Bamboo 2.6.1

StartIsBack++ 2.6.1 Final Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at March 5, 2018
StartIsBack++ 2.6.1 Final Multilingual

StartIsBack++ 2.6.1 Final Multilingual | 1.3 Mb

StartIsBack is fully native lightweight zero-privileges program, cheap and fair, fast, stable and secure. Boot to desktop; Original fully-featured Windows start menu; Desktop and Modern interfaces clearly separated; Make Start screen clutter-free; Totally native; Rich customization and configuration; And More to come!

EasyPing 2.6.1  Software

Posted by tnt-reloaded at Feb. 13, 2018
EasyPing 2.6.1

EasyPing 2.6.1 | macOS | 5 mb

EasyPing is a network tool to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network. This network can be IPv4 or IPv6. It works by sending ICMP packets to the host and listening for ICMP replies. This tool estimates the round-trip time, detects any packet loss, and prints a statistical summary.

KeepVid Music Multilingual  Software

Posted by melt_ at Jan. 23, 2018
KeepVid Music Multilingual

KeepVid Music Multilingual | 62.8 Mb

KeepVid Music is a One-Stop Music Manager Transferring music to any device without limits, and downloading music from the online streaming music sharing sites to your computer or iTunes library in simple clicks, KeepVid Music does more than that. Record, mange, play and share music with this powerful music manager.

SWAM engine SWAM The Soprano and Bass Clarinets 2.6.1  Software

Posted by Bolaxv at Jan. 9, 2018
SWAM engine SWAM The Soprano and Bass Clarinets 2.6.1

SWAM engine SWAM The Soprano and Bass Clarinets 2.6.1 | 123 MB

This collection is comprised of two instruments, the Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet.

4K Stogram Multilingual + Portable  Software

Posted by melt_ at Nov. 10, 2017
4K Stogram Multilingual + Portable

4K Stogram Multilingual + Portable | 21.8/18.8 Mb

4K Stogram is an Instagram Downloader for PC. The program allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts. Just enter Instagram user name or photo link and press 'Follow user' button. Open up wide new vistas of imagery all from your desktop.

CheckBook 2.6.1 (412) MacOSX  Software

Posted by EXGenerator at Oct. 31, 2017
CheckBook 2.6.1 (412) MacOSX

CheckBook 2.6.1 (412) MacOSX | 27 MB

"Where does all my money go?" A paper check register can't categorize your transactions or report cash flow over time, and it'll never balance itself. Medieval torture devices like Quicken® are so full of features you don't need that they're actually painful to use. What you really need is a friendly personal finance tool that gets the basics just right and keeps things simple. That's where we come in. Introducing CheckBook 2, your powerfully simple personal finance manager.

SmoothCursor 2.6.1 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by sveta.sevas at Jan. 10, 2017
SmoothCursor 2.6.1 Mac OS X

SmoothCursor 2.6.1 MacOSX | 7 MB

SmoothCursor is a menu-bar application that provides separate controls for customizing the mouse and trackpad accelerations. It is the perfect tool to use in combination with drawing applications and FPS games!

Atlassian Bamboo - 2.7.1 [Intel/KG]  Software

Posted by IrimiNage at Nov. 14, 2010
Atlassian Bamboo - 2.7.1 [Intel/KG]

Atlassian Bamboo 2.7.1 [Intel/KG] | MacOS | 83.03 MB

Bamboo is a continuous integration server that automates the building and testing of your software. It provides instant scalability and flexibility by allowing you to run remote agents that run on-premises or in the cloud using Amazon EC2.

Atlassian Bamboo 2.7.1 (x86/x64)  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Nov. 12, 2010
Atlassian Bamboo 2.7.1 (x86/x64)

Atlassian Bamboo 2.7.1 (x86/x64) | 83/83 Mb

Bamboo automates the process of compiling and testing source code, saving time and instantly alerting you of build problems.Spend time analysing reports instead of pulling them. Bamboo helps identify and highlight trends, patterns and linkages across your builds.Bamboo automatically monitors and runs builds according to your preferences, even across different locations and platforms.Integrate Bamboo seamlessly with other development tools, including JIRA, NAnt, Maven, Subversion and your IDE.

EasyFrame 2.6.1 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by sveta.sevas at Sept. 9, 2017
EasyFrame 2.6.1 Mac OS X

EasyFrame 2.6.1 MacOSX | 9.58 MB

Whether it's for posting on a blog, Facebook or email, adding a border or edge effect to a photo makes it look much more professional.