Epoch Freehope

Freehope 2  Comics

Posted by tot167 at Sept. 11, 2009
Freehope 2

Epoch, "Freehope 2"
3D Erotic Comix | 66 pages | jpg | 6,7 MB

Tycho - Epoch (2016) [TR24][SM][OF]  Vinyl & HR

Posted by popsakov at Jan. 24, 2017
Tycho - Epoch (2016) [TR24][SM][OF]

Tycho - Epoch (2016)
FLAC (Tracks) 24-bit/96.0 kHz | Front Cover | 43:00 min | 932 Mb | 5% Recovery
IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Electronica | © 2016 Ghostly International

An epoch is defined as an extended period of time typically characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events, and Scott Hansen, leader of the band Tycho, has named their new album Epoch with that in mind. The last installment in a trilogy, Epoch is the culmination of more than a decade’s work that has seen the band evolving and maturing through two sublime releases Dive (2011) and Awake (2014), and developing from featuring Hansen as a delicate solo performer into the iconic frontman of a powerful multi-layered live band performing on the world’s largest stages. “Dive was where the whole thing crystallized,” said Hansen. “I found that crossover space between what I was doing before, which was more IDM electronic stuff…

Kelly Andrew - Epoch Dawn (2014)  Music

Posted by varrock at Oct. 6, 2014
Kelly Andrew - Epoch Dawn (2014)

Kelly Andrew - Epoch Dawn (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Tracks: 13 | 45:39 min | 105 Mb
Style: Classical, Electronic, New Age, Soundtrack | Label: Kelly Andrew Kaveny

"Epoch Dawn" is a musical journey set in the land of fantasy and make-believe. Stepping out of the shadows of the past, a bright orange light hits your eyes as you slowly gaze up into the sky for the first time. Vibrant colors melt into the majestic landscape with large rugged mountains and eagle-talon-like rocks crawling out of the sea of evergreens leaves you in nothing short of complete awe. Morning bells sound in the distance harmonized by the serenity of nature with a wondrous chilling breeze from the east heightens this surrealistic experience.

EPOCH (2014)  Games

Posted by -=Sn!pEr=- at June 20, 2014
EPOCH (2014)

EPOCH (2014)
Platform: PC | Developers / Publisher: Uppercut Games Pty Ltd | 582 MB
Languages:English, Russian
Genre: Action | Release Date: 5 Jun 2014

Get ready for post-apocalyptic robot combat! Follow the story of EPOCH, a guardian robot on a quest to fulfill his primary function in a world blasted by war. Use your quick reflexes, combat skills and tactical thinking to dodge, trick and blast the hordes of other robots in your way. Dodge, crouch and leap to avoid enemy fire. Spray bullets, fire Missiles, launch devastating Countermeasures, and activate powerful Boosters. Hone your skills in the multi-level Campaign, and then put them to the test in the endless Arena mode.

Epoch Wars (2010)  Games

Posted by Sansei at Dec. 12, 2010
Epoch Wars (2010)

Epoch Wars (2010)
Language: English | 2010 | PC Game | 112 Mb

Epoch Wars is a causal RTS game that allows a player to leap right into the action from game start, with no resource gathering or management and no construction required. Players control a battalion of soldiers and their commanding officer in which abilities deployed and territories captured and other exciting elements in maps will become the deciding conditions for victory. Consisting of a number of integrated maps of varying complexity, each level of this game world seems deceptively simple to play.

Understanding the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization: Challenges and Progress  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by AvaxGenius at Sept. 16, 2017
Understanding the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization: Challenges and Progress

Understanding the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization: Challenges and Progress By Andrei Mesinger
English | EPUB | 2016 | 286 Pages | ISBN : 3319219561 | 4.07 MB

The dawn of the first stars, galaxies and black holes signaled a fundamental milestone in our Universe’s evolution: the Epoch of Reionization. The light from these galactic ancestors began spreading out, ionizing virtually every atom in existence.

Physicists: Epoch And Personalities (repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by libr at June 8, 2017
Physicists: Epoch And Personalities (repost)

Physicists: Epoch And Personalities (History of Modern Physical Sciences) by Feinberg Hsiai
English | 2011 | ISBN: 9812834168 | PDF | 436 pages | 2,6 MB

Epoch 1-5+TPB  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at May 31, 2017
Epoch 1-5+TPB

Epoch 1-5+TPB
English | CBR | 6 Volumes | 325.3 Mb

Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by thingska at April 7, 2017
Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch

Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch by Leslie Hill
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1441125272 | 400 Pages | PDF | 2.75 MB

Symbolic Misery: The Hyperindustrial Epoch  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by DooMAD at March 12, 2017
Symbolic Misery: The Hyperindustrial Epoch

Symbolic Misery- Volume 1: The Hyperindustrial Epoch
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0745652654 | 128 pages | PDF | 11 MB