Ise 14.4

Smart Tool Box 14.4 (Ad-free)  Software

Posted by Samsan at Feb. 18, 2017
Smart Tool Box 14.4 (Ad-free)

Smart Tool Box v14.2 (Ad-free) | Android | 5.2 MB

Smart Tool Box is a handy tool box app with 40 smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader… Use device's in-built sensors in all in one tool box app, handy like a swiss army knife.

Smart Tools 14.4 Pro  Software

Posted by Samsan at Feb. 18, 2017
Smart Tools 14.4 Pro

Smart Tools 14.4 Pro | Android | 5.2 MB

Smart Tools offers you the ultimate tool box app with 33 powerful smart tools in the box. It is almost a must to have it on your phone, like carrying a swiss army knife. Ruler, Level meter, Smart speedometer, Smart light, Smart sound meter, Location (map), Smart distance meter, Smart speed gun, Compass, Magnifier, Mirror, Protractor, Stopwatch, Metal detector, Vibrometer, Luminosity meter, Color sensor, Smart converter, Smart microphone, Metronome, Pitch tuner, Code scanner, NFC reader, Cardiograph, Dog whistle, Random generator, Time zones, Thermometer, Drag Racing, Battery tester, Counter, Calculator, Night Vision. Tools support both unit formats (metric/imperial) and several languages.

Multi Measure Tools 14.4 (Ad-Free)  Software

Posted by Samsan at Feb. 18, 2017
Multi Measure Tools 14.4 (Ad-Free)

Multi Measure Tools 14.4 (Ad-Free) | Android | 5.2 MB

Multi Measure Tools is a measuring tool kit app with 23 cool measuring tools and utilities like spirit level, speedometer, magnetic field meter (teslameter), seismometer and more.

Backyard - Issue 14.4 2016  Magazines

Posted by crazy-slim at Nov. 24, 2016
Backyard - Issue 14.4 2016

Backyard - Issue 14.4 2016
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 66 MB

Militaria i Fakty №14 4/2002  Magazines

Posted by Димарик at Sept. 6, 2016
Militaria i Fakty №14 4/2002

Militaria i Fakty №14 4/2002
Polish | 64 Pages | PDF | 63 MB

PicsArt Photo Studio Full 5.14.4  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Feb. 18, 2016
PicsArt Photo Studio Full 5.14.4

PicsArt Photo Studio Full 5.14.4 | 33.25 MB

Install PicsArt Photo Studio - where everyone becomes a great artist! It is the most popular free photo editing app, designed for both your mobile and tablet devices, with over 100 mln installs, one of the fastest growing photo artists’ social networks and galleries of artwork. Users are constantly discovering new ways to unleash their inner artist using this app.

XAMPP v5.6.14-4 Win32 + Portable  Software

Posted by taraz2000 at Nov. 23, 2015
XAMPP v5.6.14-4 Win32 + Portable

XAMPP v5.6.14-4 Win32 + Portable | 107/136 MB

XAMPP is a cross-platform Apache distribution enriched with third-party applications, namely MySQL, PHP and Perl. It was designed as a web server that can be a friendly assistant in website creation and maintenance. XAMPP provides developers with an easy and comfortable way to test dynamic webpages without access to the Internet. It also includes the newest versions of Mercury and Tomcat.

Haystack Software Arq 4.14.4  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Aug. 23, 2015
Haystack Software Arq 4.14.4

Haystack Software Arq 4.14.4 | MacOSX | 21 MB

Back up your files automatically, to your own cloud account, with Arq. Just connect Arq to your own Google Drive account, Amazon Web Services account, SFTP server, Greenqloud account, DreamObjects account, or any S3-compatible server.

DS SIMULIA ABAQUS 6.14-4  Software

Posted by scutter at July 31, 2015

DS SIMULIA ABAQUS 6.14-4 | 3.4 Gb

Dassault Systemes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, has released an SP04 for Abaqus 6.14, the leading unified FEA product suite from SIMULIA.

AI RoboForm Enterprise Multilingual  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at June 10, 2015
AI RoboForm Enterprise Multilingual

AI RoboForm Enterprise Multilingual | 17 MB

Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager asecurely stores online and offline passwords, automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click. RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. It allows you to define your personal profile or "usual" responses to a web form. This information is then saved, and when you need to fill a form, just click "Fill Forms" button, and form is filled out. Works as an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape web browsers.