Les Agrémens

Choeur de Chambre de Namur, Les Agremens, Guy van Waas - Rameau: Le temple de la gloire (2015)

Choeur de Chambre de Namur, Les Agremens, Guy van Waas - Rameau: Le temple de la gloire (2015)
EAC | FLAC (image+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 57:08 + 67:27 | 641 MB
Genre: Classical, Opera | Label: Ricercar | Catalog: RIC 363

Unlike Rameau's other operatic output, 'Le Temple de la Gloire' has been incomprehensibly neglected on disc and on the stage until very recently. There have been a few recordings of the dances from the opera, arranged into suites, but this is the first recording of the complete work. The libretto by Voltaire involves mainly allegorical, symbolic and mythical characters, but its intention is serious – namely to demonstrate his philosophy advocating tolerance, freedom, the welfare and contentment of the people. Of course these are concepts which few of us would argue with today, but it was a different matter under the absolutism of the 18th century.
Les Dominos; Les Agremens - Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Pour un reposoir; Noels sur les instruments; Sonate a huit (2013)

Marc-Antoine Charpentier - Pour un reposoir; Noëls sur les instruments; Sonate à huit (2013)
Les Dominos; Les Agrémens; Florence Malgoire, director

EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 378 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 183 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Classical | Label: Ricercar | # RIC338 | Time: 01:14:54

The instrumental works of Marc-Antoine Charpentier are familiar to very few people. A large number of them were composed for use in churches, the most famous of these being the Messe pour plusieurs instruments au lieu des orgues that has already been recorded by Jean Tubéry and La Fenice for Ricercar (RIC 245). Charpentier composed the Sonate à huit around 1685, at a time when various private musical societies were exploring the Italian sonata style. Charpentier discovered this style at the same time as François Couperin, who also set about composing sonatas in the Italian style. Charpentier’s Sonate à huit blends the Italian style with the French suite of dances and as such is one of the masterpieces of instrumental music of the French baroque. The symphonies Pour un Reposoir were intended to accompany an outdoor procession, an organ naturally not being available. The greater part of the CD, however, is taken up by the Noëls pour les Instruments which Charpentier set for instrumental ensemble and organ. We have also recorded the original versions of the above-mentioned Christmas carols, complete with their many verses as they appeared in French collections published at the beginning of the 18th century. This recording of Christmas music can be enjoyed throughout the year!

Rodolphe Kreutzer – La Mort D’Abel (2012)  Music

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Rodolphe Kreutzer – La Mort D’Abel (2012)

Rodolphe Kreutzer – La Mort D’Abel (2012)
Classical/Romantic | FLAC lossless/2cd | cuesheets+logs | covers+book | 1h31m | 456mb
Label: Ediciones Singulares | cat. no. ES 1008

Grétry: Céphale & Procris  Music

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Grétry: Céphale & Procris

André-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813) - Céphale et Procris - Chœur de Chambre de Namur & Les Agrémens - Guy Van Waas :
2 CD | AAC 256 kbps (VBR) | 2 files, File 1: 141.10 MB File 2: 155.70 MB (zip) | Booklet 3,4 MB
October 2010 | 2 CD Box | Classical

Céphale & Procris is an important, early work: dating from 1774-1775, just before Gluck’s arrival in Paris and his Iphigenie en Aulide, this is a historic cog in the wheel turning French stage works from the Lullian past into the future to be established by Gluck. The recitatives are short and dramatically to the point, in the Italian style, and each character and scene has its music adapted to it in tailor-made fashion, often with ravishing solos from orchestral winds and brass. Everything which makes this an exciting historical event.

200 Years of Music at Versailles  Music

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200 Years of Music at Versailles

200 Years of Music at Versailles
Naxos | 2008| 20 CD | MP3 192 Kbps | 21 ZIP | 1.73 Gb
Lame encoded | Booklet | Tracks | Fserve, Fsonic, HotF

In October 2007, the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles celebrated its 20th anniversary. To mark this occasion they have released this astounding box set of 20 CDs featuring numerous musical highlights from a series of concerts given at The Palace of Versailles, together with highlights from recordings from the past 20 years. The line up of artistes includes William Christie, Veronique Gens, Les Arts Florissants, Marc Minkowski, Christophe Rousset, Paul Agnew, Les Talens Lyriques, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Philippe Pierlot, Patricia Petitbon and L’Ensemble Baroque de Limoges and many others.

