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Flags Into Battle (The Vietnam Experience) [Repost]  

Posted by bakerman at Feb. 4, 2016
Flags Into Battle (The Vietnam Experience) [Repost]

Flags Into Battle (The Vietnam Experience)
Boston Publishing Company | 1987 | ISBN: 0939526220 | English | 200 pages | PDF | 29.5 MB

Flags of the American Civil War (2): Union (repost)  

Posted by MoneyRich at Aug. 6, 2014
Flags of the American Civil War (2): Union (repost)

Philip Katcher, "Flags of the American Civil War (2): Union"
Os Publishing | March 25, 1993 | 48 Pages | ISBN: 1855322552 | PDF | 21.5 MB

The regimental or battery set of colours was more than simply a unit designation, issued for the ease of a commander in identifying his units in the field. It was the very symbol of the regiment; it was its heart, the thing that drew its members together. As such it was fiercely defended in action, where it flew in the centre of the line. Complemented by numerous illustrations, including eight full page colour plates by Rick Scollins, this book by Philip Katcher provides a fascinating examination of the Union flags of the American Civil War. Men-at-Arms 252, 258 and 265 are also available in a single volume special edition as ‘Flags of the Civil War’.

Two Flags West (1950)  Video

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Two Flags West (1950)

Two Flags West (1950)
Video: BluRay-Rip 720p | MKV | 992 x 720 | x264 6 793kbps 23.976 fps
Audio: English DTS 5.1 @ 1510kbps, 48 khz | Subs: None | 01:32:09 Mins | 4.37 Gb
Genre: Western

Two Flags West is set in the waning days of the Civil War. Colonel Clay Tucker (Joseph Cotten) is one of several Confederate prisoners who agree to fight alongside Union soldiers against the Indians in New Mexico. Tucker's Union commander Kenniston (Jeff Chandler) despises all "Johnny Rebs," holding them responsible for the death of his brother. Kenniston has other problems too; he is deeply in love with his sister-in-law Elena (Linda Darnell), but refuses to express his devotion out of loyalty to his dead sibling. He also hates Indians with a passion, and has endangered the safety of his fort by brutally killing a chief's son. There seems to be only one way for Kenniston to purge the demons within him, and he finds that way during a climactic Indian attack.

Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford - Flags (1985)  

Posted by tiburon at Feb. 22, 2013
Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford - Flags (1985)

Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford - Flags (1985)
EAC 0.99pb4 | FLAC tracks level 8 | Cue+Log+M3U | Full Scans 300dpi | 322MB + 5% Recovery
Genre: Fusion

The follow-up to Music for Piano and Drums is more along the lines of what fans might have expected the first time around. Flags features Moraz's augmenting his piano work with his Kurzweil synthesizer; a fuller production with overdubbing, and more structure. Still, to contrast purely anthemic tracks like the opening "Temples of Joy," Bruford and Moraz offer moments of pure improvisations, including the driving "Split Seconds" and "Infra Dig," which is based around a challenging theme but ultimately evolves into a more free-flowing exploration, with Bruford's light cymbal work and strategically placed shots providing interesting counterpoint to Moraz's more flowing lines. Again the chemistry between the two is clearly evident.

European vector flags  

Posted by gfxsky at Feb. 28, 2010
European vector flags

European vector flags
5 EPS Files | preview | 5.14 Mb | RS | HF
Stiff Little Fingers - Flags & Emblems [Remastered and Expanded]

Stiff Little Fingers - Flags & Emblems [Remastered and Expanded]
Year/Label: 1991/2004 Castle Music/Sanctuary | CD#: CMRCD871
FLAC-5 (image) | Mp3 VBR-0 (tracks) | Artwork (JPG, 400 dpi) | File-hosts: HF, FF & RS
Punk-Rock | FLAC: 340 MB | Mp3: 92 MB | Artwork: 26 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

EAC Secure-rip with LOG+CUE+COVERS | Source: My CD-collection


I've been an SLF fan since I was at school. After getting all their stuff on vinyl and then on cd, I just sat back for a decade and listened to it (on and off). Came across "Flags and Emblems" whilst having a poke about on Amazon and thought I'd give it a punt. The earlier stuff is a lot angrier than this, but this is more melodic. I like all of it. "Flags & Emblems" doesn't disappoint.
[Amazon user review]

dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.9.1208.1 Professional  Software

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dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.9.1208.1 Professional

dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.9.1208.1 Professional | 30.8 Mb

dslrBooth - Awesome Photo Booth Software. If you’re looking to run a photo booth using your dslr camera and a computer, then you’ve found the solution you need. We built our photo booth software out of the same necessity. dslrBooth is a straightforward app that will powers your photo booth as it does for many others all over the world. Our users rave about our software.

Infections of Leisure, 5 edition  eBooks & eLearning

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Infections of Leisure, 5 edition

Infections of Leisure, 5 edition by David Schlossberg M.D. Facp
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1555819230 | 428 pages | PDF | 11 MB

ChemProject 5.2.2  Software

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ChemProject 5.2.2

ChemProject 5.2.2 | 9.2 MB

ChemProject is an easy-to-use, yet powerful rapid chemical synthesis campaign calculation and assessment tool. Enter a sequence of lab scale experiments and obtain all material amounts required for a specific amount of final product of a multi-step synthesis campaign, along with the associated material costs, operating volumes and a waste stream assessment. Also convergent syntheses are supported. Moreover, the tool allows you to easily identify optimization hot spots, to simulate potential improvements and to compare various synthetic approaches according to relevant synthetic criteria.

RadioBoss Advanced Edition Portable  Software

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RadioBoss Advanced Edition Portable

RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Multilingual Portable | 50 MB

RadioBOSS is the software product that provides automation capabilities for broadcasting stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. A large number of features allows using it no matter where you need to play music. The RadioBOSS software can work for months without operator’s assistance. Built-in format converter, CD grabber, music database, playlist generator, scheduler, automatic volume control, crossfade and other features make this software a very useful tool to handle your music collection. The simple and convenient interface minimizes the learning curve.