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Emile Parisien Quintet with Joachim Kühn - Sfumato (2016)  Music

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Emile Parisien Quintet with Joachim Kühn - Sfumato (2016)

Emile Parisien Quintet with Joachim Kühn - Sfumato (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 58:17 min | 133 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: ACT Music

French saxophonist Emile Parisien is a jazz visionary. He may have one foot in that ancient soil, but his gaze is firmly fixed on the future. The leading French newspaper Le Monde has called him the best new thing that has happened in European jazz for a long time . The reference points on Parisien s personal musical map are very widely spread indeed. They range from the popular folk traditions of his homeland to the compositional rigour of contemporary classical music, and also to the abstraction of free jazz.

Joachim Kühn - Beauty & Truth (2016)  Music

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Joachim Kühn - Beauty & Truth (2016)

Joachim Kühn - Beauty & Truth (2016)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 48:29 min | 112 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: ACT Music

Joachim Kühn is a German pianist of world class, and a stand-alone figure in European jazz. Though in his early seventies, he shows no sign either of slackening or of surrendering to his age, his musical curiosity is as boundless as ever and his urge to keep creating new music remains undimmed. For Beauty & Truth he and producer Siggi Loch made a selection of new Kühn compositions and old pieces, reaching out into unfamiliar repertoire including two tracks by The Doors, two by Krzysztof Komeda, and more by Ornette Coleman, Gershwin and even a reggae tune by Stand High Patrol. It can clearly be heard how much his new trio has energized Kühn. The bass of Chris Jenkins is stentorian and self-assured, yet stoical. It underpins and anchors the band. Drummer Eric Schaefer brings the same multiple virtues to this different context that make him such a success as a stalwart of the Michael Wollny Trio. Kühn's own piano playing is powerful and clear, musically he has a way of going straight to the heart of the matter.

Joachim Kühn & Alexey Kruglov - Moscow (2014)  

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Joachim Kühn & Alexey Kruglov - Moscow (2014)

Joachim Kühn & Alexey Kruglov - Moscow (2014)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 58:17 min | 135 MB
Genre: Jazz | Label: ACT Music

Joachim Kühn s finger is always on the pulse of the times, and so it is no surprise that he repeatedly seeks the company of visionary young musicians. When Joachim Kühn received the invitation from the Goethe Institute to play two concerts in Russia, he immediately did some research on the scene there. He contacted his friend, the author Marc Sarrazy, who was working on a book about Russian jazz at the time, and asked for his advice. He recommended one name in particular to Kühn: Alexey Kruglov. This saxophonist, born in 1979, is considered to be one of the greatest Russian jazz talents.

Joachim Kühn Band – Don't Stop Me Now (1979) (24/96 Vinyl Rip)  Vinyl & HR

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Joachim Kühn Band – Don't Stop Me Now (1979) (24/96 Vinyl Rip)

Joachim Kühn Band – Don't Stop Me Now (1979)
XLD Flac 24Bit/96kHz = 711 MB | Mp3 VBR0 16Bit/48kHz = 92 MB | Scans 400 dpi jpg | RAR
Vinyl LP | Atlantic ATL 50623 | Rock | US/Germany

This record will disappoint you, if you are expecting Fusion Jazz from one of the best German keyboarders. But it can delight you, if you accept that Kühn tries his luck with some mainstream rock here. Good songwriting, excellent playing and production. Especially the solos show the artistic background of the musicians. They make other pop-rock bands feel ashamed. Very clean record and rip, never released on CD.
Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn - If (Blue) Then (Blue) (2010)

Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn - If (Blue) Then (Blue) (2010)
Jazz | EAC rip | FLAC + CUE + LOG | Full Scans | 250 Mb
Label ~ ACT

Saxophone-piano duets have a long, illustrious history and the model of the genre – Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock no less – has recently been enriched by impressive works from fellow Americans Rudresh Mahanthappa and Vijay Iyer as well as Brits Jason Yarde and Andrew McCormack.

This offering is a worthy addition to the canon and proof positive of the currently healthy state of German jazz. Tenor saxophonist Sauer has been a highly respected figure on the Deutscher scene since the 50s while his two pianist partners, Michael Wollny and Joachim Kühn, represent the generations that have followed, the former making his presence felt in the last decade while the latter has been active since the 60s and made a notable entry in the sax-piano almanac by way of a whirlwind live set with Ornette Coleman in 1997. ~ BBC Music
Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn - IF (BLUE) THEN (BLUE)

Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn - IF (BLUE) THEN (BLUE)
FLAC (EAC-rip) | separate tracks | No log, No CUE | front cover scan | ~270 MB (2 files)Genre: Jazz, modern creative | Label: ACT (ACT 9493-2) | Year: 2009

Blue delights: IF (BLUE) THEN (BLUE) - for the first time, Heinz Sauer has recorded with Joachim Kühn. Together with Michael Wollny, they have created an exciting homage to Kind Of Blue.
Joachim Kühn; Daniel Humair; Jean Francois Jenny-Clark - Triple Entente (1999)

Joachim Kühn;Daniel Humair;Jean Francois Jenny-Clark - Triple Entente
Jazz | 1999 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 135 MB | Time 58:59 | Front Cover

One of the great piano virtuosos of our time, he is no more interested in showing his chops. His focus is on communicating the depth of emotional experience. Joachim Kühn’s work is centred on the pure quality of the music.
Joachim Kühn, Mark Nauseef, Tony Newton, Miroslav Tadic - Let's Be Generous (1981)

Joachim Kühn, Mark Nauseef, Tony Newton, Miroslav Tadic - Let's Be Generous
Jazz | 1981 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 127 MB | Time 50:42 | Covers

This 1991 release is a pinnacle of avant-fusion and most of the credit goes to Joachim Kühn's gloriously raw and distorted electronic keyboard sound. As a guitarist, it's hardly surprising that Miroslav Tadic would summon prototypes of ecstatic electric music like Jimi Hendrix and Allan Holdsworth, but for a musician best known as a pianist, and occasionally a rather bland one, it's a real shock to hear the same prototypes summoned by keyboards.

Joachim Kühn - Wandlungen Transformation (1986)  Music

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Joachim Kühn - Wandlungen  Transformation (1986)

Joachim Kühn - Wandlungen Transformation
Jazz | 1986 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 147 MB | Time 1:01:31 | Covers

Al compositions by Joachim Kühn, Recorded May 1986 at The Studio, Zerball, by Walter Quintus

Joachim Kühn - Distance (1984)  Music

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 Joachim Kühn - Distance (1984)

Joachim Kühn - Distance
Jazz | 1984 | MP3 CBR 320Kbps => 101 MB | Time 41:37 | Covers

Boundaries, whether geographical or musical - for piano player Joachim Kühn they only exist to be passed. Boundaries between East and West, Europe and America, modern concert music and jazz and, more specifically, between various styles of jazz - during his career he has passed them all and still keeps doing so. Leipzig, Hamburg, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and again Hamburg and Paris have been the stopping places of his journey; classical music, dixie, hard bop, free jazz, free rock, fusion, and European improvised music the stages of his artistic career. To him, changing places means giving expression to new stylistic positions and, at the same time, finding fresh sources of inspiration. However, Kühn is not a musical chameleon perfectly adapting itself to any given context. A virtuoso of the black and white keys, he is internationally considered one of the outstanding and most unique voices of European jazz.