Chopin by Rachmaninov

Stanislaw Neuhaus [7CD box-Set] - S. Neuhaus Vol.5 - Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninov
Stanislaw Neuhaus [7CD box-Set] - S. Neuhaus Vol.5 - Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninov
5th CD of the 7CD Box Set | APE + CUE + EAC LOG | Cover | 220Mb |1:14:19 | VISTA VERA VVCD-00176 (2008)
Last Recital, the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, 18.01.1980

Helene Grimaud Performs Chopin and Rachmaninov  

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Helene Grimaud Performs Chopin and Rachmaninov

Helene Grimaud Performs Chopin and Rachmaninov (piano)
Classical | MP3 320kps | WinRar 180 MB

Juxtaposing the Second Piano sonatas of Chopin and Rachmaninov, Helene Grimaud's new programme encapsulates the very soul of the Romantic piano. Revel in the sheer colour and uncompromising emotion of this music.

Harmony in Chopin  

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Harmony in Chopin

Harmony in Chopin by David Damschroder
English | 11 Jun. 2015 | ISBN: 1107108578 | 310 Pages | EPUB/AZW3/PDF (conv) | 19.6 MB

Chopin's oeuvre holds a secure place in the repertoire, beloved by audiences, performers, and aesthetes. In Harmony in Chopin, David Damschroder offers a new way to examine and understand Chopin's compositional style, integrating Schenkerian structural analyses with an innovative perspective on harmony and further developing ideas and methods put forward in his earlier books Thinking about Harmony, Harmony in Schubert, and Harmony in Haydn and Mozart.

Rachmaninov Edition: Complete Works  

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Rachmaninov Edition: Complete Works

Rachmaninov Edition: Complete Works
Brilliant | 2008 | 31 CD | MP3 192 Kbps
Lame encoded | Covers | Tracks | 33 RAR | 2.96 Gb

One of the last great representatives of romanticism in Russian classical music, Rachmaninoff was also one of the leading pianists and conductors of his day; few composers have come close to his striking gift for melody and for exploring the expressive possibilities of the piano.
This box contains all the published works written by Rachmaninov, plus some bonus cd's with historical performances by artists like Horowitz and Rachmaninov himself.
The bonus CD-ROM that accompanies this great big box contains an essay by Julian Haylock entitled "The Lonely Romantic," which puts all this rapturously beautiful music into context.
S.Rachmaninov - Piano Sonata No.2, Piano Pieces - Kateryna Titova

S.Rachmaninov - Piano Sonata No.2, Piano Pieces - Kateryna Titova
CD | APE + CUE + EAC LOG | Cover + Booklet | 167.8Mb | 54:06 | SONY Classical (2008)

There's no question about pianist Kateryna Titova's technique in her debut recital, and a good thing, too, since the program consists entirely of works by Rachmaninov, the composer of some of the most transcendentally difficult piano music of the fin de siècle. But no matter what the Russian composer asks for -- be it the tumults of notes that open the Allegro agitato of his Second Piano Sonata, the ethereal ostinatos that start the Prélude in G minor, the monumental sonorities that fill the Prélude in C sharp minor, or the feathery arabesques that saturate the composer's transcription of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee -- the young Ukrainian-born, German-based pianist nails them all. If that were all Titova brought to this music, it would be remarkable but not unusual; there are many pianists out there who could do the same...
James Leonard, Rovi
Rachmaninov - String Quartets, Romances for Vioce & String Quartet

Sergey Rachmaninov (1873 - 1943) - String Quartets nos 1 & 2, Romances for Vioce & String Quartet
Classical | EAC | FLAC, CUE, NO LOG | 1 CD | Complete Artwork | 246 Mb | | 1993
Moz-Art Quartet,Svetlana Sumatchova, soprano

The CD contains seldom performed pieces by Rachmaninov for String Quartet and also arrangements of his romances for voice and String Quartet

Frederic Chopin: Waltzes (Jean-Marc Luisada)  

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Frederic Chopin: Waltzes (Jean-Marc Luisada)

