I Tre Centurioni Three Swords For Rome (1964)

I tre centurioni / Three Swords for Rome (1964)  Video

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I tre centurioni / Three Swords for Rome (1964)

I tre centurioni / Three Swords for Rome (1964)
Italian | TVRip | AVI | XviD, 2094 Kbps | 720x400 | 25.000 fps | 1.48 GB
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 01:32:21 minutes | Subtitle: English, Italian (srt)
Genre: Adventure | Drama | History

During the reign of the emperor Elagabalus, the commander of the Roman legions in Asia, Marcus Gaius, is forced for economic reasons to dismiss the mercenaries. Three dismissed centurions, Fabius, Maximus, and Julius take refuge in the city of Messe, where Adakir is king and whose second wife Siride plans to occupy the throne in place of the legitimate heir, the princess Elena.

I tre porcellini e altre storie (2001)  Video

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I tre porcellini e altre storie (2001)

I tre porcellini e altre storie (2001)
Three Little Pigs (2001)
DVD-5 | PAL Area 2 | 4:3 | 1,33:1 | 720x304 | Dolby Surround 2.0 | 00:52:00 | 3,3 Gb
Languages Available: Italian, English, German, Spanish
Subtitle: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French | Extra: Menù, Game
Genre: Animation | EAN: 8010927090130

I tre porcellini (Three Little Pigs) è un cartone animato del 1933 prodotto da Walt Disney nella serie Silly Symphonies. È basato sulla famosa fiaba dei tre porcellini.
La vicenda narrata dal cartone segue la trama della fiaba originale: i tre fratelli porcellini, che più di recente hanno preso i nomi di Timmy (Nanufe, Fifer Pig), Tommy…
Austin Cromer - Sings For Her (1964) {2014 Japan Jazz Best Collection 1000 Series 24bit Remaster}

Austin Cromer - Sings For Her (1964) {2014 Japan Jazz Best Collection 1000 Series 24bit Remaster}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 194 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 75 Mb
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 15 Mb | 5% repair rar | 24-bit remaster
© 1964, 2014 Atlantic / Warner Japan / WEA / Rhino | WPCR-27972 | Jazz Best Collection 1000 Series
Jazz / Vocal Jazz / Ballads

Features 24 bit remastering and comes with a mini-description. Austin's one and only album as leader. If you like crooners, then he can croon with best. The only album we've ever seen from vocalist Austin Cromer – a deep-voiced jazz singer with a style that's somewhere in the best space between Billy Eckstine and Arthur Prysock! Cromer's a lot more relaxed and less posturing than either of those bigger names – and he's got a great setting here, with small combo backing from a group that features Hubert Laws on flute, Chick Corea on piano, Richard Davis on bass, and Bruno Carr on drums! The set's a jazz one at heart, but has some soulful undercurrents too.

I tre ladri / The Three Thieves (1954)  Video

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I tre ladri / The Three Thieves (1954)

I tre ladri / The Three Thieves (1954)
Italian | DVDRip | MKV | 716x576 | AVC @ 2100 Kbps | 24.000 fps | 1.70 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 Kbps | 1 channel | 01:45:45 minutes | Subtitles: English, Italian (embedded)
Genre: Comedy

Tapioca, a small time thief, hides out in an elegant apartment, followed shortly after by Cascarilla, one of his apprentices who has become better than his master. When the owners arrive home, the latter offers the wife a bunch of love letters she has written to various lovers for ten million…

Il cappello a tre punte / Three-Cornered Hat (1934)  Video

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Il cappello a tre punte / Three-Cornered Hat (1934)

Three-Cornered Hat / Il cappello a tre punte (1934)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL | 4:3 | 720x576 | 5400 kbps | 3.3Gb
Audio: Italian AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: Italian, English (custom)
01:13:00 | Italy | Comedy

Italian comedy about a governor who wants a miller's wife and tries to fix a night with her by putting the miller in jail. The the film looks funny. Visually very comic styled and all nicely done. But there just isn't enough good jokes that works. Just little hints of laughs here and there with barely any of the chaotic scenes bringing the smiles as it should have. Too bad, because it had the right actors for the job and just needed a little tweaking with better gag-men.

