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VA - James Brown's Original Funky Divas (1998) [FLAC Lossless]  Music

Posted by TestTickles at Jan. 24, 2016
VA - James Brown's Original Funky Divas (1998) [FLAC Lossless]

VA - James Brown's Original Funky Divas (1998) [FLAC Lossless]
EAC Rip | FLAC with CUE and log | scans | 791 mb
Genre: R&B, soul, funk

James Brown's Original Funky Divas is a 1998 compilation released by Chronicles/PolyGram. Each disc explores a different era of the music produced by James Brown and performed by his band. First disc looks at the 1960's while the second honors the 1970's.

Best Of New World (FLAC Lossless)  Music

Posted by rickdebrux at July 19, 2007
Best Of New World (FLAC Lossless)

Best Of New World
1141 KBPS Flac Lossless | Sample Rate 44.1 Khz Size 419 Megabytes | Label Repertoire Records Germany
Genre Pop/Folk/1970s | Group: New World | Album Title: Best of New World

New World Best of New World

Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (LOSSLESS)  Music

Posted by ramgo23 at Oct. 22, 2009
Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (LOSSLESS)

Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend (LOSSLESS)
FLAC; LOSSLESS | Electro house, Electroclash | 52:20 Min | 378,9 MB
Genre: Electronic | Catalog Number: YD-049

The second album from Scottish electro-pop producer Calvin Harris comes with some fanfare, following as it does a couple of chart-topping singles – “I’m Not Alone” and the inspired link-up with Dizzee Rascal, “Dance Wiv Me”. The first thing that’s clear is that Harris’ proper pop status has beckoned in a clear tweak of style. Ready For The Weekend tones down some of the irony and idiosyncrasy of his sporadically enjoyable 2007 debut I Created Disco, in favour of a more straightforward club sound: less wonky character, but more songs that should impact on dancefloors and, indeed, radio playlists. “The Rain” balances sadness and uplift neatly, plaintive synths colliding with funky electro basslines and deranged saxophone, while “Ready For The Weekend” comes fitted with a big disco hook courtesy of vocalist Mary Pearce. In the words of Harris himself, it’s “stadium dance” – and while that means more hits-in-waiting, it also means potentially smart numbers like “Worst Day”, featuring fast-tongued MC Izza Kizza, feel like they’ve had some of the character bleached out. Still, it’s clearly a record that plays to Harris’ strengths, and if you’ve enjoyed the hits so far, there’s clearly more where they came from.
Katherine Jenkins - From The Heart - The Best Of - 2007 - Lossless

Katherine Jenkins - From The Heart - The Best Of - 2007
FLAC Lossless (individual files) CUE | various kbs ~675-900 | Time: 56'13'' | 327 MB | RS Only | Front Covers

Katherine Jenkins' album 'From The Heart - The Best Of Katherine Jenkins' was released in China in 2007 though it is available as an 'import' in other countries. It is a compilation CD of songs from her first four albubs. Katherine Jenkins is a Welsh mezzo-soprano and the all-time fastest-selling mezzo-soprano to date. She is currently the first and only British classical artist to have two number one albums in the same year. She also stands as the first female artist to win two consecutive Classical BRIT Awards. Currently she regards herself as a classical-crossover artist but intends to move into opera at some point over the next few years, when her voice 'allows' her to - as a mezzo-soprano her voice will not be fully developed until she reaches her early 30's, she was born in 1980.

Katherine Jenkins - Serenade - 2006 - Lossless  Music

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Katherine Jenkins - Serenade - 2006 - Lossless

Katherine Jenkins - Serenade - 2006
FLAC Lossless (individual files) CUE+LOG | various kbs ~675-800 | Time: 55'44'' | 299 MB | RS Only | Covers

Katherine Jenkins' fourth album called 'Serenade' charted at Number One on the UK Classical Charts and at Number Five on the UK Albums Chart (a very impressive feat for a new classical recording artist). It features a duet with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa on track '07 - The Flower Duet'.

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [flac]  Music

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Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [flac]

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
[FLAC] lossless | No CUE | No LOG | ~ 473 Mb
1971 | Covers | Genre: Rock | Rare

Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman) is one of the most important singer-songwriters of the era of recorded, commercially available music. His lyrics are a yardstick against which aspiring young singer-songwriters measure themselves. He broke seemingly unbreakable rules, and he did so with stalwart passion and uncompromising honesty. He incorporated musical traditions from a diverse range of genres, from blues, country and gospel to jazz, swing and musical theatre, as well as integrating rock & roll and rockabilly with traditional celtic folk music.

Dood-e-Ood Shajarian 1987 album (flac & mp3)  Music

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Dood-e-Ood Shajarian 1987 album (flac & mp3)

Dood-e-Ood - Shajarian
1987 | Persian classical music | FLAC (lossless) & MP3 @224 Kbps | 279 MB & 92 MB

One of the best Shajarian album, with some great iranian masters : Parviz Meshkatian (composer), Asghar Bahari (kamantche) and Dariush Talaï (tar)

Patricia Kaas - Cafe Noir (1996) [FLAC]  Music

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Patricia Kaas - Cafe Noir (1996) [FLAC]

Patricia Kaas - Café Noir
1996 | French Pop | FLAC | lossless | 313 MB + 5% recovery.
LetitBit | iFolder

In the middle of the 1990s the album Black Coffee was produced, an enigma in Kaas' career. In 1995 it was decided to produce a work specially for the American market containing exclusively English lyrics. Rumours state that the album was never officially sold. It occasionally becomes available in online auctions, however, but the authenticity of these records is in doubt.

Patricia Kaas - Sexe Fort (2003) [FLAC]  Music

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Patricia Kaas - Sexe Fort (2003) [FLAC]

Patricia Kaas - Sexe Fort
2003 | French Pop | FLAC | lossless | 390Мб+5% recovery.
LetitBit | Vip-File | DepositFiles

This time out, the French diva's husky voice sounds far more lived-in, mature, passionate, and vehement than ever before. It's safe to say that her previous albums only gave an inkling of her true capabilities. Yes, the arrangements are frequently overblown and bombastic; that hasn't changed but somehow it doesn't matter because this singer has finally come into her own. Like her glamorous predecessors, Damia and Edith Piaf (the context may be different but the baton has been claimed), she has an uncanny ability to flatten the listener with vulnerability, to attract by going too far, to make sophistication appear naive and born of the moment. Perhaps this is part of her native culture's flair for rendering artifice so seductive that it becomes an end in itself, but it's also true that few cabaret traditions can approach how the French describe the raw, heedless depths of sexual obsession.
–Christina Roden

Patricia Kaas - Le Mot de passe (1999) [FLAC]  Music

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Patricia Kaas - Le Mot de passe (1999) [FLAC]

Patricia Kaas - Le Mot de Passe
1999 | French Pop | FLAC | lossless | 368Мб+5% recovery.
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