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Jamie Rhind - Barcelona (2015)  Music

Posted by mark70 at Jan. 12, 2016
Jamie Rhind - Barcelona (2015)

Jamie Rhind - Barcelona (2015)
MP3 320 kbps CBR | 46:02 min | 116 MB
Genre: Jazz, Fusion | Label: Jamie Rhind

Now with an incredible catalogue of original music Jamie has created this wonderful album, hand picked by Jamie himself. It shows a versatility beyond boundaries. Jamie’s roots are in Blues and Jazz, and Classical music. Starting out as a classically trained pianist and clarinet player Jamie took up the style of improvised music infused with the sounds of Fusion, Latin, Rock, Jazz Rock, Funk, R’n’B, Gospel, and so much of that sweet seventies and eighties music. Playing in bands and at jams trained him in improvising and it shows in the music.
Ah Young Hong, Gleb Kanasevich, Jamie Hersch & Miranda Cuckson - A Breath Upwards (2018)

Ah Young Hong, Gleb Kanasevich, Jamie Hersch & Miranda Cuckson - A Breath Upwards (2018)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 211 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 117 Mb | 00:50:56
Classical, Avant-Garde, Vocal | Label: Innova Recordings

Music, song, and poetry have long enjoyed a stimulating relationship; coming together for expressive ends and sometimes colliding in dramatic showdowns. None more so than in these vocal works by two composers who often explore extremes, Milton Babbitt and Michael Hersch. Babbitt’s ‘Philomel’ (1964) was an audacious stab at recasting conventions of song (such as voice with accompaniment) by redistributing the text between live voice, recorded voice, and analog synthesizer. The fragmentary words and syllables by poet John Hollander retell Ovid’s story of the rape and subsequent transformation of Philomel into a nightingale; aptly paralleled by the metamorphosis of the human and artificial sonorities.

Lazare en guerre - Jamie Sawyer  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Maroutan at April 30, 2018
Lazare en guerre - Jamie Sawyer

Lazare en guerre - Jamie Sawyer
French | 2017 | 430 Pages | ISBN: 2841727912 | EPUB | 482.29 KB

"Capitaine Conrad Harris : décédé. Le voilà, le moment que je déteste. Me réveiller, c'est toujours pire que mourir". Et notre homme sait de quoi il parle ; il en a connu des missions suicides, incarné dans un "simulant", un clone aux capacités neurophysiologiques exceptionnelles. Ce n'est pas pour rien qu'on l'a surnommé Lazare, cet éternel ressuscité. Son équipe de SimOps et lui sont les soldats d'élite de l'Alliance, engagés dans la guerre impitoyable de l'humanité contre les Krells. A qui d'autre confier la mission "Clef-de-voûte" ? Elle les entraînera en territoire ennemi, vers une station de recherche secrète chargée d'étudier un mystérieux artefact qui n'est ni krell ni humain…

Almost Jamie (The Jet City Kilt Series Book 1)  eBooks & eLearning

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Almost Jamie (The Jet City Kilt Series Book 1)

Almost Jamie: Volume 1 (The Jet City Kilt Series) by Gina Robinson
English | 7 Jun. 2017 | ISBN: 1546375899 | 202 Pages | MOBI | 498.23 KB

Greg Jamie - Crazy Time (2018)  Music

Posted by varrock at April 23, 2018
Greg Jamie - Crazy Time (2018)

Greg Jamie - Crazy Time (2018)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | Tracks: 9 | 35:00 min | 82 Mb
Style: Folk | Label: Orindal Records

Crazy Time is the first solo album by Maine-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Greg Jamie. Combining the textural with the tuneful, Crazy Time echoes the dark, eerie qualities of Jamie’s previous work (with his bands O’Death and Blood Warrior), while inhabiting a sonic space all its own. Traditional folk melodies contrast cold, synthetic textures, generating an unsettling tension between intimacy and mystery. The atmosphere evokes both the weight of cold, New England winters and the ethereality of a sci-fi dreamscape. Jamie’s singing is in peak form, deftly balancing energy and tone with delicate vulnerability. Lyrical themes confront notions of disappointment, inevitability, mental illness and adventure. Elements of the uncanny and playful are embraced in order to avoid predictable patterns and dismantle preconceptions of loner-folk. In his first official solo effort, Greg Jamie has crafted a singular work of disorienting beauty.

