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Richard A. Franks - The Hawker Hurricane - A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller  eBooks & eLearning

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Richard A. Franks - Hawker Hurricane - SAM Publication - #2 Modellers Datafile Series | 1999 | ISBN 0 9533465 1X | 173 pages | PDF | 39,9Mb
The Avro Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (SAM Modellers Datafile 4)

Richard A. Franks - The Avro Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
SAM Publications | 2000 | ISBN: 0953346536 | 182 pages | PDF | 74.71 MB
SAM Modellers Datafile 4

This is an impressive guide to the Lancaster, with a concise history, a look at a number of 1/72 scale Lancaster models, a detailed guide to camouflage and markings, and then full lists of kits and accessories, technical specifications, squadrons, foreign operators of the Lancaster and Lincoln, and full production details. Includes some fine 1/144 scale fold-out drawings.
The De Havilland Mosquito: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (SAM Modellers Datafile 1)

Richard A. Franks - The De Havilland Mosquito: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
SAM Publications | 1998 | ISBN: 0953346501 | 168 pages | PDF | 38.66 MB
SAM Modellers Datafile 1

Contents: 1. The Concept. The birth of the D.H.98 design; 2. Concept Becomes Reality. From drawing board to production; 3. Into Action. The arrival of the Mosquito in RAF service; 4. The Multi-role Combatant. The ability of the Mosquito is finally realised; 5. Special Operations. The Mosquito's use for a number of special tasks; 6. All at Sea. The Mosquito's use by the Banff Wing and the Royal Navy; 7. Worldwide Service. A look at the Mosquito's use around the globe; 8. Post-War Operations. Post-war RAF operations and foreign and civil operators of the Mosquito; Modelling the Mosquito: Colour Side Views; Cockpit Artwork; 9. The Basics. The starting point for modelling the Mosquito in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scales; 10. Understanding the Subject. A detailed analysis of all the different versions of Mosquito, and how to model them; 11. Detailing. A detailed look in and around the Mosquito; 12. Building the Mosquito. Nine different versions of the Mosquito are built in 1/48th scale; 13. Colour & Marking Notes.A modeller's guide to the colour and markings applied to the Mosquito throughout its career. Appendix I - Kit Listing. A complete listing of all the Mosquito construction kits; Appendix II - Conversions & Accessories. A complete listing of conversions and accessories produced for the Mosquito; Appendix III - Decals. A concise listing of all Mosquito decal sheets; Appendix IV - Powerplants. Technical specifications of all Rolls Royce Merlin engines used in the Mosquito, including Packard-built versions; Appendix V - Variants. A complete listing of the technical specifications of the different Mosquito variants; Appendix VI - Genealogy. The genealogy of the Mosquito from Prototype to final production; Appendix VII - Squadrons. A complete listing of Mosquito Squadrons; Appendix VIII - Chronology. A concise chronology of the Mosquito's history (second page is missing); Appendix IX - Production. A complete listing of Mosquito production (first page is missing); Appendix X - Bibliography. Mosquito Bibliography.

The Hawker Hurricane: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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The Hawker Hurricane: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (Repost)

Richard A. Franks - The Hawker Hurricane: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
SAM Publications | 1999 | ISBN: 095334651X | 173 pages | PDF | 39.92 MB
SAM Modellers Datafile 2

The book features: Colour Side Views by Richard J. Caruana; Scale Fold-Out Plans by Richard J. Caruana; Interior Artwork by Anthony Oliver; Decal and Accessory Listing; Photo coverage of preserved examples; All scales and types of kit listed; Full bibliograpphy; Full chronology of the type's development and operational use.
The Gloster & AW Meteor: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (SAM Modellers Datafile 8)

Richard J. Caruana, Richard A. Franks - The Gloster & AW Meteor: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
SAM Publications | 2004 | ISBN: 0953346587 | 138 pages | PDF | 72.22MB
SAM Modellers Datafile 8

The book follows the format of previous books in the series. There are 5 brief chapters describing the design, development, and service history of the Meteor. One of the chapters, by Rudy Binnemans, details the Meteor in Belgian service. This is an interesting way to work in research by others that this series uses often. Then there are 8 pages of very well done color profiles, 5 per page. Plastic model kit reviews follow. There is then a very useful section describing the differences between the various Meteor models. Then there are 17 pages reproduced from contemporary technical manuals detailing various Meteor features. Then there are 5 pages of artwork detailing the cockpits of the various Meteor marks, 14 pages up close color photos of preserved Meteors. Particularly interesting was some detailed shots of the experimental prone pilot cockpit. The last chapter describes the camouflage and markings carried by the Meteor throughout its career with the RAF and other air arms. Outstanding in this chapter is the 2 page spread of RAF squadron markings which made a comeback in the 1950s. The book finishes with a number of very useful appendices. They include for the modeller lists of kits, accessories, and decals. For the general enthusiast there are appendices with specifications of the various Meteor variants, the Meteor family tree, foreign operators, production details, service squadrons, and an extensive bibliography. In the rear there are 8 pages with Meteor lines drawings to 1/72nd scale.
The Bristol Beaufighter: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller (SAM Modellers Datafile 6)

Richard A. Franks - The Bristol Beaufighter: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
SAM Publications | 2002 | ISBN: 0953346552 | 186 pages | PDF | 35.85 MB
SAM Modellers Datafile 6

This book covers many aspects of the Beaufighter and modeling the aircraft in 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 scales. Also summarizes kits, conversions, decals and after market accessories.

