting albums were integral in defining the path of modern music. Throughout, there's a palpable sense of foreboding, perhaps best exemplified by "Sense of Doubt," a truly unsettling mesh of booming piano and spookily spiraling synths. That the Thin White Duke's Berlin material still dazzles is no surprise. However, it's the remarkable revelation–provided by a clutch of slightly more recent tracks–that he can still cut it that'll hearten disillusioned Bowie fans everywhere.
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) (2017) [11CD Box Set] PROPER

David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982) (2017)
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Rock / Pop / Avantgarde / Art Rock / Experimental / Ambient

The third installment in a comprehensive deluxe reissue series of David Bowie's entire catalog, A New Career in a New Town (1977-1982) chronicles perhaps the most artistically ambitious phase in Bowie's career – one that began with 1977's Low and concluded with 1980's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)…
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town: 1977-1982 (Expanded Edition 2017) [Official Digital Download 24-96]

David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town: 1977-1982 (Expanded Edition 2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time - 385:54 minutes | ~ 8,57 GB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover

Parlophone has unveiled the most anticipated installment of their definitive David Bowie reissue campaign with the release of "A New Career in a New Town". What makes this particular box set so special is that the collection’s focal point is the late, great Duke’s Berlin period, an era considered by many fans to be his most creative span in a career defined by constant change. Working in tandem with longtime producer Tony Visconti and friend Brian Eno (himself immersed in Germany’s experimental electronic movement of the '70s through his collaborative efforts with Cluster), Bowie ushered himself into the punk and new wave era by going against the grain of the time, looking to the works of such Krautrock heroes as Can, Kraftwerk and Neu! to inspire the conception of the three LPs constructed between 1977 and 1979: Low, “Heroes” and Lodger, known by most as the singer’s Berlin Trilogy.

David Bowie - Live in Berlin (1978) EP (2017)  Music

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David Bowie - Live in Berlin (1978) EP (2017)

David Bowie - Live in Berlin (1978) EP (2017)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) - 59 MB | Cover | 00:09:43
Rock, Pop Rock | Label: Parlophone UK

Three live David Bowie recordings from a 1978 concert in Berlin will be available on all major streaming platforms for limited time on Tuesday starting at 2 p.m. EST to celebrate the upcoming box set, A New Career in a New Town (1977 - 1982). Live In Berlin (1978) includes previously unreleased recordings of Bowie performing "Be My Wife" and "Breaking Glass" from Low along with "Sense of Doubt," which appeared on Heroes. The show took place at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin on May 16, 1978 during Bowie's Isolar II tour.

Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie - Back In Anger (2016)  Music

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Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie - Back In Anger (2016)

Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie - Back In Anger (2016)
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Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock | Label: Sonic Boom

"On the Outside tour, Bowie quietly served as a grounding point for Reznor; he offered, in his music and his performances, the potential of a future. … Bowie and Reznor designed an interim sequence to bridge their sets. There would be no NIN encore. Instead Bowie, then his band, would join NIN on stage, and then NIN would depart, leaving Reznor singing with Bowie's band. The concert featured on this remarkable 2CD set finds the entourage playing at The Riverport Amphitheatre in St Louis, Missouri, on 11th October 1995.

David Bowie: The Golden Years  eBooks & eLearning

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David Bowie: The Golden Years
by Roger Griffin
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1468310690 | 448 Pages | ePUB | 0.8 MB