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Rules of Arabic calligraphy  

Posted by onlyone at June 7, 2010
Rules of Arabic calligraphy

Hashem Mohamed "Rules of Arabic calligraphy"
Art institute Press | 1961 | ISBN: 9770615001 | PDF | 50 Pages | 3.8 MB

Booklet (rules of Arabic calligraphy) line of the late Dean of the Arabic calligraphy / Hashim Mohammed al-Baghdadi, a teacher at the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad, which contains a set of types of lines written in 1961

Teach Yourself Arabic Calligraphy Fonts  

Posted by onlyone at June 6, 2010
Teach Yourself Arabic Calligraphy Fonts

Mahdey El-Sayed Mahmood "Teach Yourself Arabic Calligraphy Fonts"
Ibnsina Press | 1994 | ISBN: 9770545001 | PDF | 159 Pages | 5 MB | Arabic

Kufic script is the line of an old Arab, grew up in the beginnings of the emergence of Islam in the city of Kufa, Iraq, believed to be initiated in use about 100 years ago before the establishment of Kufa. Which arose in the confusion, which was near Kufa (and Kufa, established in the order of 18 e Umar ibn al-Khattab). It has been used in writing, in the writing of the Koran in particular. And all the Koran, which you copied before the fourth century AH wrote Balkovi, which shred the Ktato Kufa, then spread to the whole of Iraq. Also used in the inscription on the walls of mosques, palaces and other Literary Islamic Architecture. This line Almsahvi on tilt in Alolvat and lamas to the right a bit, a line is dotted.

Arabic Calligraphy Vectors  

Posted by davidoff11 at Oct. 22, 2008
Arabic Calligraphy Vectors

Arabic Calligraphy Vectors
1 eps + 1 Jpg | 1 MB

Arabic Calligraphy Art  

Posted by HuGGy at Dec. 9, 2007
Arabic Calligraphy Art

Aridi Vector Clipart Collection: vol.35 - Arabic Calligraphy Art
AI/EPS/CDR | 6,7 Mb

Arabic Calligrapher 1.1  

Posted by big1ne at May 1, 2014
Arabic Calligrapher 1.1

Arabic Calligrapher 1.1 | 12.3 MB

The Arabic Calligraphy is an art that goes back to many hundreds of years ago. Its main characteristics are the use of the word as the subject of the artistic work, the balance, the harmony, and many more. Arabic Calligrapher® is a program to draw artistic calligraphy. By its vector technology, it is a complete calligrapher workshop.

Vectors - Calligraphy Christmas Labels  Graphics

Posted by posterb at Dec. 2, 2016
Vectors - Calligraphy Christmas Labels

Vectors - Calligraphy Christmas Labels
3 AI | +TIFF Preview | 55 MB

The Arabic Language Today (repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by arundhati at Dec. 2, 2016
The Arabic Language Today (repost)

A.F.L. Beeston, "The Arabic Language Today"
2016 | ISBN-10: 1138698970 | 128 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Smart Keyboard Pro v4.15.3 Final  Software

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Smart Keyboard Pro v4.15.3 Final

Smart Keyboard Pro v4.15.3 Final | 2.8 MB

Improve your typing experience on Android with Smart Keyboard Pro, a lightweight yet powerful international keyboard. You will feel at home immediately thanks to dozens of customization options: skin, layout, sound, prediction, smileys, calibration… everything can be personalized to fit your needs!

Calligraphy and Islamic Culture (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Oleksandr74 at Nov. 28, 2016
Calligraphy and Islamic Culture (Repost)

Annemarie Schimmel - Calligraphy and Islamic Culture
Tauris & Co. | 1990 | ISBN: 1850431868, 1850431876 | English | 282 pages | PDF | 62.52 MB

History of the Arabic Written Tradition Volume 2  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by interes at Nov. 25, 2016
History of the Arabic Written Tradition Volume 2

History of the Arabic Written Tradition Volume 2 (Handbook of Oriental Studies: Section 1; The Near and Middle East) by Carl Brockelmann and Joep Lameer
English, Arabic | 2016 | ISBN: 9004326316 | 624 pages | PDF | 7,7 MB