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King Kong (1933) [Special Edition] [Re-UP]  Video

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King Kong (1933) [Special Edition] [Re-UP]

King Kong (1933) [Special Edition]
2xDVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scans | 01:44:17 | 5,10 Gb + 7,53 Gb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Classic

Carl Denham needs to finish his movie and has the perfect location; Skull Island. But he still needs to find a leading lady. This 'soon-to-be-unfortunate' soul is Ann Darrow. No one knows what they will encounter on this island and why it is so mysterious, but once they reach it, they will soon find out. Living on this hidden island is a giant gorilla and this beast now has Ann is it's grasps. Carl and Ann's new love, Jack Driscoll must travel through the jungle looking for Kong and Ann, whilst avoiding all sorts of creatures and beasts.

King Kong - Limited Edition (1933)  Video

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King Kong - Limited Edition (1933)

King Kong - Limited Edition (1933)
A Film by Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
DVD9 | ISO | VIDEO_TS | PAL Area 2 | 1.33:1 | 4:3 | 720x576 | Dolby Digital 2.0 AC3 | 01:39:22 | 5% recovery | 7.4 Gb
Languages: Italian, English | Subtitle: Italian | Extra: Scene Selection, Menù | Format: Black & White and Colourised
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Adventure | 2 Wins, 3 Nominations

Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) agrees to star in a film directed by Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong). The two set sail on the S.S. Venture for filming on a mysterious island in the Indian Ocean. During the course of the voyage, Ann falls in love with First Mate Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot). The island is reached but the natives kidnap Ann and prepare…

Chang (1927) [Re-UP]  Video

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Chang (1927) [Re-UP]

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927)
DVD5 | ISO+MDS | NTSC 4:3 | 01:09:20 | 3,86 Gb
Score AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps with English intertitles + Commentary track
Genre: Adventure, Documentary

Several years before making their phenomenally successful classic King Kong (1933), directors Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack helmed this ethnographic docudrama set in the jungles of “Siam” (now Thailand). Basing their loose narrative on months of exposure to the natives’ daily lives, the story comes across as remarkably authentic, despite its clear staging. The close-up shots Cooper and Schoedsack were able to get of wild animals (including the infamous “tiger shot”, when a tiger’s snout literally swipes the camera’s lens) are remarkable today, and must have been doubly so back to audiences back in 1927. While this film is recommended as must-see viewing for its historical importance, it’s full of memorable images, and chances are you’ll enjoy it more than you expect.

Merian - Mai 2017  Magazines

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Merian - Mai 2017

Merian - Mai 2017
German | 146 pages | True PDF | 30 MB

Dan Cooper 5 Volumes  Comics

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Dan Cooper 5 Volumes

Dan Cooper 5 Volumes
Danish | CBR/CBZ | 5 Volumes | 107.4 Mb
Uplifting the Women and the Race: The Lives, Educational Philosophies and Social Activism of Anna Julia Cooper and Nannie Helen

Uplifting the Women and the Race: The Lives, Educational Philosophies and Social Activism of Anna Julia Cooper and Nannie Helen Burroughs (Studies in African American History and Culture) by Karen Johnson
English | 2000 | ISBN: 0815314779 | 224 pages | PDF | 3,3 MB

Glenn Cooper - Il tempo della verità (2012) [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Glenn Cooper - Il tempo della verità (2012) [Repost]

Glenn Cooper - Il tempo della verità (2012)
Italian | Nord | 2012 | MOBI/PDF/EPUB | Pages 79 | ASIN: B009YWE20Y | 969 KB

Miami, gennaio 2020. Gli Stati Uniti d’America sono sconvolti: il figlio del senatore John Killian, candidato alla Casa Bianca, è stato rapito. Mentre i giornali già parlano di una nuova ondata terroristica, l’FBI è convinta che il responsabile sia Cameron MacDonald, guardia del corpo del senatore, e concentra le indagini su di lui. In preda alla disperazione, Cameron non sa più come difendersi e chiede aiuto a Will Piper, facendo appello alla loro vecchia amicizia. Will non esita nemmeno per un istante: lascia la barca ormeggiata a Panama City, dove si è trasferito quando è andato in pensione, e raggiunge Miami.

Medieval Into Renaissance : Essays for Helen Cooper  eBooks & eLearning

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Medieval Into Renaissance : Essays for Helen Cooper

Medieval Into Renaissance : Essays for Helen Cooper
by Helen Cooper and Andrew King
English | 2016 | ISBN: 184384432X | 297 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

The essays presented in this volume both build upon and respond to the work of Professor Helen Cooper, a scholar who has long been committed to exploring the complex connections and interactions between medieval and Renaissance literature.

Suzanne Fagence Cooper - Effie. Storia Di Uno Scandalo (2012) [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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Suzanne Fagence Cooper - Effie. Storia Di Uno Scandalo (2012) [Repost]

Suzanne Fagence Cooper - Effie. Storia Di Uno Scandalo (2012)
Italian | 2012 | 750 Pages | ASIN: B009R6HI6C | MOBI/EPUB | 1.56 MB

È una fredda giornata di aprile del 1854 alla stazione King's Cross di Londra. Effìe Gray ha appena salutato il marito John Ruskin, il celebre critico d'arte, e ha preso posto sul treno diretto in Scozia, a Bowerswell, la casa dei suoi. Non appena il treno abbandona la stazione di King's Cross, davanti agli occhi sgranati di Sophy, la sorellina di dieci anni, Effie si toglie i guanti, si sfila la fede nuziale e la mette in una busta indirizzata alla suocera, insieme con le chiavi di casa e il libretto contabile.

Max Cooper - Emergence Remixed (2017)  Music

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Max Cooper - Emergence Remixed (2017)

Max Cooper - Emergence Remixed (2017)
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Deep House | 57:01 mins | MP3, 320 kbps | 135 MB
Label: Mesh

This jam-packed collection boasts ten new remixes of tracks from Max Cooper's 2016 album Emergence, a largely downtempo set inspired by his live audio-visual performances. As you'd expect, many of the reworks are dancefloor focused, with Vessels, Joe Farr (whose distorted, industrial-tinged techno take on "Panned" is a definite highlight) and techno veteran John Tejada all delivering standout interpretations. These fine remixes are accompanied by similarly impressive rubs that don't strive as hard for club plays, with Hidden Orchestra's symphonic version of "Symmetry" and Tom Hodge's intricate, melodious rework of "Cyclic" standing out.