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Tears for Fears - Classic [2001]  Music

Posted by Octoberon at June 26, 2009
Tears for Fears - Classic [2001]

Tears for Fears - Classic
Genre: New Wave, Synth-Pop | CD | APE | 607.38 MB | 995-1000 kbps | Full Scans
Mar 6, 2001 | Publisher: Mercury | Language: English | RapidShare

“Like many other installments in the Universal Masters Collection, the Tears for Fears edition is woefully unrepresentative, skipping past 1983's The Hurting ("Mad World," "Change," and "Pale Shelter" being obvious picks from that) and playing fast and loose with the rest of the duo's catalog. This set does have several of their biggest hits, including "Shout," "Break It Down Again," "Head Over Heels," "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and "Woman in Chains," but there are several other collections that provide a more caring look at their back catalog. They deserve much better than this budget release. And so do you.”Review on

Woody Allen Filmography (1965-2009)  Video

Posted by banonse at Jan. 13, 2010
Woody Allen Filmography (1965-2009)
English | XviD @ 1000 kbps | 640x336 | 23.97 fps | mp3 @ 128 kbps | 1:27:54 | 700-1500MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Documentary | Drama | Fantasy | Musical | Mystery | Romance | Sci-fi | Thriller

Almost complete filmography of Woody Allen (movies he directed, scripted and he played in).
Brahms: The Piano concertos - Claudio Arrau, Carlo Maria Giulini - REUP

Brahms: The Piano concertos - Claudio Arrau, piano
Philharmonia Orchestra - Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor

Classical | APE (separate tracks) + LOG - No cue | Ripped with dBpoweramp | Covers & booklet | 2 CD's | 522 MB
Release: 1997 | Label: EMI Classics

Since in music we deal with notes, not words, with chords, with transitions, with color and expression, the musical meaning always based on those notes as written and nothing else - has to be divined. Therefore any musician, no matter how great an instrumentalist, who is not also an interpreter of a divinatory order, the way Furtwängler was, or Fischer-Dieskau is, is somehow one-sided, somehow without spiritual grandeur. — Claudio Arrau

Lissy Cunningham - Page 3 girl July 10, 2015  Girls

Posted by nrg at April 23, 2017
Lissy Cunningham - Page 3 girl July 10, 2015

Lissy Cunningham - Page 3 girl July 10, 2015
3 jpg | 1000*1500 | 437 KB
British glamour model

Muzzy Multilanguage Course for KIDS  Software

Posted by zerxiomx at Oct. 4, 2010
Muzzy Multilanguage Course for KIDS

Muzzy Multilanguage Course for KIDS
16 DVD'S | 15 CD'S | 30 Books | MULTI SERVER | FULL 37GB DVDR

In many countries, children start learning one or even various foreign languages at the same time as they are learning their native one. Why? Because it will never be as easy again. Scientific research has confirmed that the best time for learning a language –any language– is from birth to age twelve, when a child's brain works like a sponge, absorbing everything "naturally". Based on the results of this research, the BBC decided to create a video course for teaching English as a second language. That's how MUZZY was born. Today, MUZZY has become the most successful series of children's language courses in the world and its method has proved equally effective for youngsters and adults. The original English course was soon followed by others for teaching Spanish, French, German and Italian. Now, thanks to digital technology, all of these versions are included on the same DVD's, allowing those students who so wish to learn various languages.

Не родись красивой (191-200)  Video

Posted by vozo at Oct. 15, 2007
Не родись красивой (191-200)

Не родись красивой
42 минуты, 358 Mb каждая серия | 576х432 | Divx v5 | MP3 128
Серии 191-200

Продолжение популярного сериала.

Dark Tranquillity: Where Death is Most Alive (2009)  Music

Posted by DrPalmer at July 26, 2010
Dark Tranquillity: Where Death is Most Alive (2009)

Dark Tranquillity: Where Death is Most Alive (2009)
2xDVD5 NTSC | img | 720x480 | D1: 3.884 Kbps; D2: 3370 Kbps | D1: DD 5.1 + 2.0; D2: DD 2.0 | D1: 108 mins; D2: 136 mins | 4,36 Gb per disk
Genre: Melodic Death Metal | Label: Century Media, November 17, 2009

The peaceful suburbs of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1989: Five teenagers form a band named Septic Broiler. Skip forward to the year 2009: four of them are still playing in the band which nowadays is known worldwide as the mighty DARK TRANQUILLITY.
Renowned for being part of the holy trinity of Melodic Death Metal (alongside At The Gates and In Flames), which spawned the unmistakeably "Gothenburg Sound" in the early 90's, it is now time to celebrate DARK TRANQUILLITY's 20th anniversary with a career spanning DVD that takes you from the raw beginnings to their current position as one of the most diverse and influential metal acts.

Learn to play Thin Lizzy  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by FenixN at Feb. 7, 2016
Learn to play Thin Lizzy

Learn to play Thin Lizzy
DVDRips | AVI/XviD, ~611 kb/s | 576x384 | Duration: 02:41:38 | English: MP3, 80 kb/s (1 ch) | 828 MB
Genre: Guitar Lessons

This excellent DVD set will teach you note for note the riffs and solos that defined this hugely popular Thin Lizzy lineup! The DVD is presented by Jamie Humphries, author of the acclaimed Giants Of Rock and Giants Of Metal guitar courses. He is a tutor at one of the UK¹s leading music colleges, and a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques magazine.

Rockabilly Guitar featuring Troy Dexter  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by FenixN at Sept. 18, 2015
Rockabilly Guitar featuring Troy Dexter

Rockabilly Guitar featuring Troy Dexter
DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | MPEG2 ~5332 kbps | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 00:48:19 | + PDF Booklet | 1.83 GB
Genre: Guitar Lessons

On this dynamic DVD, Troy Dexter plays examples in the style of such rockabilly greats as Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran and Duane Eddy. He demonstrates effects devices (tremolo, echo, reverb and distortion) and how they were used by each player. Troy also shows chord voicings and application, and the scales inherent in rockabilly. He gives examples of thirds and fifths, intervals, whole-tone licks, chromatic lead-ins, horn stab riffs, chord raking, vibrato bar techniques, bends, slides, shuffle rhythms and more. The accompanying booklet comes complete with easy-to-follow notation and diagrams that correspond exactly to the DVD.

Ear Training with Matt Brown  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by FenixN at Sept. 18, 2015
Ear Training with Matt Brown

Ear Training with Matt Brown
DVDRips | FLV/AVC, ~1200 kb/s | 800x448 | Duration: 3 hours | English: AAC, 160 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Booklet | 1.95 Gb
Genre: Guitar Lessons

Ear training is a skill that can be built to identify chords, their quality, intervals and rhythmic structure. This skill is invaluable for those wishing to learn songs, and compose music by ear.