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Batman: A Death In The Family (TPB)  Comics

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Batman: A Death In The Family (TPB)

Batman: A Death In The Family (TPB)
Jim Starlin & Jim Aparo | DC Comics | CBR | ISBN 0930289447 | 13th Printing | Dec 1 1995 | 147 Pages (c2c) | 145.39 MB

"A Death in the Family" is a Batman comic book story arc originally published in , from 1988 through 1989, by a creative team composed of Jim Starlin (script), Jim Aparo (pencil), Mike DeCarlo (ink), Adrienne Roy (color), and John Costanza (lettering). DC Comics editors, at the time perceiving that Jason Todd as the second Robin seemed unpopular with fans, came up with the interactive scenario where fans would have the ability to influence the story through voting with a 900 number. Suffice it to say that the publication was accompanied by massive media attention, mostly critical. This controversy, however, is not the only reason why this story is so great. The murder of a very famous fictional superhero resulting in a rare emotional state for Batman that has him treading on a moral gray area marks this as a significant comic book milestone. It's that rare moment when a creative team at the height of their powers mesh together and come up with something truly transcendent. Ranked by Hilary Goldstein of IGN as #15 in his list of the 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels of which the top two are Frank Miller's and followed by Alan Moore's A high-quality Hatful-of-Hollow-DCP scan.

La leyenda jamás contada de Batman #1-3  Comics

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La leyenda jamás contada de Batman #1-3

La leyenda jamás contada de Batman #1-3
DC Cómics, 1980 | CBR/RAR | Spanish | 3 núm. (Completo) | 72.3 MB Total
Guion: Len Wein; Dibujos: John Byrne, Jim Aparo

Batman - Second Chances, 2015-07-15 (#TPB)  Comics

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Batman - Second Chances, 2015-07-15 (#TPB)

Batman - Second Chances, 2015-07-15 (#TPB)
English | CBR | 277 pages | 367.80 MB

The Dark Knight. The Boy Wonder. The Dynamic Duo. Together, Batman and Robin have kept the streets of Gotham City safe-while the boy beneath the mask, Dick Grayson, has kept Bruce Wayne from a lonely life of brooding darkness. But when a bullet fired from the Joker's gun nearly clips Robin's wings for good, their partnership is severed, and Batman resumes his war on crime alone. But he's not alone for long.

Batman 3D GN (1990)  Comics

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Batman 3D GN (1990)

Batman 3D GN (1990)
English | CBR | 83 pages | 140.66 MB + 80.02 MB (B&W)

Don on your special 3-D glasses (free with this book) and plunge into action you can almost touch. See Batman as you've never seen him before as the Dark Knight takes you deep into a new dimension of excitement. Thrill to the unique power only 3_D comics can convey in: EGO TRIP - Using their own brand of death traps and madness, the joker, the Penguin, Two-Face and the Riddler battle Batman and each other in this first-ever three-dimensional graphic novel especially created by comics favorite John Byrne with 3-D effects by Ray Zane. PIN_UP GALLERY - A 3-D look at highlights in The Dark Knight's history from a superstar line-up of some of today's top comic talents: Arthur Adams, Jim Aparo, Bret Blevins, Al Williams, Jerry Ordway, George Perez, Klaus Janson and more. ROBOT ROBBERS - A rare collector's item from the seldom seen and hard to get Batman 3-D comic that originally appeared in 1953 when 3-D mania first swept the country.

Jim Al-Khalili - La casa della saggezza. L'epoca d'oro della scienza araba (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Jim Al-Khalili - La casa della saggezza. L'epoca d'oro della scienza araba (Repost)

Jim Al-Khalili - La casa della saggezza. L'epoca d'oro della scienza araba
Italian | 2013 | 341 pages | ISBN: 8833923118 | EPUB | 1,2 MB

Nel IX secolo il califfo abbaside di Baghdad, Abù Ja'far Abdullah al-Ma'mun, creò uno dei centri di studio più imponenti che la storia umana abbia mai conosciuto, noto col nome di Bayt al-Hikma, La casa della saggezza. Jim Al-Khalili ci svela i nomi dei protagonisti di questa avventura meravigliosa: Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, Ibn al-Shatir, al-Khwàrizmi, Ibn al-Haytham, al-Ràzi ed altri ancora. Dietro a questi nomi, per noi quasi sconosciuti, si nascondono le vite e le opere di scienziati che hanno di fatto posto le basi del mondo moderno. L'autore ricostruisce con straordinaria perizia la storia di un'epoca nella quale menti geniali spinsero le frontiere della conoscenza così in là da plasmare le civiltà che seguirono, fino ai giorni nostri. Il suo libro è anche un tentativo di reintrodurre in Occidente un pezzo fondamentale di una cultura a lungo ignorata e in buona parte ancora da esplorare..

Jim Lahman - Music Changes Everything (2018)  Music

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Jim Lahman - Music Changes Everything (2018)

Jim Lahman - Music Changes Everything (2018)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 269.79 Mb | MP3 CBR 320kbps ~ 104.55 Mb | 44:38 | Cover
Blues, Modern Electric | Country: USA | Label: LahmanTone Records

This album contains a variety of song styles. I have wide ranging influences in the Country, Rock, Blues, and Funk genres. I remember the Beatles and Rolling Stones albums were a collection of songs from several styles. That is my goal here. I write music about my own experiences and totally fabricated stories. I get inspiration from everywhere. I like to write music that will make people want to dance.

Batman (Digital) 159 Volumes  Comics

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Batman (Digital) 159 Volumes

Batman (Digital) 159 Volumes
English | CBR/CBZ | 159 Volumes | 5.6 Gb

Batman (1966)  Video

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Batman (1966)

Batman (1966)
BDRip | MKV | 1920x1044 | English | H265 @ 3323 kbps | AC-3 @ 448 kbps | 1 h 44 min | 2.79 GiB
Subtitles: English
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Science Fiction, Family

The Dynamic Duo faces four super-villains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people.

Batman (1989)  Video

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Batman (1989)

Batman (1989)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 1975 Kbps | 2h 6mn | 2,14 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subtitles: English (embedded)
Genre: Action, Adventure | Director: Tim Burton

Having witnessed his parents' brutal murder as a child, millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) fights crime in Gotham City disguised as Batman, a costumed hero who strikes fear into the hearts of villains. But when a deformed madman who calls himself "The Joker" (Jack Nicholson) seizes control of Gotham's criminal underworld, Batman must face his most ruthless nemesis ever while protecting both his identity and his love interest, reporter Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger).

Vaurien - Jim Thompson  eBooks & eLearning

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Vaurien - Jim Thompson

Vaurien - Jim Thompson
French | 1997 | 346 Pages | ISBN: 2905158026 | EPUB | 355.54 KB

La fumée et les gaz d'échappement entraient à flots par le plancher. La voiture tremblait sous les cognements du moteur. Mom se tourna vers moi, l'air furieux : tout de même, Jimmie ! Qu'est-ce qui t'arrive ? Cette voiture est sur le point de tomber en ruine, nous sommes pratiquement sans le sou, nous avons la moitié des États-Unis à traverser et …et… Et te voilà qui rigoles ! Tu trouves donc ça drôle ? Qu'est-ce qui te prend ? - je n'sais pas, fis-je, c'est sans doute que je ne vois rien d'autre à faire." La jeunesse chaotique de Jim Thompson, chasseur d'hôtel, poseur de pipelines, trimardeur, employé de morgue, journaliste et bootlegger, écrivain enfin, racontée par lui-même."