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A 20th Century Opera Collection - Martinu - Ariane - Neumann  Music

Posted by leverk at April 8, 2010
A 20th Century Opera Collection - Martinu - Ariane - Neumann

Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959): Ariane - Václav Neumann - Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Opera | Contemporary | 1CD | EACRip | APE+LOG+CUE | Covers+Libretto ENG,DEU,FR | | 236MB
Label: Supraphon | Year of release: 2000 | DDD

Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)  Music

Posted by LoveHive at April 9, 2016
Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)

Ariane Brunet - Stella (2016)
French Pop | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:40:44 | 101 MB
Label: Les Disques Victoire

Quebec chanteuse Ariane Brunet's velvety voice and perky pop instincts on her first pair of albums established her as a rising francophone star. She goes deeper on Stella, bringing evocative electro, acoustic balladry and breezy disco to her wonderfully nuanced third LP. A newfound polish is there in the moody, rhythmic backdrop of lovestruck opener "Y croire", as lush synthesiser strings envelop Brunet's soothing vocals. "Fais-moi tourner encore" starts introspectively before opening into a soaring, horn-enhanced dance party. But it’s the ‘60s-style sass and shimmying groove of "Ta parade” that seal the deal: Ariane Brunet has found her sweet spot.
Eugène E. Whitworth, "Les neuf visages du Christ - La quête du véritable initié" (repost)

Eugène E. Whitworth, "Les neuf visages du Christ - La quête du véritable initié"
Publisher: Ariane | 2012 | ISBN: 2896261168 | French | EPUB/PDF | 421/598 pages | 0.6/1.9 Mb

Maintenant que le monde s'achemine vers une nouvelle révélation de Lumière et de Vérité, des outils d'ouverture de la conscience de l'âme sont mis à disposition des chercheurs de Lumière. …

Les plantes dépolluantes by Ariane Boixière [Repost]  

Posted by tanas.olesya at Aug. 21, 2015
Les plantes dépolluantes by Ariane Boixière [Repost]

Les plantes dépolluantes by Ariane Boixière
French | 22 Aug. 2007 | ISBN: 2840387689 | 126 Pages | PDF |30 MB

Les amoureux des plantes d'intérieur se réjouiront ainsi d'apprendre que nombre d'entre elles ont des pouvoirs dépolluants. Ce livre propose une sélection de 38 plantes reconnues pour leurs aptitudes à épurer l'air. Pour chaque pièce de la maison, vous trouverez un choix de végétaux adapté pour lutter contre les polluants susceptibles d'y être présents.

Ariane Meijer - Wit goud  

Posted by Ruby Tuesday69 at April 2, 2011
Ariane Meijer - Wit goud

Ariane Meijer - Wit goud
Publisher: Muntinga B.V., Uitgeverij Maarten | Dutch | 2011 | ISBN-10: 9058315703 | 303 pages | EPUB | 1,57 MB

Ariane Meijer is a Dutch novel writer. Wit Goud is her second thriller
Pathfinder: A Major Ariane Kedros Novel - Laura E. Reeve

Pathfinder: A Major Ariane Kedros Novel - Laura E. Reeve
Roc | July 6 2010 | English | ISBN-10: 0451463447 | PDF | 457 pages | 2.03 Mb

Wars may end. But vengeance is forever.
Reserve Major Ariane Kedros needs a shot at redemption-and the mysterious aliens known as the Minoans need an extraordinary human pilot with a rejuv-stimulated metabolism like Ariane for a dangerous expedition to a distant solar system. But there's a catch. The Minoans have to implant their technology in Ariane's body, and it might not be removable. Ariane is willing, but as she begins the perilous journey, there is an old enemy hiding within the exploration team who is determined to see them fail…

III-V Compound Semiconductors [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by tanas.olesya at Dec. 8, 2016
III-V Compound Semiconductors [Repost]

III-V Compound Semiconductors: Integration with Silicon-Based Microelectronics by Tingkai Li
English | 19 Jan. 2011 | ISBN: 1439815224 | 588 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

Silicon-based microelectronics has steadily improved in various performance-to-cost metrics. But after decades of processor scaling, fundamental limitations and considerable new challenges have emerged.

W&V - 5 Dezember 2016  Magazines

Posted by McMarK at Dec. 7, 2016
W&V - 5 Dezember 2016

W&V - 5 Dezember 2016
German | 80 pages | True PDF | 17,2 MB

Various Artists - Secret Map v.I (2016)  Music

Posted by vItOrrEs2009 at Dec. 7, 2016
Various Artists - Secret Map v.I (2016)

Various Artists - Secret Map v.I (2016)
Electronic | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 01:54:47 | 268 MB
Label: Untergang-Institut – UTG005 | Rel: 2016

untergang-institut has put together a double-cassette collection of artists across the world who are crucial to its existence. the secret map might give some context or draw some connections that otherwise go undetectable. musik für aale von alle!

Natalia Ensemble and Gustav Mahler - Mahler V (2016)  Music

Posted by tomashass at Dec. 7, 2016
Natalia Ensemble and Gustav Mahler - Mahler V (2016)

Natalia Ensemble and Gustav Mahler - Mahler V (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 01:07:12 | 154 MB
Genre: Classical | Label: COBRA RECORDS

The history of chamber arrangements of Mahler’s symphonies goes back to the aftermath of the First World War. At that time Arnold Schoenberg founded the Society for Private Musical Performances (Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen), devoted to the performance of contemporary scores at the highest standards. The limited means of the society prevented the performance of the orchestral works in its original form, so they were done in specially adapted chamber arrangements. The performances were guided by a lack of concession to both the audience and critics alike, repeated hearing of the same works and a profuse number of rehearsals from the musicians. Allegedly, the indifference towards any form of failure or success was absolute.