3d Ultra Pinball Space

3D Ultra Pinball Space  Games

Posted by klol101 at July 29, 2006
3D Ultra Pinball Space

3D Ultra Pinball
Pc Game | 25mb | Rapidshare

3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night  Games

Posted by campestre70 at July 22, 2010
3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night

3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night | 70 MB

One of the most popular video pinball franchises returns to your PC in the form of 3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night. As the title might suggest, you’ll face off against a series of ghosts and ghouls in this chilling take on an arcade classic. There are three eerie settings to choose from each of which provides enough unique gameplay to keep things from getting musty and perfect ball physics to ensure a realistic experience. Play alone or challenge up to three friends and see who has the best reflexes (and the strongest stomach).

3D Printing in Space  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by exLib at July 23, 2014
3D Printing in Space

3D Printing in Space
Committee on Space-Based Additive Manufacturing ∙ Aeronautics andSpace Engineering Board ∙ National Materials and Manufacturing Board ∙ Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences ∙ National Research Council
NAS Press | 2014 | ISBN: 0309310083 9780309310086 | 101 pages | PDF | 13 MB

This volume evaluates the prospects of in-space additive manufacturing, examines the various technologies available and currently in development, and considers the possible impacts for crewed space operations and robotic spacecraft operations.

Video Copilot – Element 3D (Ultra 3D Bundle) x86+x64  Graphics

Posted by groovebeat at Feb. 24, 2014
Video Copilot – Element 3D (Ultra 3D Bundle) x86+x64

Video Copilot – Element 3D (Ultra 3D Bundle) x86+x64 | 12.2 GB
JetStrike + FlightKit + Metropolitan + Element 3D + ProShaders + 6 Packs

New plug-in for visualization of 3D-objects in After Effects in real time! Development of the company VideoCopilot, specializing in additional tools for creating video effects and training materials on this topic in the program AfterEffects. Element 3D allows you to work with three-dimensional objects directly in AE. The plugin can import 3D-models in OBJ or C4D-format. Supports environment mapping and motion blur, depth of field, and can export the path rendering.

3D Ultra Mini Golf: Adventures  Games

Posted by Mast3r at March 12, 2010
3D Ultra Mini Golf: Adventures

3D Ultra Mini Golf: Adventures | 96.38 MB

3D Ultra Mini Golf: Adventures - a real return of three-dimensional mini-golf course in a series of 3D Ultra. Cartoon characters and colorful locations will raise the mood of anyone. Regardless of whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, you'll play one of 4 stylish players. In this game you have to go through 36 levels of fun, filled with various plants, bunkers, bridges across rivers and other obstacles. In the game you can choose 1 of 3 levels of design options: classic, Wild West, or Outer Space. And so it is possible to build your own levels with the built-in editor.

Portable 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (2007)  Games

Posted by EnKteam at Sept. 4, 2009
Portable 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (2007)

Portable 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (2007) | 53.64MB

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures  Games

Posted by klol101 at Nov. 25, 2007
3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
Win Game | 49.7mb | RS.COM

Whether you're a seasoned player or just a beginner, get ready to tee off for a quick and fun match with four animated stylish characters. Putt your way through 36 fun-filled holes of minigolf on 3-D designed courses with elevated greens, bunkers, bridges and water hazards, among other crazy obstacles. Also choose from an array of different environments to fit your mood that includes the Classic Carnival, The Old West, or Outer Space.

3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball  Games

Posted by klol101 at Sept. 29, 2006
3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball

3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball
Win Game | 435 mb packed | Rs

Start in the Garage table; modify your steering, tune-ups, and brakes, then get set for the big race. Of course (as the title would indicate), the race is actually a pinball game, and you’ll have to hit all sorts of targets in order to gain pole position, pull into the lead, and eventually take the checkered flag. Two different difficulty levels let racing fans ease into the tough stuff, and four selectable backgrounds ensure that you’ll never get bored with things. You can even choose to play as one of four real NASCAR drivers!

3D Ultra Thrill Ride: Pinball  Games

Posted by biory at Nov. 22, 2005

The ultimate pinball twist to a theme park adventure

3D Ultra Thrill Ride is a fun-filled pinball arcade romp through a fanciful amusement park that the whole family can enjoy! Thrill ride offers the fun of a complete amusement park experience. The rides are all fun, easy and colorful - step aboard, and strap yourself in!
The ultimate pinball twist to a theme park adventure, With 15 action-packed rides on a table with wild roller coasters and other thrill rides crowding the table!

3D Architecte Avancé v14.0  Software

Posted by ph4rr3l at Jan. 25, 2014
3D Architecte Avancé v14.0

3D Architecte Avancé v14.0| 1.17 GB

3D Architecte Avancé propose plusieurs outils pour élaborer les plans de votre future maison. En effet, cette application vous aide à trouver et imaginer les meilleurs dimensions et positions de vos pièces. Vous avez donc la possibilité de dessiner vos plans en 2D, au millimètre près. Montez vos cloisons ou demi cloisons, mezzanines, mais aussi fenêtres de toit et balcons. Ajoutez ensuite tout ce qui va meubler votre chambre, salon, ou encore cuisine. Intégrez donc vos différents canapés, buffets, tables, décorations, mais aussi les personnages en mouvement pour plus de réalisme. Bien entendu, le jardin fait intégralement partie du projet et nécessite des plans aussi précis que possible.