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Artworks of Dale Stephanos  Graphics

Posted by igor_lv at July 10, 2012
Artworks of Dale Stephanos

Artworks of Dale Stephanos
85 JPG | up to 500x1100 Pixels | 23 MB

Photography by Dale May  Graphics

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Photography by Dale May

Photography by Dale May
140 JPG | up to 1000x1100 Pixels | 21 MB
American artist

Glass Art by Dale Chihuli  Graphics

Posted by tania09 at March 14, 2010
Glass Art by Dale Chihuli

Glass Art by Dale Chihuli
200 JPG | 23 MB | 600x800 - 1000x1600

Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery (UB FULL)  Games

Posted by Темный Повелитель at March 5, 2010
Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery (UB FULL)

Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery (UB FULL) | Mac Os X | Games | 52 MB

It is a usual working day in Dale's study. Suddenly, his daughter Daisy rushes in, holding a piece of old papyrus with strange inscriptions. She needs it for her archaeological exhibition, but she can't translate it. Intrigued by the papyrus, Dale checks his archaeological network and finds out that the inscription is the belonging of an ancient brotherhood from Egypt, and the only key to the translation is the mysterious Bloomstone. However, the secret is hidden in the Big Pyramid, guarded by Anubis, ancient Egyptian deity. Now, Dale has to solve 100 puzzles that Anubis set for him, and to collect all the missing pieces of the Bloomstone. But he will soon discover that there is much more to this challenge…

Icewind Dale (PC)  Games

Posted by abame at Jan. 27, 2010
Icewind Dale (PC)

Icewind Dale (PC) | 2.71 GB
Genre: Role-Playing
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Icewind Dale is self-consciously similar to Baldur's Gate: Both games take place in the Forgotten Realms, and Icewind Dale recycles not only Baldur's Gate's engine but also a good deal of the older game's graphics. Specifically, your six player characters are represented with the same small, animated sprites from BioWare's older game, and you might quickly recognize a lot of the equipment that was carried over. The highly anticipated sequel to BioWare's hit role-playing game Baldur's Gate is just a few months away, and its publisher, Interplay, released Icewind Dale to tide over role-playing game fans while they wait. But Icewind Dale isn't just a pastime; it's an excellent game in its own right. Though it's based on the Baldur's Gate engine and is also set in the same Advanced Dungeons & Dragons universe, Icewind Dale's originality and fast pacing make the game uniquely satisfying.

Dale Hardshovel v1.5  Games

Posted by baloch at Jan. 17, 2010
Dale Hardshovel v1.5

Dale Hardshovel v1.5 | 46 MB

Help Dale in the quest of searching for all the parts of the mysterious Bloomstone. Match the artifacts and win the trophies for outstanding performance. Lead Dale's daughter Daisy through mummy-crawling mazes, and earn some more help in solving brain-teasing puzzles. Go all the way through the Big pyramid and decipher the papyrus of the secret brotherhood in Egypt.

Van Dale Groot Woordenboek v2.0 ISO DVD  Software

Posted by warezking at June 22, 2007
Van Dale Groot Woordenboek v2.0 ISO DVD

Van Dale Groot Woordenboek v2.0 ISO DVD | 690 MB

Deze dvd bevat 7 woordenboeken:
1. Hedendaags Nederlands
2. Duits - Nederlands
3. Engels - Nederlands
4. Frans - Nederlands
5. Nederlands - Duits
6. Nederlands - Engels
7. Nederlands - Frans

Lucy Dale - Ali d'emozioni  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Karabas91 at April 7, 2017
Lucy Dale - Ali d'emozioni

Lucy Dale - Ali d'emozioni
Italian | 2017 | 146 pages | ASIN: B06Y1TC2GJ | EPUB | 0,2 MB

La mia anima è piena di luoghi da esplorare e sentimenti da scoprire. Entrate tra queste pagine di versi e lasciatevi emozionare nel profondo, dalle mie “Ali d’emozioni”.

King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Sangviniy at March 17, 2017
King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans by Raymond E. White
English | Oct. 5, 2005 | ISBN: 0299210006 | 530 Pages | PDF | 170.17 MB

For more than sixty years, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans personified the romantic, mythic West that America cherished well into the modern age. Blazing a trail through every branch of the entertainment industry—radio, film, recordings, television, and even comic books—the couple capitalized on their attractive personas and appealed to the nation's belief in family values, an independent spirit, community.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (2014)  Games

Posted by Lebedev30 at Jan. 18, 2017
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (2014)

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (2014)
PC Game | Developer: Beamdog | 3.2 GB
Languages: Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, polski
Version GOG:
Genre: Role-playing - Real-time - Fantasy