Beauty Guide 2.1.3

Beauty Guide 2.1  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 25, 2013
Beauty Guide 2.1

Beauty Guide 2.1 | 5 Mb

Beauty Guide - Allows you to apply makeup and corrects cosmetic defects directly on photos. With Beauty Guide you can make your pictures look even better than the originals! Beauty Guide will help you to apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder; line eyelids; change eye color; smooth wrinkles; reduce swelling and eye puffiness; delete birthmarks and blemishes; and bleach teeth. You can do all of this right on the photo!

Swinsian 2.1.3  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at March 19, 2018
Swinsian 2.1.3

Swinsian 2.1.3 | macOS | 15 mb

The Advanced Music Player for Mac
Swinsian is a sophisticated music player for Mac OS X with wide format support, folder watching and advanced tag editing and designed to be responsive even with the largest

iCHM Pro - CHM Reader 2.1.3  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at March 6, 2018
iCHM Pro - CHM Reader 2.1.3

iCHM Pro - CHM Reader 2.1.3 | macOS | 13 mb

Full featured CHM file reader totally rewritten with modern UI on macOS.

Cut Out Shapes: Erase Elements 8.2.1 (3.3.0)  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at Feb. 12, 2018
Cut Out Shapes: Erase Elements 8.2.1 (3.3.0)

Cut Out Shapes: Erase Elements 8.2.1 (3.3.0) | macOS | 33 mb

Cut Out Shapes is a new SIMPLE tool that helps you DELETE BACKGROUND in your pics.

Vellum 2.1.3  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at Feb. 9, 2018
Vellum 2.1.3

Vellum 2.1.3 | macOS | 12 mb

Vellum is an eBook-generating tool that lets you easily create an eBook from a text manuscript or from scratch within the application. Choose the appropriate style from several options, view instant previews of the finished product, and easily generate and regenerate eBooks with a single click to avoid disaster upon finding mistakes.

Pins 2.1.3  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at Jan. 8, 2018
Pins 2.1.3

Pins 2.1.3 | macOS | 11 mb

Pins keeps all your bookmarks in one place! Simple and elegant bookmark manager.
Pins is the easy and beautiful bookmarks manager your Mac: it is the organized, taggable, searchable, syncable, shareable, visual library for all your needs.

Querious 2.1.3 MacOSX  Software

Posted by EXGenerator at Jan. 5, 2018
Querious 2.1.3 MacOSX

Querious 2.1.3 MacOSX | 30 .28 MB

Querious allows you to view, search, edit, import, export, build, configure, and monitor your MySQL and MariaDB databases easier than ever before. With Querious, you can even open up raw CSV or tab-delimited files and easily split, join, reorder, add, remove, and process columns and rows, and then convert the whole file to another format in a snap. Querious 2 is massive upgrade, throughly enhancing appearance, usability, features, performance, and everything in between. So far we've added over 170 new features and improvements.

GameMaker Studio Ultimate  Software

Posted by Bolaxv at Jan. 1, 2018
GameMaker Studio Ultimate

GameMaker Studio Ultimate | 183 MB

GameMaker Studio 2 is the latest and greatest incarnation of GameMaker! It has everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game. With no barriers to entry and powerful functionality, GameMaker Studio 2 is the ultimate 2D development environment!

DBSync for Firebird and MSSQL 2.1.3 Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at Nov. 28, 2017
DBSync for Firebird and MSSQL 2.1.3 Multilingual

DBSync for Firebird and MSSQL 2.1.3 Multilingual | 23.5 Mb

In order to perform migration tasks easily and reliably from a Microsoft SQL Serever to a Firebird target, we offer solutions in the form of DBConvert and DBSync. This software supports using InterBase and Windows Azure SQL databases to be set up as nodes for conversion or synchronization. SQL dump files may be generated to bypass firewalls restriction, if you lack a direct connection to your target servers.

EditReady 2.1.3  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at Nov. 29, 2017
EditReady 2.1.3

EditReady 2.1.3 | macOS | 52 mb

EditReady provides easy, fast and powerful transcoding for video professionals, without an overwhelming interface or outdated format choices. MOV, MP4 and MXF media can all be quickly converted to edit ready quicktime movies in ProRes
or DNxHD.