Michael Franks - The Best of: A Backward Glance (1998) "Reload"  Music

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Michael Franks - The Best of: A Backward Glance (1998) "Reload"

Michael Franks - The Best of: A Backward Glance (1998)
1CD | ЕАС-Rip | FLAC-tracks +cue +log +SCANS | May 12, 1998 | 496,61 Mb
Genre: Jazz, Smooth jazz | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Hotfile, Turbobit, Sharingmatrix

Jazz-pop maestro Michael Franks carved out a distinctive niche for himself in the 1970s and `80s with his smooth, clever, easygoing singer-songwriter fare. This 15-track compilation provides the perfect introduction to his output, encompassing early pop hits like "Popsicle Toes" and "The Lady Wants to Know," along with gauzy ballads like "Tiger in the Rain" and jazzy `80s hits like "Island Life." Franks's cheeky way with a lyric and sleek, radio-ready sound may be off-putting to some, but repeated listens reveal how well-crafted his songs and arrangements really are. A BACKWARD GLANCE is the premiere Franks primer.

Michael Franks - Dragonfly Summer (1993)  Music

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Michael Franks - Dragonfly Summer (1993)

Michael Franks - Dragonfly Summer (1993)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 342 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 146 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans ~ 89 Mb
Jazz-Pop, Vocal Jazz-Pop, Smooth Jazz | Label: Reprise | # 9 45227-2 | Time: 00:57:42

Michael released "Dragonfly Summer after a three year hiatus. What a wonderful return. The opener "Coming To Life" is an upbeat tune where Michael seems like he's singing about the start of this album itself. All of the songs are winners, I sometimes wonder what the outtakes are like, given the overall quality of the songs here. "Soul Mate" not only turned me on to Jeff Lorber, but also introduced me to Eric Benet, he's singing the harmony vocal. Not only is Michael talented, but the people he surrounds himself with, wow! The title track is fun, "Monk's New Tune" is about as late night jazz as Michael gets. "I Love Lucy" is that "I Love Lucy," the only cover Michael has recorded, save for a couple Christmas songs. The song is transformed from a Cuban lounge style to a romantic Brazilian influenced love song, the orchestration is glorious. "Practice Makes Perfect" is fun, "String Of Pearls" is a beautiful song, moving at a nice tempo featuring accoustic guitar and a woodwind solo.

Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beach (1999)  Music

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Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beach (1999)

Michael Franks - Barefoot On The Beach (1999)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) +CUE, LOG | 478 MB | Covers Included
Genre: Smooth Jazz | Label: Windham Hill | Catalog Number: 01934 11443 2

It remains extraordinary that Michael Franks has not broken through from his small but devoted following to a wider audience, for he is without any doubt the most complete and perceptive songwriter currently active. His songs speak of love lost, found, abandoned, imagined, destroyed, recaptured, and all shades of nuance in between. Anyone who has experienced any emotional joy or upset (ie. anyone over the age of thirty) will find the memory of the experience captured in the deliciously subtle words and music of Michael Franks. "Heart Like an Open Book", has the male narrator singing, with a naive joy that is almost painful for the cynical listener to observe, of how he and his new lover reveal themselves, one to the other, with their hearts "like an open book". Cultural and literary references feature in many of the songs (eg. "I flashed my Rhett Butler look"), and are a joy to those with whom they strike a chord, but are not obstructive to the enjoyment of the music by those oblivious to such references. This album is perhaps not as good as the earlier, utterly marvellous "Abandoned Garden", but as that was one of the finest albums of all time, this is not in any way a criticism.

Michael Franks - Time Together (2011) Japanese Press  Music

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Michael Franks - Time Together (2011) Japanese Press

Michael Franks - Time Together (2011) Japanese Press
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 418 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 180 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Vocal Jazz | Label: Shanachie/WHD | # IECP-10243 | 00:56:57

Jazz singer/songwriter Michael Franks is an artist most jazz fans feel strongly about one way or another. His unique, romantic poet-cum-laid-back hipster approach to jazz signing is breezy, light, and languid. It's also uniquely his own, though deeply influenced by Brazilian jazz, bossa, and samba. Time Together, his first recording of new material in five years – and his debut for Shanachie – is unlikely to change anyone's opinion of him, but that doesn't mean this is a rote recording. Time Together is an airy, groove-ridden summer travelog that ranges from St. Tropez and New York to Paris, France, and Egypt; it journeys through the nostalgic past and finds space in the present moment, with cleverly notated, languorous, ironic observations about life. Franks split the production and arranging duties between Charles Blenzig, Gil Goldstein, Chuck Loeb, Scott Petito, and Mark Egan. The rest of the international cast on this polished 11-song set includes old friends and new faces David Spinozza, Mike Mainieri, David Mann, Eric Marienthal, Till Brönner, Alex Spiagin, Jerry Marotta, Billy Kilson, Romero Lubambo, and backing vocalist Veronica Nunn.