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Metallica - Berserker (Live The Copenhagen Broadcast 1996) (2017)

Metallica - Berserker (Live The Copenhagen Broadcast 1996) (2017)
Hard Rock, Thrash Metal | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 02:11:23 | 304 MB
Label: Golden Rain | Release Year: 2017

Classic concert of 1996 on double CD. In support of Load, Metallica do a mammoth 88-date long tour. On 27 December at the Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The concert in its entirety.

McCammon, Robert - Wolf's Hour 02 - Berserker  eBooks & eLearning

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McCammon, Robert - Wolf's Hour 02 - Berserker

McCammon, Robert - Wolf's Hour 02 - Berserker
German | Festa | 2016 | EPUB | Pages 364 | ASIN: B01GGL8AYE | 3.62 Mb

Berserker: Hell's Warrior (2004)  Video

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Berserker: Hell's Warrior (2004)

Berserker: Hell's Warrior (2004)
BDRip | MP4 | AVC, 2500 Kbps | 1920x1080 | 25 fps | 1.60 GB | Runtime: 84 Min
Audio : English AAC 224 Kbps | 6 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : None
Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | War

A warlord's son is cursed to be reborn lifetime after lifetime and fated to love and lose until the curse is lifted.

Zen Berserker: Bekenntnisse eines missratenen Mönchs  eBooks & eLearning

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Zen Berserker: Bekenntnisse eines missratenen Mönchs

Shozan Jack Haubner,"Zen Berserker: Bekenntnisse eines missratenen Mönchs"
2014 | ISBN: 3899017633 | German | 340 pages | EPUB | 1.3 MB

Berserker Vol 1 TPB (2010)  Comics

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Berserker Vol 1 TPB (2010)

Berserker Vol 1 TPB (2010)
English | CBR | 175 pages | 308.09 MB

Jump on board the new comic series produced by "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia and his DiVide Pictures partner, Russ Cundiff. Created by screenwriter Rick Loverd, Berserker combines elements of superheroes with Norse mythology and weaves in the very human themes of self-worth, courage and determination. Throw in some bone-crushing violence and punch-in-the-mouth action and you've got a recipe for a great Top Cow book!

Fred Saberhagen - Berserker Prime  eBooks & eLearning

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Fred Saberhagen - Berserker Prime

Fred Saberhagen - Berserker Prime
Time: 13:34:00 | Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. | ASIN: B005CMKIRG | July 12, 2011
Language: English | Audiobook in MP3 / 56 kbps | ~330 MB

Master storyteller Fred Saberhagen continues his best-selling Berserker series, detailing humanity's war with the dreaded juggernaut-like machines programmed to destroy all life in the galaxy. On the Twin World planets, Plenipotentiary Gregor is determined to serve his government - even if it means executing innocent Huvean hostages, invaders from another planet - and even though Gregor's own granddaughter, Luon, is in love with a Huvean. But now the Berserkers are threatening the Twin Worlds, capturing the planets' president and reprogramming his brain to suit their violent agenda. And only the Huveans, in a desperate reprieve, can save the Twin Worlds' populace from annihilation.

Aliens: Berserker #1-4 (of 4)  Comics

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Aliens: Berserker #1-4 (of 4)

Aliens: Berserker #1-4 (of 4)
4 CBR's in RAR | Dark Horse Comics | Published Jan 1 - Apr 1 1995 | 42.51 MB Total

is one of the better Aliens comic book limited series I've read. Actually I had just finished a serious novel when I started to read issue #1 and I was hooked. Just a semblance of a plot (a criticism offered by high-brow reviewers) but in the trade-off, characters are fleshed-out and developed and more important, there is action--lots of it. Xenomorph hunting and yes, xenomorph killing. This series is fun, fast-paced and will leave you satisfied (well, after the novel I sure was). There's a graphic novella dealing with a Berserker team----but I believe this series is better. And if what I'm saying here doesn't get you, consider this single-line blurb from Dark Horse itself: "A suicide squad of bug hunters takes on the biggest hive in history..." By the way, the MAX (Mobile Assault Exo-Warrior) is the one you'll most likely need in a head-on confrontation with a xenomorph, not to mention it's one of the coolest weapons ever.

Berserker Throne  eBooks & eLearning

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Berserker Throne

Fred Saberhagen,"Berserker Throne"
Publisher: Baen | ISBN: 0671558366 | edition May 1985 | PDF | 319 pages | 1 mb

Another episode in the Berserker wars of the far distant future when powerful machines continue trying to eradicate all life and the living battle back. Space opera, political intrigue, touches of technology. The main character, a royal, political prisoner must engineer his release from a space station prison in order to fight off the plans of the Berserkers and their human allies. Written by a master of the genre. There are links from Table of Contents to text. This is an extra large print publication specifically formatted for people who have trouble reading ordinary size print. The print in this version is equivalent to 20 point type; ordinarily the largest type on a Kindle is equivalent to 16 point type. The print in a hard copy “large print” book is never more than 18 point type. The reader can reduce the size if desired.

Berserker #0-3 (Ongoing)  Comics

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Berserker #0-3 (Ongoing)

Berserker #0-3 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 4 CBR | Top Cow (Image) | Feb 11 - Nov 25 2009 | 95.1 MB Total

(complete title ) is a new series of American comic books printed by Top Cow Productions. The comic first was released in February 2009 with issue #0 on the Top Cow website and the first issue printed in June 2009. The series is produced by Milo Ventimiglia (best known for his role of Peter Petrelli on the TV series ) and Russ Cundiff of DiVide Pictures. It is authored by Rick Loverd, drawn by Jeremy Haun, colored by Dave McCaig with covers drawn by Dale Keown. The ongoing story arc revolves around the lives of Aaron and Farris who discover they have a powerfully violent and uncontrollable rage living inside them. Meanwhile, two mysterious organizations seek them out for their powerful abilities for their own purposes while Farris and Aaron struggle to come to grips with their newfound power and dangerous heritage, understandably subjects explored in the TV series . Berserker combines elements of superheroes with Norse mythology and human themes of courage and determination. So far, interesting enough that I can't wait for the next issue. Oh, and great, gory, gritty artwork.

Berserker - Blood of the Warriors (2007)  

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Berserker - Blood of the Warriors (2007)

Berserker - Blood of the Warriors (2007)
Italy | Heavy/Power Metal | MP3 320 Kbps | 54:22 min | 123 Mb