Vivaldi, Vespro a San Marco  Music

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Vivaldi, Vespro a San Marco

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)) - Vespro a San Marco :
Magnificat RV610, Dixit Dominus RV807, Confitebor tibi Domine RV596, Beatus vir RV795, Laudate pueri Dominum RV600
Chœur de chambre de Namur , Les Agrémens, Dir: Leonardo García Alarcón
2 CD | AAC 256 kbps (VBR) | 2 files, File 1: 268.20 MB File 2: 184.53 MB (zip)
March 2011 | 2 CD Box | Classical

Vibrantly emotional, near dreamlike… Celebrating the "Red Priest's" stylistic wealth, Leonardo García Alarcón imagines sumptuous choral vespers dedicated to St Mark. When Vivaldi's fantasy seems to live mostly in opera houses or concert rooms, here are pieces devoted to the Divine Office. A masterpiece! A refreshing realisation of Leonardo García Alarcón heading one of the best choir in the world! Ce disque reconstitue un office de vêpres à Saint Marc de Venise, et présente des œuvres d'une grande diversité où vous apparaîtront toute l'excellence vivaldienne que nous apprécions tant . Magnifique et somptueux. Une réalisation exceptionnelle du chef argentin Leonardo García Alarcón à la tête d'un des meilleurs ensembles vocaux du monde.

Handel's Judas Maccabaeus  Music

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Handel's Judas Maccabaeus

Handel (or Haendel) - Judas Maccabaeus - Chœur de chambre de Namur , Les Agrémens, Dir: Leonardo García Alarcón
2 CD | AAC 256 kbps (VBR) | 262,4 Mo (zip)
March 2010 | 2 CD Box | Classical

Judas Maccabaeus in the first new complete recording for 15 years, marking the 5th anniversary of the Ambronay label and from the 30th year of the Festival. Composed to celebrate an English victory, Judas Maccabaeus, combines celebration and scenes of hope, national aspiration and vocal jubilation. A must have!

Froideval & Sorel - Mens Magna - Complet  Comics

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Froideval & Sorel - Mens Magna - Complet

Mens Magna - 3 Tomes
Scénario : Froideval (François Marcela) | Dessin : Guillaume Sorel | Fantastique | PDF | French | 41MB

Ils sont les Maîtres des Arcanes, les Maîtres du Monde, les Seigneurs cachés de l'humanité. La Mens Manga est la chapelle suprême du Grand Maître de la Lumière et des Ordres Blancs. Pénétrez dans la connaissance à vos risques et périls, et prenez garde que le voile de la connaissance ne devienne pas le suaire de votre témérité...
Tempesta di Mare - Comedie et Tragedie, Vol. 1: Lully, Marais, Rebel - Orchestral Music For The Theatre (2015)

Comédie et Tragédie, Vol. 1: Lully, Marais, Rebel - Orchestral Music For The Theatre (2015)
Tempesta di Mare - Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra, Gwyn Roberts & Richard Stone

EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 320 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included | Time: 01:07:06
Genre: Classical | Label: Chandos | # CHAN 0805

The first volume of Tempesta di Mare's series on Chandos, Comédie et Tragédie, offers period-style performances of orchestral music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Féry Rebel, and Marin Marais. The orchestral suites drawn from Lully's music for Le bourgeois gentilhomme, Rebel's symphonie nouvelle Les élémens, and Marais' suite from the tragédie en musique Alcyone give a taste of theater music in the court of Louis XIV and Louis XV, and these pieces show how inventive composers were with instrumentation and their combinations of dances with dramatic scene painting. Tempesta di Mare, which is also known as the Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra, gives bright and energetic performances, and the musicians have a fine sense of the swung rhythms, distinctive tone colors, and lively ornamentation in French Baroque music. The recording is clear and well-balanced, though the percussion in Lully's March for the Turkish Ceremony (track 4) is a bit startling, and the dissonant opening of Rebel's Le Chaos (track 13) has its own shock value. Highly recommended.

Seksik & Sorel - Les derniers jours de Stefan Zweig - One Shot - (re-up)  Comics

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Seksik & Sorel - Les derniers jours de Stefan Zweig - One Shot - (re-up)

Les derniers jours de Stefan Zweig - One Shot - (2012)
Scénario: Laurent Seksik | Dessin: Guillaume Sorel | Historique | PDF | French | 88MB

Le 22 février 1942, exilé à Petropolis au Brésil, l’écrivain autrichien Stefan Zweig se suicide avec son épouse, Lotte. Le désespoir a eu raison du grand humaniste, acteur essentiel de la littérature européenne et témoin majeur de la première partie du XXe siècle. En 2010, conjuguant réel et fiction, le roman de Laurent Seksik revisitait les six derniers mois de la vie du couple, entre nostalgie des fastes de Vienne et appel des ténèbres. Passés successivement par l’Angleterre et les États-Unis après avoir fui l’Autriche, Stefan et Lotte avaient cru fouler au Brésil une terre porteuse d’avenir. Mais c’était sans compter avec l’épouvante de la guerre.