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Kim Young-jin - Korean Film Directors: Lee Chang-Dong  eBooks & eLearning

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Kim Young-jin - Korean Film Directors: Lee Chang-Dong

Kim Young-jin - Korean Film Directors: Lee Chang-Dong
2007 | ISBN: 8991913148 | English | 114 pages | PDF | 11.6 MB

The Lee Chang Dong Collection [2007] [OUT OF PRINT] [Re-UP]  Video

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The Lee Chang Dong Collection [2007] [OUT OF PRINT] [Re-UP]

The Lee Chang Dong Collection [2007]
Green Fish (1997) / Peppermint Candy (1999) / Oasis (2002)
3xDVD9 | ISO+MDS | NTSC 16:9 | 374 mins | 21,9 Gb
Audio: Korean DTS 5.1 and AC3 5.1/2.0 | Subs: English, Korean
Genre: Art-house, Drama

Few people have made as big an impact on Korean cinema as Lee Chang Dong in the last ten years. A former novelist and scriptwriter of masterpieces like To the Starry Island, Lee made his debut in 1997 with Green Fish, one of the best Korean gangster films of the last twenty years. Critical acclaim and countless festival invitations were only the beginning of a pluri-decorated career, which continued to shine with his 1999 film Peppermint Candy, putting the spotlight on amazing actors like Moon So Ri and Sol Kyung Gu. Finally, Oasis was not only important for Lee himself, but for Korean cinema as a whole, as Moon So Ri's unforgettable performance in the film brought her a prize at the Venice Film Festival, along with one for director Lee.

Secret Sunshine, Lee Chang-Dong, 2007  Video

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Secret Sunshine, Lee Chang-Dong, 2007

Secret Sunshine, Lee Chang-Dong, South-Korea, 2007.
Korean l French subtitles built in | DivX VLC | 720x434 | 25 fps | MP3 128 kbps | 150' l 990 Mb

A la suite du décès de son mari, Shin-ae vient s'installer à Miryang, la ville natale de celui-ci avec son petit garçon. Entre ses cours de piano, ses nouvelles relations et Jong-Chan, le patron d'un garage qui tente de se rapprocher d'elle, cette jeune femme douce et discrète débute une nouvelle existence. Jusqu'au jour où la tragédie frappe à nouveau. Face à ce nouveau drame, Shin-ae va tenter de redonner un sens à sa vie.

Oasis (2002) - Chang-dong Lee  Video

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Oasis (2002) - Chang-dong Lee
DVDrip | Korean | Subtitle:english, french, spanish, brazilian-portuguese (srt) | 2:12:34 | 608 x 336 | PAL (23.976fps) | XviD | AC3 | 1.4 GB
Genre: Drama | Romance

A hardened ex-con falls for a severely disabled woman in this psychological drama.
Best Actor and Best Actress, 2003 Seattle International Film Festival.

Jong-du, a young man just out of prison for manslaughter, is a social misfit: fidgety, snuffling, laughing inappropriately, without a super ego. When released, he calls on the family of the victim; they send him away, but not before he has seen Gong-ju, a young woman disabled severely by cerebral palsy.

The Bible in Motion: A Handbook of the Bible and Its Reception in Film  eBooks & eLearning

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The Bible in Motion: A Handbook of the Bible and Its Reception in Film

Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch, "The Bible in Motion: A Handbook of the Bible and Its Reception in Film (Handbooks of the Bible and Its Reception)"
ISBN: 1614515611 | 2016 | EPUB | 956 pages | 19 MB

시 Poetry [Shi] 2010  Video

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시 Poetry [Shi] 2010

시 Poetry [Shi] 2010
DVDrip | MKV H264-1142 | AAC@160 | 720x388 | 2 Audio Tracks: Korean_1 French_2 | Subs: French (emb.) English (srt) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h13 | 1.4 Gb
Drama | Korea 13 may 2010 | Director Lee Chang-dong

Dans une petite ville de la province du Gyeonggi traversée par le fleuve Han, Mija vit avec son petit-fils, qui est collégien. C’est une femme excentrique, pleine de curiosité, qui aime soigner son apparence, arborant des chapeaux à motifs floraux et des tenues aux couleurs vives. Le hasard l’amène à suivre des cours de poésie à la maison de la culture de son quartier et, pour la première fois dans sa vie, à écrire un poème…

Secret Sunshine (2007) Criterion Collection [Reuploaded]  Video

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Secret Sunshine (2007) Criterion Collection [Reuploaded]

Milyang – Secret Sunshine (2007) Criterion Collection
BRRip 480p - TinyBearDs | MKV | 848 x 366 | x264 600kbps 23.976fps | HE-AACv2 64kbps 2CH
Language: Korean | Subtitle: English Included | 142min | 685.49MB | 3% Recovery
Genre: Drama | 10 wins & 3 nominations
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10 (1,760 users)

Sin-ae moves with her son Jun to Miryang, the town where her dead husband was born. As she tries to come to herself and set out on new foundations, another tragic event overturns her life.

Secret Sunshine (2007) [The Criterion Collection #576]  Video

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Secret Sunshine (2007) [The Criterion Collection #576]

Secret Sunshine (2007) [The Criterion Collection #576]
DVD9 (VIDEO_TS) untouched | NTSC 16:9 (720x480) | 02:22:25 | 7,62 Gb
Audio: Korean AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Drama | 10 wins | South Korea

A master of intensely emotional human dramas, director Lee Chang-dong is a luminary of contemporary Korean cinema, and his place on the international stage was cemented by this stirring and unpredictable work examining grief and deliverance. An effortless mix of lightness and uncompromising darkness, Secret Sunshine (Miryang) stars Cannes best actress winner Jeon Do-yeon as a widowed piano teacher who moves with her young son from Seoul to her late husband’s provincial hometown for a fresh start. Quietly expressive, supple filmmaking and sublime, subtle performances distinguish this remarkable portrayal of the search for grace amid tragedy.

Green Fish (1997)  Video

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Green Fish (1997)

Green Fish (1997)
Dvdrip | Avi | XVID 1 879 kbps | 640x352 | AC3 384 kbps | Language : Korean | Subtitles : English+French (SRT) | 2x700 Mb
Genre: Drama

Cinema Ebook Collection  eBooks & eLearning

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Cinema Ebook Collection

Cinema Ebook Collection
ISBN: N/A | 571 PDF | 7.61 GB

Cinema 's latest art, in other words the seventh art. Six other arts include theater, painting, sculpture, music and dance. Among these are the only art cinema is not only to serve a six-art but also promoting them have been able to forgive. As well as the cinema industry, the technique is also employed in your text. In the collection you will be familiar with the cinema and science of cinema.