Dying Island

This Island Earth (1955)  Video

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This Island Earth (1955)

This Island Earth (1955)
BDRip 720p | AVI | 1280x720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 26mn | 1,64 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 160 Kbps | Subtitles: English (embedded)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi | Director: Joseph M. Newman

Dr. Meacham is chosen along with others by the inhabitants of the planet Metaluna to do research that will help save their dying planet. However, an evil scheme is uncovered by the suspecting Dr. Meacham when he discovers the Metalunan's plan to take over Earth. Dr. Meacham then escapes an exploding Metalunan built Earth lab along with Dr. Adams only to be kidnapped while flying away in a small plane. A flying saucer wisks both the scientists off to Metaluna where they are held accountable for blowing up the Metalunan Earth lab during their escape. They later escape there with the help of Exeter the friendly Metalunan. Metaluna then self destructs and the Doctors make it safely back to Earth, which is saved from Metalunan invasion.

Morta Skuld - Dying Remains (1993)  Music

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Morta Skuld - Dying Remains (1993)

Morta Skuld - Dying Remains (1993)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
2013 | Peaceville Records, CDVILED489 | ~ 382 or 115 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 41 Mb
Death Metal | Remastered

Though not a particularly well-known purveyor of classic death metal, Morta Skuld are easily one of the most powerful bands on the scene, as evidenced by the band's 1993 masterpiece, "Dying Remains". This record draws upon the Obituary school of death metal…that is, focused largely on slow or mid-tempo riffs over speed and blast beats, as well as containing (be it accidental or intentional) a very dark and grim atmosphere, conjuring up images of graveyards and tombstones and other shit…

Pink Fairies - Pleasure Island (1996)  Music

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Pink Fairies - Pleasure Island (1996)

Pink Fairies - Pleasure Island (1996)
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 354 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 143 Mb | Scans | 51:20
Twink Records | TWKCD6
Psychedelic Rock, Proto-Punk

Very good Pleasure Island 1996 Pink Fairies reunion effort, this title was released by drummer Twink's own label, Twink Records of a limited edition of 1,000 copies. So, obviously 'Pleasure Island' is often hard to find. Don't think it's ever been reissued after that. Looks like 'Pleasure…' has just just two players, of Twink-drums and Paul Rudolph-bass&vocalist. Couldn't tell you if anyone else appeared on this CD or not. 'Pleasure…' is some fine psych/raw punk with an edge to it. "As Above,So Below" is basic well played '70's rock and roll revived. I found "Man With A Golden Gun" to be somewhat refreshing and "Jungle Drums" shows you,just what Twink is truly capable of. For a true mind-blower,put on the headphones to fully experience the 32-minute "Cargoe In Jamaica".
The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal [Audiobook]

The Battle for Hell's Island: How a Small Band of Carrier Dive Bombers Helped Save Guadalcanal [Audiobook] by Stephen L. Moore
English | November 3rd, 2015 | ASIN: B017DYR0RQ | MP3@64 kbps | 15 hrs 53 mins | 436.37 MB
Narrator: Pete Bradbury

From the author of Pacific Payback comes the gripping true story of the Cactus Air Force and how this rugged crew of dive bombers helped save Guadalcanal and won the war. November 1942: Japanese and American forces have been fighting for control of Guadalcanal, a small but pivotal island in Japan's expansion through the South Pacific. Both sides have endured months of grueling battle under the worst circumstances: hellish jungles, meager rations, and tropical diseases, which have taken a severe mental and physical toll on the combatants.

Every Game Is an Island : Endings and Extremities in Video Games  eBooks & eLearning

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Every Game Is an Island : Endings and Extremities in Video Games

Every Game Is an Island : Endings and Extremities in Video Games
by Riccardo Fassone
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1501316613 | 206 Pages | True PDF | 2.05 MB

Gia and the Forgotten Island - Kristi Belcamino  eBooks & eLearning

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Gia and the Forgotten Island - Kristi Belcamino

Gia and the Forgotten Island - Kristi Belcamino
English | 2017 | 214 Pages | ISBN: 1977864074 | EPUB | 424.64 KB

An exciting new series character … Gia Santella is a fast-driving, hard-drinking, karate-trained free spirit, who is gorgeous, sexy, and a young heiress. She also has a fierce temper and zero tolerance for people in power preying on the vulnerable … especially when the injustice takes place in her neighborhood. Late one Autumn night, violence breaks out in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, as a hate group and counter-protesters come face to face…

Shutter Island (2010)  Video

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Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island (2010)
BRRip | 138mn | 720x306 | AVI XviD@1516Kbps 23.98fps | MP3@192Kbps 2CH 48KHz | 1.66 GiB
BDRip 1080p | 138mn | 1920x816 | MKV AVC@9827Kbps 23.98fps | DTS@1509Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 10.93 GiB
Language: English | Genre: Mystery, Thriller | Subtitles: English (BDRip)

It's 1954, and up-and-coming U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston's Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital.

Headhunters on My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story [Audiobook]  eBooks & eLearning

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Headhunters on My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story [Audiobook]

Headhunters on My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story [Audiobook] by J. Maarten Troost
English | August 20th, 2013 | ASIN: B00E8HL8TS, ISBN: 1470377489 | MP3@64 kbps | 7 hrs 51 mins | 215.83 MB
Narrator: Simon Vance

Entertainment Weekly calls acclaimed author and essayist J. Maarten Troost a "funny, candid, and down-to-earth travel companion". Both witty and poignant, Headhunters on My Doorstep follows Troost as he retraces Robert Louis Stevenson’s path through the South Pacific. Somewhere between AA meetings in Tahiti and discovering how the Island of Merrymaking got its name, Troost reconnects with himself, his family, and the beauty of life.

37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help--A Mother's Journey  eBooks & eLearning

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37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help--A Mother's Journey

37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven's Help–A Mother's Journey by Stephanie Arnold,‎ Sari Padorr
English | September 15th, 2015 | ASIN: B00RLVDFAS, ISBN: 0062402188, 0062402323 | 213 pages | EPUB | 0.61 MB

Like Proof of Heaven and To Heaven and Back, a medical drama with heavenly implications in which a woman receives premonitions of her death that come true, and her discovery of the heavenly help available to all of us.

Island of Lost Souls (1932) [The Criterion Collection]  Video

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Island of Lost Souls (1932) [The Criterion Collection]

Island of Lost Souls (1932)
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2048 Kbps | 1h 10mn | 1,19 Gb
Audio: English AC3 1.0 @ 160 Kbps + Commentary track | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Horror, Romance | Director: Erle C. Kenton

A twisted treasure from Hollywood’s pre-Code horror heyday, Island of Lost Souls is a cautionary tale of science run amok, adapted from H. G. Wells’s novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. In one of his first major movie roles, Charles Laughton is a mad doctor conducting ghastly genetic experiments on a remote island in the South Seas, much to the fear and disgust of the shipwrecked man (Richard Arlen) who finds himself trapped there. This touchstone of movie terror, directed by Erle C. Kenton, features expressionistic photography by Karl Struss, groundbreaking makeup effects that have inspired generations of monster-movie artists, and the legendary Bela Lugosi in one of his most gruesome roles.