Frederic Chopin: Waltzes (Jean-Marc Luisada)
Apple Lossless (XLD) | Cue + Log | Deutsche Grammophon 431 779-2 | 1 CD, 191 MB
Classical | Cover, no scans | Rapidshare

Though Luisada is by no means old, his playing takes us back to another age.
Arthur Rubinstein boasted that he changed the way Chopin was perceived, making him more masculine and straightforward than romantic players like de Pachmann and Paderewski did. Rubinstein's Chopin was in fact a reflection of his own more literal time – a time that also produced Backhaus and Toscanini – as well as Rubinstein's own love for the classiciam of Brahms which, under the influence of Joachim, pre-dated the Polish expatriate's love for Chopin.
Rubinstein clearly felt uncomfortable with the feminine, salon qualities that cannot be divorced from Chopin's sensibility. Descriptions of the composer's own playing make it clear that he was improvisatory, ethereal in his dynamics and that he reveled in rubato; Chopin was even accused of not being able to play in time. These qualities are rarely evident in modern players, who imagine they present a "greater" Chopin by robbing him of his true personality.
Luisada is not a modern player. His Chopin evokes memories of some of the greatest interpreters of earlier ages – especially de Pachmann and Maryla Jonas (whose rare recordings are available from Pearl). Luisada's rubato will seem willful and wayward to those raised to believe Rubinstein was the last word on Chopin, but it will delight those who would like to hear something closer to the first word.

– [5-star] review

Chopin & Rachmaninov - Piano Sonatas - Helene Grimaud [FLAC]  Music

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Chopin & Rachmaninov - Piano Sonatas - Helene Grimaud [FLAC]

Chopin & Rachmaninov - Piano Sonatas
Performed by Helene Grimaud | Deutsche Grammophon
EAC Secure Rip | FLAC image | Embedded and external cuesheets | Front Cover | RS | RAR (5% recovery record) | 3 parts, 205 MB
Alisa Weilerstein, Inon Barnatan - Rachmaninov, Chopin: Cello Sonatas (2015)

Alisa Weilerstein, Inon Barnatan - Rachmaninov, Chopin: Cello Sonatas (2015)
Classical | MP3 320kbps CBR | 1 CD | 198 MB
Label: Decca | Catalog Number: 002375302 | 2nd Oct 2015

Together with long-term duo partner Inon Barnatan, best-selling Decca cellist Alisa Weilerstein records two of the giants of ‘cello chamber music: the Rachmaninov and Chopin sonatas. Alisa Weilerstein’s debut on Decca with the Elgar Cello Concerto (conducted by Daniel Barenboim; his first recording of this outstanding work since his earlier recording with the legendary Jacqueline du Pre) was received rapturously by critics worldwide; and her subsequent recording of the Dvorak cello concerto no less well-received.
Raoul von Koczalski Plays Chopin · Mozart · Schubert-Liszt · Tchaikovsky · Rachmaninov, etc. [Re-up]

Raoul von Koczalski Plays Chopin · Mozart · Schubert-Liszt · Tchaikovsky · Rachmaninov, etc.
EAC rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, Log | 425 MB | Full booklet & Cover scans 300 dpi | WinRar 5% Rec.
Label: OOP Archiphon ARC 119/20 | Released 1997 | Rec. 1928 - 1948 [Chopin 1938/39]

"Rhythmic firmness was combined with freedom in the declamation of his melodies…" These words describing Frédéric Chopin's piano-playing by his close friend, the German pianist and composer Ferdinand Hiller (1811-1885) could as well describe the playing of Chopin's "grand-student" Raoul von Koczalski (1885-1948)- One of the last pupils of Karol Mikuli (1821-1897) a favorite student of Chopin himself and one who aspired to pass on Chopin's teachings as purely as possible, Koczalski was groomed as a pianist by Mikuli from age seven to eleven. Indeed, Mikuli seems to have chosen the child prodigy Koczalski to be his successor in carrying on the Chopin tradition.