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Bells Are Ringing (1960)  Video

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Bells Are Ringing (1960)

Bells Are Ringing (1960)
A Film by Vincente Minnelli
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC | MPEG 2 | 16:9 | 2h 5min | 720x480 | 29.97 fps | Lang: English, French | Subs: English, French, Spanish
Audio#1: English AC3 @ 192Kbps | Audio#2: French AC3 @ 192Kbps | Cover + Extras | 6.51 GB
Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Ella Peterson is a Brooklyn telephone answering service operator who tries to improve the lives of her clients by passing along bits of information she hears from other clients. She falls in love with one of her clients, the playwright Jeffrey Moss, and is determined to meet him. The trouble is, on the phone to him, she always pretends to be an old woman whom he calls "Mom."

Udemy - Learn Piano Christmas Song 2 - Play Dreamy Silver Bells  eBooks & eLearning

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Udemy - Learn Piano Christmas Song 2 - Play Dreamy Silver Bells

Udemy - Learn Piano Christmas Song 2 - Play Dreamy Silver Bells
MP4 | Video: 1280x720 | 58 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 1 Hours | 154 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Use 4 Chord Method to reharmonize Silver Bells & learn 24 Dreamy piano techniques to play jazzy cocktail soothing sounds

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)  Video

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The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
A Film by Leo McCarey
BDRip 720p | MKV | Lang: English | Subs: None | 2h 6min | 976x720 | AVC @ 4179Kbps | DTS @ 768Kbps | 4.37 GB
Genre: Drama | Family

Father O'Malley, the unconventional priest from 'Going My Way', continues his work for the Catholic Church. This time he is sent to St. Mary's, a run-down parochial school on the verge of condemnation. He and Sister Benedict work together in an attempt to save the school, though their differing methods often lead to good-natured disagreements.
Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica? / De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? (1981)

Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica? / De ce trag clopotele, Mitica? (1981)
Romanian | DVDRip | MKV | AVC, 2100 Kbps | 720x576 | 25.000 fps | 1.93 GB
Audio: AC-3, 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 02:00:21 minutes | Subtitle (embedded): English
Genre: Comedy | Drama

Based on a theatrical text by Romanian writer Ion Luca Caragiale (1852-1912), who was a bitter and funny witness of the turn-of-the-20th-century Romanian bourgeois mores, Carnival Scenes manages to preserve and further enhance the slightly hysteric atmosphere of his plays. Pintilie creates a strange combination of carnival scenes which is brought to the screen as a burlesque, fast-paced, screwball comedy with a meditative undertone. This film was banned in Romania for a decade until the death of Ceausescu in 1989 and was only released after the 1989 revolution.

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)  Video

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The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
A Film by Leo McCarey
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC | MPEG 2 | 4:3 | 2h 5min | 720x480 | 29.97 fps | Lang: English, French, Spanish | Subs: English, French, Spanish | Cover + Extras
Audio#1: English AC3 @ 192Kbps | Audio#2: French AC3 @ 192Kbps | Audio#2: Spanish AC3 @ 192Kbps | 3.83 GB
Genre: Drama | Family

Father Chuck O'Malley is assigned as the pastor of an inner-city Catholic school and has to work with its dedicated but stubborn principal, Sister Mary Benedict. O'Malley and Sister Mary Benedict quarrel frequently. He feels the school should be closed and the children sent to a nearby school with modern facilities, but all of the sisters believe that God will provide for them. Specifically, they put their hopes on Horace P. Bogardus, a businessman who has built a modern building right next door to the school and whom they hope will donate his new edifice to them.

The Bells (1926) + The Crazy Ray (1925) [Re-UP]  Video

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The Bells (1926) + The Crazy Ray (1925) [Re-UP]

The Bells (1926) + The Crazy Ray (1925)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 4:3 | 01:08:27 + 00:18:22 | 3,95 Gb
Score AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps with English intertitles
Genre: Classics, Crime, Horror

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem. A classic American horror film that combines elements of the traditional ghost story, Poe and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." "The Bells" (1926, 68 min.) follows an ambitious innkeeper (Lionel Barrymore) on a downward trajectory into insanity after murdering a wealthy traveler to settle his debts. Though he is not suspected of the crime, the innkeeper is haunted by a hypnotist in a traveling carnival (Boris Karloff), and his conscience is tormented by a blood-smeared apparition of the dead man who comes seeking a confession of his own. "The Bells" is digitally mastered from an original tinted-and-toned nitrate 35mm print and backed with a musical score compiled by Eric Beheim.

Rock the Bells (2006)  Video

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Rock the Bells (2006)

Rock the Bells (2006)
DVDRip | 592x256 | AVI / XVID @ 712 Kbps | 1h 43mn | Audio: English MP3 @ 102 kbps, 2 channels | 699 Mb
Genre: Documentary | Music

Rock the Bells is a documentary on the preparation and realization of the original Wu-Tang Clan's final live performance. The film focuses on hip-hop concert promoter Chang Weisberg, whose Guerrilla Union production company showcases live hip-hop of a noncommercial bent. Weisberg comes across as a mixture of fanboy and snake-oil salesman, but it is his attention to detail that allows him to undertake what no other promoter had managed to accomplish in a long time: the presentation of the complete original lineup of the Wu-Tang Clan in live performance. Using a small, cohesive team of immensely likable, pleasant people, Weisberg navigates all the pitfalls of his endeavor with composure, even when the concert is in full-throttle.

When Eight Bells Toll (1971)  Video

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When Eight Bells Toll (1971)

When Eight Bells Toll (1971)
MKV | H264 864x368 25.00fps | English Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps | English sub/idx | 01:30:09 | 1.45 Gb
UK | Action/Adventure | Director: Etienne PĂ©rier | Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Jack Hawkins and Robert Morley

In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland. Hopkins could have been Bond. In fact, a review at the time of his performance in When Eight Bells Toll proclaimed he played his character Calvert in a way that "made James Bond look like a lounge lizard."

The Bells (1926)  Video

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The Bells (1926)

The Bells (1926)
DVD5 | ISO+MDS | NTSC 4:3 | Cover | 01:08:27 | 4,09 Gb
Musical Score AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps with English intertitles
Genre: Crime, Horror | USA

The play The Bells (based on the French Le Juif Polonais) was brought to the screen in 1926. Lionel Barrymore plays a merchant who murders a Jewish entrepreneur and appropriates the dead man's fortune. Though no evidence exists to convict him, Barrymore cannot escape his own conscience due to the intervention of a mentalist. Whenever he hears the pealing of church bells, Barrymore is haunted by images of his crime and his victim. Of interest is the appearance of Boris Karloff, in Caligariesque makeup as the mesmerist.

Crochet Crystal Reflections  eBooks & eLearning

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Crochet Crystal Reflections

Crochet Crystal Reflections by Wilma Bonner
Publisher: Annie's Attic | 1996 | English | 11 pages | JPG | 1.7 MB

13 beautiful designs for you to crochet! 3 flat stars 3 3-d stars 4 bells 3 snowballs