Jamie Lynn Vessels - Storm Coming (2018)  Music

Posted by Domestos at April 19, 2018
Jamie Lynn Vessels - Storm Coming (2018)

Jamie Lynn Vessels - Storm Coming (2018)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 00:54:41 | 126.26 Mb | Cover
Blues Rock | Country: USA (New Orleans, LA) | Label: Jamie Lynn Vessels

Originally from Raleigh, NC, Jamie graduated with a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology with a certificate in Forensic Criminology from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell, and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics from Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.
Nick Millevoi's Desertion Trio & Jamie Saft - Midtown Tilt (feat. Johnny DeBlase, Kevin Shea & Ashley Tini) (2018)

Nick Millevoi's Desertion Trio & Jamie Saft - Midtown Tilt (feat. Johnny DeBlase, Kevin Shea & Ashley Tini) (2018)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+log+.cue) | 00:41:54 | 276 Mb
Psychedelic Rock, Jazz Rock | Label: Shhpuma Records

Two years ago, Nick Millevoi released Desertion, a record which found him diving into an old-school blues aesthetic, mutating it with his forward-thinking and experimental outlook. This quest for transforming standardised forms of blues, country and surf rock is now expanded, with Kevin Shea and Johnny Deblase joining Millevoi and forming the Desertion Trio. The band’s first record carries down the same path that Desertion explored, seeing the trio taking on jazz notions, desert rock passages, noise rock aggression and free-rock improv tactics. All these elements are passed through the band’s kaleidoscopic vision of rock music, presenting an extravagant result in their debut album, Midtown Tilt.

Jamie McGuire - Uno splendido disastro (Uno splendido disastro 1) [Audiobook]  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by edi1967 at April 17, 2018
Jamie McGuire - Uno splendido disastro (Uno splendido disastro 1) [Audiobook]

Jamie McGuire - Uno splendido disastro (Uno splendido disastro 1)
Audiobook | Audible GmbH | Italian | 08 Febbraio 2018 | MP3@64 kbps | 10 hrs 54 mins | 156 MB
Narratore: Perla Liberatori

Camicetta immacolata e coda di cavallo. Abby Abernathy sembra la classica ragazza timida e studiosa, ma in realtà è una ragazza in fuga. In fuga dal suo passato, dalla sua famiglia, da un padre in cui ha smesso di credere. E ora che è arrivata alla Eastern University per il primo anno di università, ha tutta l'intenzione di dimenticare la sua vecchia vita e ricominciare da capo.

Jamie James - Cruel World (1993)  Music

Posted by Domestos at April 3, 2018
Jamie James - Cruel World (1993)

Jamie James - Cruel World (1993)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue, log) ~ 312.16 Mb | 47:23 | Scans included
Rock, Pop Rock, Rockabilly | Label: Schoolkids' Records ‎- SKR 1510

James is still playing R&B/blues/rockabilly-based roots music as a solo act, but his songwriting has become somewhat more serious, in the mode of performers like Graham Parker and Bob Seger. His arrangements have more of a bluesy bar-band feel than those of the Kingbees on this competent, unremarkable 1993 set.

Jamie Saft - Solo a Genova (2018)  Music

Posted by Domestos at Feb. 12, 2018
Jamie Saft - Solo a Genova (2018)

Jamie Saft - Solo a Genova (2018)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 00:63:58 | 148.32 Mb | Cover
Post-Bop, Piano Jazz | Country: USA | Label: RareNoise Records

Pianist Jamie Saft's Solo A Genova is a revelation. It is, in an extensive discography, his only alone-in-the-piano-chair outing. Saft has made a wide-ranging mark in collaborations with Slobber Pup, Metallic Taste of Blood, The Spanish Donkey and Berserk! These group names don't say it all, but do probably say something (Brash? Unconventional? Loud?) about the sounds they make. But for the jazz fan of the more purist persuasion, his piano trio discs are probably the ones that find their way to the stereos: Asorath: Book of Angels, Vol 1 (Tzadik, 2005), The New Standard (Rare Noise, 2014), and the terrific Loneliness Road (Rare Noise, 2017). These trio sets feature commanding instrumentalists in the bass and drum chairs, making for a satisfyingly egalitarian approach to the craft.