Same Night Romance System

Same Night Sex System  

Posted by Rare-1 at Dec. 18, 2014
Same Night Sex System

Same Night Sex System
Audio CDs in M4A / English: AAC, 207 kb/s (2 ch) | ISBN-10: N/A | Size: 502.29 MB
Genre: SEX | Language: English

Do you think that the women you most desire want YOU the same way too? We only get the women we think we can get! Do you think 10s want YOU? The “FINALLY REVEALED” system to BED 10s the SAME NIGHT you meet them! Get Vince Kelvin’s BEST SELLING PAPERBACK BOOK!

Nick Rogue - Same Night Seduction  

Posted by FenixN at Sept. 16, 2014
Nick Rogue - Same Night Seduction

Nick Rogue - Same Night Seduction
6xHDRip | MP4/AVC, ~699 kb/s | 1280x720 | Duration: 08:37:00 | English: AAC, 126 kb/s (2 ch) | 2.54 GB
Genre: Dating, Relationships, Sex

Nick Rogue is a world-class expert in the art of getting beautiful women into bed soon after meeting them. He’s been involved in the seduction community since 1999, occasionally teaching friends and friends of friends how to make more friends. Along the way he’s met and winged with quite a few of the world’s top seducers, and has read the different materials they’ve written.

Dead of Night (1972)  

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Dead of Night (1972)

Dead of Night/Deathdream (1972)
DVDRip | Lang: English | MKV | 850x462 | AVC 1882Kbps | AC3 192Kbps | 88:05mins | 1.49GB
Genre: Drama, Horror | Canada | Extra: Commentaries (3 tracks)

A young Soldier is killed in the line of duty in Vietnam. That same night, the soldier returns home, brought back by his Mother's wishes that he "Don't Die"! Upon his Return, Andy sits in his room, refusing to see his friends or family, venturing out only at night. The Vampiric horror is secondary to the terror that comes from the disintegration of a typical American family.

The Night of the Shooting Stars (1982)  

Posted by Someonelse at Nov. 18, 2011
The Night of the Shooting Stars (1982)

The Night of the Shooting Stars (1982)
A Film by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
DVD5 | IMG | PAL 4:3 | Cover | 01:42:44 | 4,03 Gb
Audio: Italian AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Art-house | 15 wins | Italy

In Tuscan lore, the evening of August 10th is la notte di san lorenzo (the night of the shooting stars). Each of these stars is believed to grant one wish. In this celebrated film by Italy's Taviani brothers, a woman asks for the words to tell her son about that same night during the last days of World War II. The Nazis occupied Italy and the fascists had mined her small Tuscan village of San Martino. Skeptical of the fascists' promise that all peasants will be safe in San Martino's cathedral, a group of villagers opt to leave and search for the Italian partisans and advancing American forces. Among those to depart is the woman, then only six years old. La Notte di San Lorenzo is the story of the villagers' remarkable exodus, the fate of those left behind, and the partisan struggle against fascism – lyrically intertwined with their thoughts, loves, fears, and memories, as well as the fantasies of a young girl experiencing the tragedy she perceives to be her greatest adventure.

VA - Classic FM: A Night At The Movies (2016)  Music

Posted by ciklon5 at Oct. 24, 2016
VA - Classic FM: A Night At The Movies (2016)

VA - Classic FM: A Night At The Movies (2016)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 03:33:13 | 517 Mb
Genre: Classic, Pop, Instrumental / Label: Decca

Classic FM: A Night at the Movies is a brand new three-CD box-set from Classic FM, featuring the music of 50 of the best-loved movies of all time. From stone-cold classics such as Barber's Adagio, which was used in Platoon, to more recent favourites such as Howard Shore's theme to Lord of the Rings, this box-set truly has something for everyone. Enjoy the sweeping romance of Max Steiner's Gone With the Wind or the relaxing simplicity of The Deer Hunter. Other classics include the themes to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Gladiator, The Mission, The Piano, Schindler's List and Inception.

