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Jia Zhang-Ke - Xiaoshan huijia ('Xiao Shan Going Home') (1995)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Xiaoshan huijia ('Xiao Shan Going Home') (1995)
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Xiao Shan, a temporary worker at the Hongyuan Restaurant, has just been fired by his boss Zhao Guoqing. Deciding to leave Beijing and returns to his home in Anyang, he goes to see a series of people from his hometown who have also been living in Beijing -construction workers, train ticket scalpers, university students, attendant, prostitutes- but no one wants to go back with him. Dispirited and confused, he searches out one after another of his old friends who are still in Beijing. Finally he leaves his wild long hair, the symbol of his life in the city, at a roadside barber stand as his offering to Beijing.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Shijie ('The World') (2004)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Shijie ('The World') (2004)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Shijie ('The World') (2004)
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Acclaimed director Jia Zhangke casts a compassionate eye on the daily loves, friendships and desperate dreams of the twenty-somethings from China’s remote provinces who come to live and work at Beijing’s World Park. A bizarre cross-cultural pollination of Las Vegas and Epcot Center, World Park features lavish shows performed amid scaled-down replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St. Mark’s Square, the Pyramids and even the Twin Towers. From the sensational opening tracking shot of a young dancer’s backstage quest for a Band-Aid to poetic flourishes of animation and clever use of text-messaging, Jia pushes past the kitsch potential of this surreal setting—a real-life Beijing tourist destination. The Village Voice called Jia Zhangke “the world’s greatest filmmaker under forty,” and THE WORLD is his funniest, most inventive and touching work to date.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Dong (2006)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Dong (2006)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Dong (2006)
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Jia shot Still Life in some of the same locations and at the same time as the documentary Dong and the relationship between the two is provocative. Dong records the painter Liu Xiao Dong as he prepares two large-scale works, one of half-naked male workers in Fengjie lounging with the river as a backdrop, the second of female entertainment workers in Bangkok lounging en deshabille amidst fruits and furniture. In Dong, we are supposed to be seeing documentary truth, as the artist Liu paints real people in a real place.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Sanxia haoren ('Still Life') (2006)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Sanxia haoren ('Still Life') (2006)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Sanxia haoren ('Still Life') (2006)
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Still Life (Sanxia haoren) (2006) is a Chinese film directed by Jia Zhangke. It tells the story of people forced to leave their town due to the construction of a dam, and their return. It was shot in the old village of Fengjie, a small town on the Yangtze River, destroyed by the building of the Three Gorges Dam. The film premiered at the 2006 Venice Film Festival and was a surprise winner of the Golden Lion Award for Best Film.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Ren xiao yao ('Unknown Pleasures') (2002)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Ren xiao yao ('Unknown Pleasures') (2002)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Ren xiao yao ('Unknown Pleasures') (2002)
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One of the most exciting filmmaking talents to have emerged from China in recent years, Jia keeps the dramatic focus tightly reigned in this digitally shot, absorbing and searing portrait of contemporary China.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Xiao Wu ('Pickpocket') (1997)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Xiao Wu ('Pickpocket') (1997)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Xiao Wu ('Pickpocket') (1997)
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Jia's accutely observed debut feature follows the exploits of a petty thief, Xiao Wu, who operates as a pickpocket in a ramshackle provincial town. But in a rapidly changing China, Xiao wu finds he is out of step with the times and his inability to adapt marks the beginning of his downfall.

Jia Zhang-Ke - Zhantai ('Platform') (2000)  Video

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Jia Zhang-Ke - Zhantai ('Platform') (2000)

Jia Zhang-Ke - Zhantai ('Platform') (2000)
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The masterpiece of the New Chinese Cinema, Jia Zhang-ke's monumental Platform spans the turbulent 1980s by following four performers in the state-run Peasant Culture Group. Based in Fenyang, the director's hometown in the remote western province of Shanxi, these "art workers" praise the late Chairman Mao with approved revolutionary classics. When Deng Xiao-ping institutes an "open door" cultural policy and China begins to move toward Western-influenced consumer capitalism, the newly privatized group starts to sport spandex and play electric guitars. It's sex, cigarettes and rock-n-roll… until dreams are deferred. Platform, the precursor to Jia's Unknown Pleasures, offers vivid insight into modern China. Rich in detail and beautifully shot, Jia's epic yet intimate film exquisitely conveys a sense of time passing and ineluctable change.

Akira Kurosawa-Hakuchi ('The Idiot') (1951)  Video

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Akira Kurosawa-Hakuchi ('The Idiot') (1951)

Akira Kurosawa-Hakuchi ('The Idiot') (1951)
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Akira Kurosawa’s The Idiot, his only adaptation of a Fyodor Dostoevsky novel, was a cherished project on which it is claimed he expended more effort than on any other film. A darkly ambitious exploration of the depths of human emotion, it combines the talents of two of the greatest Japanese actors of their generation — Toshiro Mifune and Setsuko Hara. The Idiot is perhaps the most contemplative of all Kurosawa’s works, a tone which is heightened by the unusual, trance-like performances.

Tui na / Blind Massage (2014)  Video

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Tui na / Blind Massage (2014)

Tui na / Blind Massage (2014)
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Audio: French AAC 2.0 @ 136 Kbps | Subs: English, Chinese (HardCoded)
Genre: Drama | China

At a slickly run massage centre in Nanjing, sight-impaired massuers and masseuses are employed in a wonderful environment that's an oasis outside of mainstream society.

Slow Movies: Countering the Cinema of Action  eBooks & eLearning

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Slow Movies: Countering the Cinema of Action

Ira Jaffe, "Slow Movies: Countering the Cinema of Action"
ISBN: 0231169787, 0231169795 | 2014 | EPUB/MOBI | 256 pages | 611 KB/734 KB