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Put Some Life Back in Your Sandwich! - Grilled Cheeses Like Never Before  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Willson at Jan. 11, 2017
Put Some Life Back in Your Sandwich! - Grilled Cheeses Like Never Before

Martha Stephenson, "Put Some Life Back in Your Sandwich! - Grilled Cheeses Like Never Before: 50 Exciting and Original Grilled Cheese Sandwiches"
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1539704114 | 68 pages | EPUB | 0.6 MB

Bewitching Attraction (2006)  Video

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Bewitching Attraction (2006)

Bewitching Attraction (2006)
DVDRip | AVI | 640 x 272 | XviD @ 828 Kbps | 104 min | 748 Mb
Audio: Korean MP3 @ 96 Kbps | Subs: English (srt+idx/sub), Korean (idx/sub)
Genre: Comedy, Romance

The lovely and promiscuous textile professor Eun-sook has all the male professors wrapped around her finger. It also helps that she has slept with most of them. Eun-sook is also a member of an environmental awareness group. When the popular comic book artist Suk-gyu joins the group, he arouses the jealousy of Mr. Yoo, one of the other member who fears that Suk-gyu will steal Eunsook from him. It turns out that Eun-sook and Suk-gyu attended the same junior high school where they share a secret and tragic history. Back then, Eun-sook was Suk-gyu's older brother’s girlfriend…..

All Angels - All Angels (2006)  Music

Posted by tirexiss at Dec. 3, 2016
All Angels - All Angels (2006)

All Angels - All Angels (2006)
EAC | FLAC (tracks+.cue, log) | Covers Included | 00:48:12 | 266 MB
Genre: Classical Crossover | Label: Universal Music | Catalog: 1709223

Released for the Christmas market, when the "once a year" brigade comes out and buys a record, the debut album by the teenage quartet All Angels hit the Top Ten in the last week of November 2006. However, the competition for classical crossover albums was strong that year, All Angels competing with chart albums from the Fron Male Voice Choir, Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo, and the very similar-sounding Angelis. The momentum could not be sustained, and All Angels disappeared entirely from the chart even before Christmas week. This album mixed arrangements of classical repertoire, mainly the more popular and well-known end, with soft MOR pop songs.

Grilled meat 2  Graphics

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Grilled meat 2

Grilled meat 2
5 JPG | max 7400x7400 | 58,8 mb

Glee - S02E03: Grilled Cheesus  Video

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Glee - S02E03: Grilled Cheesus

Glee - Season 2 Episode 3: Grilled Cheesus
HDTVRip by LOL | AVI/RAR | 624x352 | XviD 988kbps 23.976fps | MP3 VBR 132kbps (2 chnls)
Language: English | Subtitle: None | Runtime: 43min | 367MB | 5% Recovery
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music

A life or death situation and one Glee clubbers admission that they don't believe in God causes controversy for everyone.

Settlers® 2: 10th Anniversary, the (2006)  Games

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Settlers® 2: 10th Anniversary, the (2006)

Settlers® 2: 10th Anniversary, the (2006)
PC Game | Developer: Blue Byte Studio / Ubisoft | 521.3 MB
Languages: English
Version GOG:
Genre: Strategy - Real-time - Fantasy

Su-ki-da (2006)  Video

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Su-ki-da (2006)

Su-ki-da (2006)
DVDRip | AVI | 640 x 352 | XviD @ 1454 Kbps | 103 min | 1,34 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 2.0 @ 384 Kbps | Subs: English, French
Genre: Drama, Romance

Yu is a shy 17 year old girl who sits down next to Yosuke as he plays his guitar. Yosuke only plays a few lines over and over, as he tries to make a song from what he feels. One day Yu takes the initiative and kisses Yosuke. Yosuke responds by picking up his guitar and going home. Years later Yu wonders, “Why did I cry? Why didn’t I stop crying? Why?”..while Yosuke wonders “Why did I run away from you that time?” Fast forward seventeen years later. They haven’t seen each since their days in high school and now have moved on with their separate and empty lives…..

Discovery Channel - The Scorpions Tale (2006)  Video

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Discovery Channel - The Scorpions Tale (2006)

Discovery Channel - The Scorpions Tale (2006)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MP4/AVC @ 3966 Kbps | 50mn 9s | 1.45 GiB
Audio: English AAC 169 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

The Scorpions belong to the oldest land-based arachnides with over 1800 different species known to exist. Usually, they do not surpass the size of 10cm in length, but exceptions are know, such as the Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) which can grow up to become over 20cm in size. Scorpions are mostly active at night and hide away during the day. Take a look into the live of these amazing creatures!
Discovery Channel - Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet (2006) [Repost]

Discovery Channel - Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet (2006)
BDRip | 1280 x 720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3863 Kbps | 52mn 2s | 1.67 GB
Audio: English AC-3 640 Kbps, 6 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary, History

In the barren landscape of remote western Tibet lies the ruins of a mysterious kingdom A kingdom whose capital was 3600 meters high on the Tibetan plateau. A kingdom that offers archaeological treasures that compare with Italy’s Pompeii. Once controlling the trade in gold, silk and spices between India and China, it was a kingdom of fabulous wealth and great religious significance. For two centuries it was the cradle of Himalayan Buddhism. Yet this spiritual and commercial hub, which prospered for seven centuries, vanished without a trace in 1630.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (2006)  Video

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Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (2006)

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (2006)
DVDRip | 704 x 384 | .AVI/XviD @ 1516 Kbps | 2x~58mn | English MP3 128 Kbps, 2 channels | 1.36 GB
Genre: Documentary, Health-Medical

A two part documentary about manic depression, also known as 'Bi-Polar'