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Waltraud Kahle, Sophie Mercier - Degradation Processes in Reliability  eBooks & eLearning

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Waltraud Kahle, Sophie Mercier - Degradation Processes in Reliability

Waltraud Kahle, Sophie Mercier - Degradation Processes in Reliability
2016 | ISBN: 1848218885 | English | 240 pages | PDF | 3.2 MB
Louis Lortie, Helene Mercier, BBC Philharmonic, Edward Gardner - Francis Poulenc: Piano Concertos; Aubade (2015)

Francis Poulenc - Piano Concertos; Aubade (2015)
Louis Lortie, piano; Hélène Mercier, piano; BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Edward Gardner

EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 278 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 183 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Classical | Label: Chandos | # CHAN10875 | Time: 01:12:43

After a successful cycle of Chopin works for solo piano, exclusive Chandos artist Louis Lortie plays here works by Poulenc with his duet partner Hélène Mercier. In Aubade and the two concertos they are joined by Edward Gardner and the BBC Philharmonic.

Pascal Mercier - Partitura d'addio (repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Pascal Mercier - Partitura d'addio (repost)

Pascal Mercier - Partitura d'addio
Italian | Mondadori | 2008 | ISBN: 8804575123 | 260 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

Martin Van Vliet è un biocibernetico prossimo alla fama mondiale, le cui scoperte sembrano destinate a proiettarlo nel firmamento dei grandi scienziati. Solo due cose riusciranno a bloccare sul nascere la sua scintillante carriera: la morte della moglie e la figlioletta Lea. La bambina reagisce infatti al tragico evento con una chiusura al mondo che ben presto rasenta l'autismo. Martin non esita a dedicare la propria esistenza a quello che è il lascito più importante del suo matrimonio infranto, rinunciando al lavoro e a ogni realizzazione professionale. Ma nonostante i mille sforzi, nulla sembra aiutare Lea a uscire dal suo atteggiamento di rifiuto del mondo. Una mattina però, di fronte a una sonata di Bach eseguita da un artista di strada, i suoi occhi tornano a riempirsi di vita…

Marcel Mercier, "La santé psycho-spirituelle (Deviens qui tu es)"  eBooks & eLearning

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Marcel Mercier, "La santé psycho-spirituelle (Deviens qui tu es)"

Marcel Mercier, "La santé psycho-spirituelle (Deviens qui tu es)"
L. Courteau éditrice | 2012 | ISBN: 2892392837 | English | EPUB/PDF | 206 pages | 2/2.8 Mb

Nous souffrons tous d'un manque, nous gardons tous, au fond de notre âme, la nostalgie d'un bonheur disparu. Vivre en santé psycho-spirituelle, c'est avant tout devenir soi-même. Psychologue de formation, Marcel Mercier a exercé sa profession en clinique pendant de nombreuses années. Aujourd'hui il est auteur, conférencier et il anime des ateliers sur la guérison énergétique. …

The Diary of Anne Frank (1995)  

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The Diary of Anne Frank (1995)

The Diary of Anne Frank (1995)
DVDRip | MKV | 686 x 448 | x264 @ 1729 Kbps | 102 min | 1,49 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Animation, Drama

This is the true story of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam during WW2. Anne's father realizes on time the danger the Jews face and hides his family (his wife Edith and his two daughters Margo (16) and Anne (13), along with four more people, in "the house behind". For two years the 8 people live in darkness and whispers, in fear of being discovered and sent to the German crematories. During that time young Anne writes a diary, describing her daily life in the cellar, her complicated relationship with her mother and the story of her first love - Peter, the young boy in the hiding place. Anne writes down her wishes to run out free and breath the air and flowers, her dreams to be free at last. But humanity is often a cruel mistress…

Killing - Volume 28 - Il Giuramento Di Mercier  Comics

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Killing - Volume 28 - Il Giuramento Di Mercier

Killing - Volume 28 - Il Giuramento Di Mercier
Italian | CBR | 183 pages | 82.3 MB

The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) - The Movie  

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The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) - The Movie

The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) - The Movie
WEBRip | MKV | 1280 x 722 | x264 @ 1290 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 160 Kbps | 99 min | 1,07 Gb
Genre: Drama, War

This is the autobiographical drama of a young Dutch Jewish girl hiding from the invading Nazis during World War II. Anne and her family share a claustrophobic attic with another family. Tension is often unbearable, as the people hiding know that their discovery by the enemy could lead to almost certain death at the hands of their captors. They also must contend with the Dutch Gestapo or "Green Police," who will turn them over to the Nazis if discovered. Dutch nationals risk their lives by hiding the family for two years. The group, despite the horror and crowded conditions, still find time for celebrations of Hanukkah and rejoice quietly in the small attic that has become their world. The story is told from the narrative perspective of Anne, a young girl hoping to live to womanhood.

Michèle Mercier Photocollection  Graphics

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Michèle Mercier Photocollection

Michèle Mercier Photocollection
JPG | from 300x200 to 3500x2500 | 133 pics | 26 MB

For Michèle Mercier, the role of Angélique, "the Marquise of the Angels", was both a blessing and a curse. It catapulted her to almost instant stardom, rivalling Brigitte Bardot in her celebrity and popularity, but ruined her acting career. The character of Angélique made to forget the other aspects of the career of Mercier, but it is true that general public discovered her only in "Angélique", and made her a real star of the French cinema of that time. By the end of the 1960s, the names Angélique and Michèle Mercier were synonymous…

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (2008)  Video

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Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (2008)

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (2008)
DVDRip XviD-SPRiNTER | English | 144 min | AVI XViD 640x352 1081kbps | MP3 224kbps 48khz | 1.36 GB
Genre: Drama | Family
Director: Kevin Sullivan
Cast: Barbara Hershey, Shirley MacLaine

Anne, now a middle-aged woman, is troubled by recent events in her life. Her husband, Gilbert, has been killed overseas as a medical doctor during World War II. Her two daughters are pre-occupied with their own young families and her adopted son Dominic has yet to return from the war. When a long-hidden secret is discovered under the floorboards at Green Gables, Anne retreats into her memories to relive her troubled early years prior to arriving as an orphan at Green Gables and being adopted by the Cuthberts. Still haunted by her early childhood, the impact of this difficult period has a far-reaching effect on this older woman, once she discovers the truth about her real parents. She begins a delicate search for her birth father. It is a journey through a past fraught with danger, uncertainty, heartache and joy. In the parade of humanity Anne encounters she also faces the root of her desire to find true "kindred spirits", an inspired imagination and the impetus to use her talents as a writer to inspire others.

Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra  eBooks & eLearning

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Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra

Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra
Pdf | 18MB | 150 pages | Publisher: DK ADULT | English | ISBN-13: 978-1564586490

Classic Lovemaking Techniques Reinterpeted For Today's Lovers
Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra updates and reinterprets the 2,000 year–old sexual text in a fully illustrated guide that features specially commissioned photographs and information on ways to enrich and diversify one's sex life. In this classic volume of sexual learning, Anne Hooper brings together the best of the eastern sexual teaching, the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and The Tao to create a new classic that encourages an emphasis on pressure points, manners, artistic freedom, and most of all finding and pursuing a loving sexual relationship. She discourages the focus from accomplishing distorted poses-in actuality, they are advanced yoga positions-and instead has discovered the true spirit of these ancient teachings and applied the teachings to contemporary lovemaking.