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Bryan Smith - Bloodrush  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by tarantoga at Aug. 15, 2011
Bryan Smith - Bloodrush

Bryan Smith - Bloodrush
Publisher: Delirium Books | ASIN: B005E9X87Y | July 23, 2011 | EPUB/MOBI | 110 pages | 264 KB/564 KB

David Rucker wakes up to a scene of shocking violence. Blood and body parts are everywhere. At first, he has no memory of who he is or how he wound up unconscious in the midst of all this carnage. The mental fog engulfing him begins to clear and recognition dawns. The bodies of the dead belonged to people he loved. As he absorbs this information, a series of increasingly devastating revelations soon follow, including the realization that he is no longer alive.

Bryan Smith, "Soultaker"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by sa603sa87 at Oct. 23, 2010
Bryan Smith, "Soultaker"

Bryan Smith, "Soultaker"
Publisher: Leisure Books | ISBN: 0843961937 | edition 2009 | PDF | 153 pages | 1,54 mb

With lots of sex and violence (even for a horror novel), this is not a book for the squeamish, but for others, Smith will keep the reader entertained. It is not perfect for example, the final twist is rather obvious but overall, this will be a pleasure for most horror readers.

Bryan Smith, "Queen of Blood"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by sa603sa87 at Oct. 22, 2010
Bryan Smith, "Queen of Blood"

Bryan Smith, "Queen of Blood"
Publisher: Leisure Books | ISBN: 0843960612 | edition 2008 | PDF | 100 pages | 1,07 mb

It was known as the House of Blood. It sat at the entrance to a netherworld of unimaginable torture and terror. Very few who entered its front door lived to ever again see the outside world. But a few did survive. They thought they had found a way to destroy the house of horrors…but they were wrong. A new house has arisen. A new mistress now wields its unholy power and she wants revenge. She will not rest until those who dared to challenge her and her former master are made to pay with their very souls!

Smith, Bryan - Die Finsteren  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Underaglassmoon at Dec. 28, 2013
Smith, Bryan - Die Finsteren

Smith, Bryan - Die Finsteren
Deutsch | Horror | September 2013 | ISBN: 9783865522160 | 400 Seiten | epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, azw3 | 4.93 MB

Sie nennen sich "Die Finsteren". Der Name war zuerst eher ein Scherz, aber er passte, und jetzt tragen sie ihn voller Stolz. Sie sind die Außenseiter der Stadt, Sonderlinge, die nur für die Nächte leben. Dann steigen sie in das aufgegebene Haus. Dort geschah einst etwas Fürchterliches und seither lauert das Böse darin. All die Jahre war es tief unten im Keller gefangen doch die Finsteren lassen es jetzt frei …
10 Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud: New Levels of CPA Workflow Efficiency, 2nd Edition

John H. Higgins, Bryan L. Smith, "10 Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud: New Levels of CPA Workflow Efficiency, 2nd Edition"
2017 | ISBN-10: 1941651518 | 192 pages | PDF | 28 MB

Il mio nome è Smith, John Smith  eBooks & eLearning

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Il mio nome è Smith, John Smith

Il mio nome è Smith, John Smith by Cinzia Monforte
Italian | 2015 | ISBN: n/a | 207 pages | ePub / PDF | 0.6 MB

Silent Source - James Marshall Smith  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Maroutan at Jan. 21, 2018
Silent Source - James Marshall Smith

Silent Source - James Marshall Smith
English | 2016 | 298 Pages | ISBN: 1939398703 | EPUB | 633.91 KB

The hate is deep. The death is slow. The cause is silent. You know that Atlanta PD has given up on a case when they call in Dr. Damon Keane. The sleuth scientist is quietly famous in forensic circles for unraveling the most daunting technical puzzles, but this case is bewildering. Two people are already dead. The third victim, a priest, is dying by inches in an Atlanta hospital, and the cause is a complete mystery to doctors and police detectives alike. As if matters weren’t strange enough, the dying priest’s rosary beads have suddenly turned the color of blood…

Smith Craig - Verità nascoste  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Karabas91 at Jan. 20, 2018
Smith Craig - Verità nascoste

Smith Craig - Verità nascoste
Italian | 2017 | 252 pages | ASIN: B0751K8T9C | EPUB | 0,3 MB

La vita non potrebbe andare meglio per David Albo, professore associato di inglese in una piccola università del Midwest. Vive in un'incantevole villa con una moglie bella e intelligente e una figliastra adolescente che lo adora. Quando ritorna all'università, dopo un anno sabbatico lunga e rilassante, ha in vista l'assegnazione di una cattedra e, inoltre, è riuscito a rimanere lontano dall'alcol per due anni interi. Ma, all'improvviso, le cose iniziano a deteriorarsi . L'accusa di aver molestato sessualmente alcune sue studentesse è solo l'inizio, presto David si ritrova risucchiato in un vortice di cospirazioni, tradimenti, gelosia, e omicidi. Tutto quello che ama sta per essergli strappato via, se non riuscirà a scoprire chi e perché sta cercando di distruggerlo.

Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018) [Official Digital Download]  Vinyl & HR

Posted by Pisulik at Jan. 19, 2018
Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018) [Official Digital Download]

Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/44.1 kHz | Time - 46:25 minutes | 524 MB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover

Caitlyn Smith is on the rise with a debut release, Starfire, that is burning bright and capturing attention and accolades. Her Monument Records release, which is due on January 19, 2018, is the culmination of years spent writing for other artists including James Bay, John Legend, and Meghan Trainor, before finding her own voice and expressing what she wanted to say as an artist in her own right. Admired for her ability to whirl pure emotion into unforgettable tracks, Starfire, is a raw, visceral journey about love, hardship, and the struggle to pave your own way all anchored by her unforgettable vocals.

Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018)  Music

Posted by SERTiL at Jan. 18, 2018
Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018)

Caitlyn Smith - Starfire (2018)
Rock, Pop, Country, Singer-Songwriter | WEB FLAC (tracks) - 293 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 106 MB
Label: Monument Records | Tracks: 12 | Time: 46:25 min

Caitlyn Smith is on the rise with a debut release, Starfire, that is burning bright and capturing attention and accolades.