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Frank (2014)  Video

Posted by edi1967 at Dec. 3, 2016
Frank (2014)

Frank (2014)
A Film by Lenny Abrahamson
BDRip | AVI | 720 x 304 | Xvid @ 1962 Kbps | 01:36:05 | 5% Recovery | 1.8 GB
Audio: Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: Italian, English (.srt)
Genre: Drama, Music, Comedy

Per un giovane aspirante musicista è una fortuna finire a suonare con Frank, o un terribile guaio? Perché Frank non è solo il leader di una band d’avanguardia dal nome impronunciabile, i Soronprfbs. Frank non è solo un genio della musica. Frank ha un vezzo inquietante: porta una gigantesca maschera di cartapesta. Forse è un pazzo, forse un profeta. Ma dopo aver lavorato con lui non sarai mai più lo stesso.

S.O.S. Natale / Get Santa (2014)  Video

Posted by edi1967 at Dec. 3, 2016
S.O.S. Natale / Get Santa (2014)

S.O.S. Natale / Get Santa (2014)
A Film by Christopher Smith
BDRip | AVI | 688 x 288 | Xvid @ 1333 Kbps | 01:42:47 | 5% Recovery | 1.4 GB
Audio: Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: Italian, English (.srt)
Genre: Comedy, Family

Un padre e un figlio che si uniscono per salvare il Natale, una volta che scoprono Babbo Natale dormire nel loro garage dopo la brutta caduta la sua slitta e trovandosi in fuga dalla polizia.

L' Ottava Nota - Boychoir (2014)  Video

Posted by edi1967 at Dec. 3, 2016
L' Ottava Nota - Boychoir (2014)

L' Ottava Nota - Boychoir (2014)
A Film by François Girard
BDRip | AVI | 720 x 304 | Xvid @ 1957 Kbps | 01:43:41 | 5% Recovery | 1.9 GB
Audio: Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: Italian, English (.srt)
Genre: Drama, Music

Il film racconta di Stet, un problematico ragazzino di 12 anni proveniente da una piccola città del Texas che finisce in un'accademia di musica d'elite, la fittizia National Boychoir Academy, dopo la morte della madre single. Completamente fuori dal suo elemento, Stet si ritrova in una battaglia di volontà con l'esigente maestro del coro che riconosce nel ragazzino un talento unico e lo spinge a trovare l'anima creativa della musica.

BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Central America (2014) [Repost]  Video

Posted by Tutorial at Dec. 3, 2016
BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Central America (2014) [Repost]

BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Central America (2014)
HDTV | 1280 x 720 | .MKV/AVC @ 2541 Kbps | 4x~59mn | 6.37 GB
Audio: English AAC 128 Kbps, 2 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary

Dr Jago Cooper explores the rise and fall of the forgotten civilisations of Central America. His quest takes him from from the crystal blue seas of the Caribbean to the New World's most impressive pyramids, flying over the smoking volcanoes of Costa Rica and travelling deep underground in the caves of central Mexico. He travels in the footsteps of these peoples to reveal their secrets and unearth the astonishing cultures that flourished amongst some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world.

"Непотопляемый авианосец" Крым. 1945-2014  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Vitautus at Feb. 3, 2015
"Непотопляемый авианосец" Крым. 1945-2014

"Непотопляемый авианосец" Крым. 1945-2014
2014 | А. Б. Широкорад | Вече | ISBN: 5444422352 | руcский | PDF or DjVu | 404 pages | 36.5 Mb or 19.8 Mb

Тот, кто владеет Крымом, владеет Черным морем. Это прекрасно понимали византийцы, генуэзцы, турки, последовательно владевшие полуостровом. В 1783 г. императрица Екатерина II повелела присоединить Крым к России…
Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers / Том и Джерри: Маленькие помощники Санты (2014) [ReUp]

Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers / Том и Джерри: Маленькие помощники Санты (2014)
DVD Video | ~ 15 x 0hr 07mn | PAL 4:3 | 720x576 | 4.91 Gb
English \ Russian \ Czech \ Greek: Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Subtitles: English, Arabic, Chinese, Portugues, Romanian
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Collection of festive-themed episodes from the children's animation featuring cat and mouse rivals Tom and Jerry. Included in the collection is 'Santa's Little Helpers' which sees the duo living in the North Pole with Santa and his family. The pair must learn to put their differences aside and work as a team in order to save Christmas.

DjVu Book Reader [+iPad] v.1.2.5  Software

Posted by AlenMiler at Sept. 3, 2013
DjVu Book Reader [+iPad] v.1.2.5

DjVu Book Reader [+iPad] v.1.2.5
iOS | .IPA | 54.95mb

DjVu Book Reader is an universal app to reading DjVu books.

Deadnaut (2014)  Games

Posted by Lebedev30 at June 29, 2017
Deadnaut (2014)

Deadnaut (2014)
PC Game | Developer: Screwfly Studios | 156.2 MB
Languages: English
Version GOG:
Genre: Strategy - Role-playing - Sci-fi

TCP 2014  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by AvaxGenius at June 29, 2017
TCP 2014

TCP 2014: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Physics, held in Takamatsu, Japan, 1-5, December 2014 By Michiharu Wada, Peter Schury, Yuichi Ichikawa
English | PDF | 2017 | 193 Pages| ISBN : 3319615866 | 20.84 MB

This volume presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Physics (TCP 14). It presents recent developments in the theoretical and experimental research on trapped charged particles and related fundamental physics and applications. The content has been divided topic-wise covering basic questions of Fundamental Physics, Quantum and QED Effects, Plasmas and Collective Behavior and Anti-Hydrogen.

Mourning Grave (2014) Sonyeogoedam  Video

Posted by MirrorsMaker at June 29, 2017
Mourning Grave (2014) Sonyeogoedam

Mourning Grave (2014)
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920x808 | x264 @ 10,6 Mbps | 90 min | 7,65 Gb
Audio: Korean DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | Subs: English, Chinese
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance

A Psychic Boy Unravels Gruesome Mystery Surrounding His Classmates' Disappearance In-su comes back to his hometown where all his miseries of being able to see ghosts started. He tried running away but, as In-su can't help but taking grudges of ghosts, more ghosts swarm around him. He seeks advice from his uncle, Sun-il who also inherited the ability from their great grandfather but Sun-il is of no help. In-su's new high school life is another nightmare with a gang of cruel kids picking on weak classmates. His only consolation is a mysterious ghost girl friend. One day, the gangbangers at school get attacked one by one a gruesome-looking masked girl. In-su senses powerfully fierce grudge around the class and finds connection with a bullied girl who committed suicide. Associating with his dark past, In-su wants to make changes and engages deeper into the deadly case to unmask the secret.