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Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr [Audiobook]  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by IrGens at March 19, 2017
Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr [Audiobook]

Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr [Audiobook] by Nancy Isenberg
English | April 12, 2007 | ASIN: B000QFBT0E, ISBN: 1415938377, 0143142283 | M4B@64 kbps | 19 hrs 47 mins | 541 MB
Narrator: Scott Brick

Memoriam - For The Fallen (2017) [Digipak]  Music

Posted by Andi_Deris at March 28, 2017
Memoriam - For The Fallen (2017) [Digipak]

Memoriam - For The Fallen (2017) [Digipak]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 336 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 115 Mb | Scans | 48 Mb | Time: 43:40
Nuclear Blast Records | NB 3813-0 / 27361 38130
Death Metal

MEMORIAM was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin “Kiddie” Kearns, the drummer from BOLT THROWER, back in September 2015. BOLT THROWER subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave Karl Willetts an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time. MEMORIAM are an old-school death metal band, maintaining the high standards set by their previous bands, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war. Initially the band members got together to play covers of songs that had influenced them throughout their careers within the death metal scene, however it soon became apparent that the new songs that they created were of a superior standard.

Rapoon - Fallen Gods (1994)  

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Rapoon - Fallen Gods (1994)

Rapoon - Fallen Gods (1994)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 316 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 179 MB | Covers (12 mb) included
Genre: Ambient, Tribal | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Staalplaat (S.T. CD 086)

Rapoon is the ethno-ambient solo project of Zoviet France co-founder Robin Storey, operating out of the United Kingdom since 1992. Robin was born in 1955 in Cumbria, England. While studying fine arts at Sunderland University, he began pursuing a long-held interest in sound manipulation by taking classes in electronic and experimental composition, additionally joining with friends to perform the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (a key influence, as were the krautrock bands of the early 1970s). In 1979 Storey formed the pioneering industrial group Zoviet France, remaining a member until 1993; the year previous, Storey issued the first Rapoon album, Dream Circle, its entrancing fusion of Indian ragas, African rhythms…

House of Chains (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 4)  eBooks & eLearning

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House of Chains (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 4)

House of Chains (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Book 4) by Steven Erikson
English | Mar. 6, 2007 | ISBN: 0765348810 | 541 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

In Northern Genabackis, a raiding party of savage tribal warriors descends from the mountains into the southern flatlands. Their intention is to wreak havoc amongst the despised lowlanders, but for the one named Karsa Orlong it marks the beginning of what will prove to be an extraordinary destiny.
Some years later, it is the aftermath of the Chain of Dogs.

Zombies Have Fallen (2017)  Video

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Zombies Have Fallen (2017)

Zombies Have Fallen (2017)
HDRip | AVI | 720x304 | XviD@2316 kb/s | English AC3@192 kb/s | 2 channels | 1 h 15 min | 1.32 GB
Genre: Action

A young woman who possesses supernatural powers and visions of an upcoming apocalypse is aided by a retired bounty hunter who must protect her from those who wish to use her abilities for evil.

Fallen Stars (2017)  Video

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Fallen Stars (2017)

Fallen Stars (2017)
HDRip | AVI | 720x384 | XviD@1835 kb/s | English AC3@384 kb/s | 6 channels | 1 h 28 min | 1.37 GB
WEB-DL 720p | AVI | 1280x694 | XviD@4947 kb/s | English AC3@384 kb/s | 6 channels | 1 h 28 min | 3.30 GB
WEB-DL 1080p | MKV | 1904x1032 | AVC@5081 kb/s | English AC3@384 kb/s
Subs: English | 6 channels | 1 h 28 min | 3.44 GB
Genre: Comedy, Drama

A poignant drama that chronicles the unexpected friendship that develops between Cooper, a melancholy bartender, who at thirty-six still isn't sure what he wants to do with his life, and Daisy, an extremely bright but socially awkward girl in her early twenties.

Silence Fallen (A Mercy Thompson Novel)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Ossane at March 9, 2017
Silence Fallen (A Mercy Thompson Novel)

Silence Fallen (A Mercy Thompson Novel) by Patricia Briggs
English | 2017 | ISBN: 0425281272 | 384 pages | EPUB | 581.67 KB

In the #1 New York Times bestselling Mercy Thompson novels, the coyote shapeshifter has found her voice in the werewolf pack. But when Mercy’s bond with the pack—and her mate—is broken, she’ll learn what it truly means to be alone…
The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup [Audiobook]

Noam Wasserman, Mark Mosely (Narrator), "The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup"
ISBN: 1491531320, ASIN: B009EDDINA | 2014 | M4B@64 kbps | ~13:29:00 | 367 MB

Fallen (2016)  Video

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Fallen (2016)

Fallen (2016)
DVDRip | AVI / XviD@1710 kb/s | 720x320 | 1h 32mn | 1.19 GB | Italian: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch)
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Romance | Thriller

Luce Price, diciassettenne dalla forte forza di volontà, conduce una vita apparentemente normale fino al giorno in cui viene accusata di un crimine non commesso. Spedita in un rigido riformatorio, Luce è corteggiata da due ragazzi a cui si sente inspiegabilmente legata. Perseguitata da strane visioni, inizia a svelare dei segreti legati al suo passato, scoprendo che i due ragazzi non sono altro che angeli caduti innamorati di lei da secoli. Nel far chiarezza sui propri sentimenti, Luce dovrà scegliere da che parte schierarsi in un'epica battaglia tra Paradiso e Inferno.

Fallen (2016)  Video

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Fallen (2016)

Fallen (2016)
DVDRip | AVI | 720x320 | XviD@1665 kb/s | English AC3@448 kb/s | 6 channels | 1 h 31 min | 1.36 GB
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

A young girl finds herself in a reform school after therapy since she was blamed for the death of a young boy. At the school she finds herself drawn to a fellow student, unaware that he is an angel, and has loved her for thousands of years.