Seven Slaves Against Rome (1964)  Video

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Seven Slaves Against Rome (1964)

Seven Slaves Against Rome/Gli schiavi più forti del mondo (1964)
DVDRip | Lang: Italian | Sub: English, Italian (srt) | AVI | 720x400 | XVID 1577Kbps | MP3 105Kbps | 92:32mins | 1.09GB
Genre: Adventure | Italy

Tribune Marcus Aulus, out of favor in Rome because of his alleged sympathy for Christians, arrives to take charge of an aqueduct project on the hot, arid fringes of the Empire. Centurion Gaius, cruel and corrupt, resents being replaced by Marcus. He instigates a revolt by his slave-workers, then blames the situation on Marcus. During the revolt, five muscular slaves escape. They meet up with fellow escapee Balisten, a farmer unjustly condemned to the aqueduct project. Balisten, impressed by Marcus's enlightened attitudes, has rescued the Tribune from the revolt. The six slaves, with Marcus's advice, plan to gain their freedom using their prowess as gladiators. Marcus plans to clear his name and to re-unite with his fiancée, Claudia, recently arrived from Rome. Gaius plans to kill Marcus and thus hide the truth about the slave revolt. Brawls and fights both inside and outside the arena come thick and fast.

I Tre Marmittoni (2012)  Video

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I Tre Marmittoni (2012)

I Tre Marmittoni (2012)
A Film by Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
BRrip 480p | MPEG-4 Visual | AVI | 720x392 | Xvid @ 1824 Kbps | 01:28:18 | 5% Recovery | 1.4 Gb
Languages Available: Italian AC3 @ 384 Kbps CBR | Subtitle: English (.srt)
Genre: Comedy

Abbandonati ancora in fasce dietro la porta di un orfanotrofio, Larry, Carly e Moe vengono cresciuti dalle suore, che si prodigano per tenerli lontani dai guai in cui riescono sempre a cacciarsi. Divenuti adulti, ma rimasti ancora ingenuamente e generosamente legati a quel mondo, si ritrovano tutti e tre a dover unire le loro forze per salvare…

I Tre Moschettieri (2011)  Video

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I Tre Moschettieri (2011)

I Tre Moschettieri (2011)
Screener LD | MPEG-4 Visual | AVI | 720x288 | Xvid @ 1726 Kbps | Mp3 @ 130 Kbps VBR | 01:42:13 | 1.4 Gb
Languages Available: Italian | Subtitle: No
Genre: Action, Historical, Adventure

Sono conosciuti come Porthos, Athos e Aramis, tre combattenti d'elite che servono il Re di Francia come i suoi migliori moschettieri. Dopo aver scoperto una cospirazione per rovesciare il trono, i moschettieri si imbattono in un giovane aspirante eroe, D'Artagnan, e lo prendono sotto la loro ala protettiva. Insieme, i quattro affrontano una…

I tre usi del coltello: Saggi e lezioni sul cinema - Mamet David  eBooks & eLearning

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I tre usi del coltello: Saggi e lezioni sul cinema - Mamet David

I tre usi del coltello: Saggi e lezioni sul cinema - Mamet David
Italian | 2017 | 283 Pages | ASIN: B01NCZBV8Z | EPUB | 309.11 KB

Questo libro, a metà strada fra l’autoritratto di un mostro sacro di Hollywood e il manuale per aspiranti cineasti, ha riunito per la prima volta in italiano i saggi del premio Pulitzer David Mamet. Sceneggiatore, regista, attore, produttore, drammaturgo, romanziere e perfino poeta, Mamet è una delle figure più complesse e affascinanti del cinema dei nostri tempi. Ha messo la firma a film che hanno fatto la storia del cinema, tra cui Il verdetto, Il postino suona sempre due volte, Gli intoccabili e Hannibal…

Dago - Volume 198 - I Tre Viandanti (Nuovi Fumetti)  Comics

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Dago - Volume 198 - I Tre Viandanti (Nuovi Fumetti)

Dago - Volume 198 - I Tre Viandanti (Nuovi Fumetti)
Italian | CBR | 100 pages | 75.4 MB