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La Mandragora - La Porta Dell'Inferno  Comics

Posted by Mendose at June 25, 2016
La Mandragora - La Porta Dell'Inferno

La Mandragora - La Porta Dell'Inferno
Italian | CBR | 100 pages | 83.5 MB

Druuna - 05 - Mandragora  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at June 11, 2016
Druuna - 05 - Mandragora

Druuna - 05 - Mandragora
Editeur(s) : Bagheera | Scénario: Serpieri, Paolo Eleuteri | Science-fiction
Français | CBR | 60 pages | 75.8 MB

Mandragora T01 (of 2) - A Gateway to Hell (2012)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Oct. 26, 2013
Mandragora T01 (of 2) - A Gateway to Hell (2012)

Mandragora T01 (of 2) - A Gateway to Hell (2012)
English | CBR | 52 pages | 65.57 MB

Such is the name of the secret society that imposes itself as the most powerful in Victorian England since the demons chose him to create a bridge between the terrestrial plan and theirs. But certain privileges are coveted, and commerce with the demons is particularly so. Lynn Redstone is the strong arm of the Fathers. She takes on missions that only she can handle given her exceptional predispositions. But she also has to fight such violent fits of rage that they threaten her health as physical as it is mental.

Morbus Gravis 5 - Mandragora (Paolo Serpieri)  Comics

Posted by Mendose at March 16, 2013
Morbus Gravis 5 - Mandragora (Paolo Serpieri)

Morbus Gravis 5 - Mandragora (Paolo Serpieri)
German | CBR | 61 pages | 102 MB
Karol Szymanowski - Harnasie · Mandragora · Etude for Orchestra

Karol Szymanowski - Harnasie · Mandragora · Etude for Orchestra
Classical | EAC: FLAC+Cue+Log | 1 Cd, Cover+Booklet | 288 Mb
Label: Naxos - Date: 1996

Karol Szymanowski spent his early years in Ukraine (where many affluent Polish families still owned land at the time). An injury to the leg forced young Karol into a life of relative inactivity, and, from age seven on, attendance at school was replaced by rigorous musical studies (first under his father's tutelage, and then, from 1892 on, at Gustav Neuhaus' music school in Elisavetgrad). Although early training focused on the piano, Neuhaus was quick to observe his young student's potential as a composer. While in Elisavetgrad, Szymanowski was introduced to the German classics as well as to Chopin and Scriabin. After studies with Noskowski in Warsaw from 1903 to 1905, Szymanowski lived for a time in Berlin, helping to found ……
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Mandragora Scream - Volturna (2009)  Music

Posted by rd at Nov. 28, 2009
Mandragora Scream - Volturna (2009)

Mandragora Scream - Volturna (2009)
MP3 320 CBR | 140 Mb | APE + CUE | 423 Mb | 59:34
Genre: Gothic Metal

Проект Mandragora Scream родился в 1997 году. Сердцем группы является Morgan Lacrioix, вокалистка, мультиинструменталистка и автор текстов. Она большая любительница магии, мистики и средневековой литературы, что однозначно сказывается на всей концепции их музыки.

Mandragora 1.0-TRK  Games

Posted by mirrorist at July 22, 2009
Mandragora 1.0-TRK

Mandragora 1.0 | 38.5 MB | win

Ages ago, the Evergreen Lands were a prosperous place, but now they are on the verge of dying. All the hopes of the Nature Spirits rest on a human with the power to bring back the sacred Mandragora Tree, from which life springs eternal. Put life back into the land by planting magical trees, then crossbreeding them to unlock their evolutionary secrets. Safeguard each sapling until the Evergreen Lands return to their former glory. By your hand alone can they survive!.

Druuna - Mandragora by Serpieri  Comics

Posted by hungraphics at Jan. 28, 2009
Druuna - Mandragora  by Serpieri

Druuna - Mandragora - erotic comic By Serpieri
Bagheera | 2000 | ISBN:2908406683 | 57 pages | PDF | 12,5 Mb

Mandragora Scream - Madhouse (2006)  Music

Posted by rd at Feb. 25, 2007
Mandragora Scream - Madhouse (2006)

Mandragora Scream - Madhouse (2006)
Gothic Metal | 53:54
MP3 320 Kbps | 122 MB
APE + CUE | 384 MB

Знахари Средневековья считали, что… "к подкопанному корню необходимо привязать черную собаку, заткнуть себе уши смолой или воском (чтобы не услышать крика и стонов корня, несущих смерть, услышавшему их) и заставить собаку выдернуть мандрагору". В те времена люди верили, что корень мандрагоры приносит владельцу счастье и богатство, привораживает любимых и предохраняет скот от дурного глаза… Третий полноформатный студийный альбом итальянцев. Блестящая работа, посвященная вечно актуальной теме вампиризма!

Ultimate Comics - Judas y Jezabel #1-5  Comics

Posted by Coda at Aug. 18, 2017
Ultimate Comics - Judas y Jezabel #1-5

Ultimate Comics - Judas y Jezabel #1-5
Ultimate Cómics, 1998 | CBR/RAR | Spanish | 5 núm. | 143 MB Total
Guión: El Torres; Dibujos: Jesus Merino y Antonio Vazquez