Color of Night (1994)  Video

Posted by king-ston at Oct. 22, 2016
Color of Night (1994)

Color of Night (1994)
BDRip | MKV | AVC, 10.7 Mbps | 1920x1040 | 23.976 fps | 12.1 GB | Runtime: 139 Min
Audio : English DTS 1509 Kbps | 2 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : English
Genre: Mystery | Romance | Thriller

Psychologist Bill Capa gives up his practise when he unintentionally pushes a patient to commit suicide. In an effort to come to terms with this tragedy he visits an old colleague, Bob Moore, who is subsequently murdered. The quest to catch the killer centres around a group of Moore's psychologically disturbed patients, however equally as important is an affair which develops between Capa and the mysterious Rose.

The Fred Hersch Trio - Sunday Night at the Vanguard (2016)  Music

Posted by Designol at Oct. 6, 2016
The Fred Hersch Trio - Sunday Night at the Vanguard (2016)

The Fred Hersch Trio - Sunday Night at the Vanguard (2016)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 422 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included | Time: 01:07:59
Genre: Post-Bop, Piano Jazz | Label: Palmetto Records | # PM2183

Reach up to the CD shelf and pull a handful of Fred Hersch CDS down. You'll find that the pianist has a good thing going with the Village Vanguard. Alive At The Vanguard (Palmetto Records, 2012) a stellar two CD set, and terrific solo set, Alone At the Vanguard (Palmetto Records, 2011), are Hersch's most recent recordings from the legendary venue; and now he and his trio offer up Sunday Night At the Vanguard. Hersch says this is his best trio album. Almost every artist says that about their latest—that this one's the best. But he might be right. The vote here would have gone to a studio recording, Whirl (Palmetto Records, 2010), a marvelous in-the-zone effort with this same trio—John Hebert on bass, Eric McPherson playing drums—until Sunday Night At The Vanguard rolled around.

Night of the Living Deb (2015)  Video

Posted by Without at Sept. 10, 2016
Night of the Living Deb (2015)

Night of the Living Deb (2015)
BDRip | MKV | 720x360 | [email protected] Kbps | English [email protected] Kbps | 6 channels | 1h 24mn | 1.29 GB
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280x640 | [email protected] Kbps | English [email protected] Kbps | 6 channels | 1h 24mn | 2.42 GB
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance

After a girls' night out, endearingly awkward Deb wakes up in the apartment of the most attractive guy in Portland, Maine. She's thrilled, but she can't remember much of what got her there. Pretty boy Ryan only knows it was a mistake and ushers her out the door… into a full-scale zombie apocalypse. Now, a walk of shame becomes a fight for survival as the mismatched pair discovers that the only thing scarier than trusting someone with your life… is trusting them with your heart.

Night Train to Munich (1940) [The Criterion Collection]  Video

Posted by MirrorsMaker at Sept. 9, 2016
Night Train to Munich (1940) [The Criterion Collection]

Night Train to Munich (1940)
A Film by Carol Reed
BDRip | MKV | 720 x 540 | x264 @ 1706 Kbps | English AAC 1.0 @ 83 Kbps | 95 min | 1,28 Gb
Genre: Thriller, War

Carol Reed’s Night Train to Munich is a twisting, turning, cloak-and-dagger delight, combining comedy, romance, and thrills with the greatest of ease. Paced like an out-of-control locomotive, Night Train takes viewers on a journey from Prague to England to the Swiss Alps as Nazis pursue a Czech scientist and his daughter (Margaret Lockwood), who are being aided by a debonair British undercover agent, played by Rex Harrison. This captivating, long-overlooked adventure – which features Paul Henreid and a clever screenplay by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, best known for writing Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes – is a deftly concocted spy game that could give the Master of Suspense a run for his money.

Two Night Stand (2014)  Video

Posted by king-ston at Sept. 7, 2016
Two Night Stand (2014)

Two Night Stand (2014)
BDRip | MKV | AVC, 9415 Kbps | 1920x808 | 23.976 fps | 6.55 GB | Runtime: 85 Min
Audio : English DTS 1509 Kbps | 6 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : English
Genre: Comedy | Romance

After an extremely regrettable one night stand, two strangers wake up to find themselves snowed in after sleeping through a blizzard that put all of Manhattan on ice. They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each other way more than any one night stand should.