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Amadeus Quartet - The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Recordings, Vol. V, Romanticism (2017) {6CD Audite AUD21425 rec 1950-1969}

Amadeus Quartet - The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Recordings, Vol. V, Romanticism (2017) {6CD Audite AUD21425 rec 1950-1969}
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© 1950-1969, 2017 Audite | AUD21425
Classical / Chamber Music / Romantic

The fifth CD boxed set, Vol. V, from the series The RIAS Amadeus Quartet Recordings is dedicated to nineteenth-century Romantic composers. This six-volume edition presents exclusively first releases on CD. The Amadeus Quartet included a wider repertoire in the broadcasting studio than in the recording studio. Works by Edvard Grieg and Robert Schumann interpreted by the Amadeus Quartet can be heard here for the first time on CD. And five works in this edition represent novel repertoire that the Amadeus Quartet never recorded on LP: Dvorák's Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. 81, Grieg's String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 27, Mendelssohn's String Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 12, as well as Schumann's String Quartet in A Major, Op. 41, No. 3 and Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 44.
Charlie Parker - Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued, Vol. 15 (1945, 1950) {Philology W 845.2 rel 1999}

Charlie Parker - Bird's Eyes: Last Unissued, Vol. 15 (1945, 1950) {Philology W 845.2 rel 1999}
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© 1945, 1950, 1999 Philology | W 845.2
Jazz / Bop / Bebop / Big Band / Saxophone

Charlie Parker was a legendary Grammy Award–winning jazz saxophonist who, with Dizzy Gillespie, invented the musical style called bop or bebop. Charlie Parker was born on August 29, 1920, in Kansas City, Kansas. From 1935 to 1939, he played the Missouri nightclub scene with local jazz and blues bands. In 1945 he led his own group while performing with Dizzy Gillespie on the side. Together they invented bebop. In 1949, Parker made his European debut, giving his last performance several years later. He died a week later on March 12, 1955, in New York City.

Lazy Nezumi Pro  Software

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Lazy Nezumi Pro

Lazy Nezumi Pro Multilingual | 7.2 MB

Lazy Nezumi Pro - Take control of your lines! Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet. It works with many of your favorite art programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.

Servants' Stories : Life Below Stairs in Their Own Words, 1800-1950  eBooks & eLearning

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Servants' Stories : Life Below Stairs in Their Own Words, 1800-1950

Servants' Stories : Life Below Stairs in Their Own Words, 1800-1950
by Michelle Higgs
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1473822246 | 209 Pages | PDF | 2.66 MB

Step into the world of domestic service and discover what life was really like for these unsung heroines (and heroes) of society.
Django Reinhardt - Djangologie 1928-1950 (2009) {20CD BoxSet EMI Music France 64bit mastering 5099960605023}

Django Reinhardt - Djangologie 1928-1950 (2009) {20CD BoxSet EMI Music France 64bit mastering 5099960605023}
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© 1928-1950, 2009 Pathé / EMI Music France | 5099960605023
Jazz / Continental Jazz / Swing / Gypsy / South/Eastern European Traditions / Guitar

277 tracks 1928-50, 64bit mastering. Django Reinhardt recorded prolifically in many different group settings over 4 decades. It's difficult to know where to start or where to go once you've gotten started collecting a few of his recordings. The 20 cd Djangologie box set is the place to go once you've decided to take the plunge into Django's music. It covers all 4 decades chronologically, but rather than trying to comprehensively collect all of Django's recordings (including all of the ones where he is a sideman in dance bands etc) it largely concentrates on the Quintette and other small group recordings, which is what most people want to hear. The sound quality is very good and relatively consistent throughout the collection. There is a minimum of tape hiss, clicks and pops. The sound mastering hasn't overemphasized any portion of the audio spectrum and has instead gone for a balanced group sound. Highly recommended if you want to get serious about listening to Django without all of the confusion that comes from piecing together smaller complilations.

Walk Softly, Stranger (1950)  Video

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Walk Softly, Stranger (1950)

Walk Softly, Stranger (1950)
English or Spanish (2 audio tracks) | DVDRip | AVI | 640x464 | XviD @ 1847 kb/s | 1.27 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:20:56 minutes | Subs: Spanish (srt)
Genre: Crime, Film-Noir, Drama

A charming, smooth-talking gambler calling himself Chris Hale arrives in Ashton, home of the Corelli shoe factory. Claiming to have lived there as a boy, he soon ingratiates himself with the townspeople… including attractive heiress Elaine Corelli, wheelchair-bound since a recent accident. Chris, hoping to leave crime behind, seems to have excellent prospects; but of course, his past catches up with him…

Born Yesterday (1950)  Video

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Born Yesterday (1950)

Born Yesterday (1950)
Nata Ieri - Comment l'esprit vient aux femmes - Nacida ayer - Die ist nicht von gestern
A Film by George Cukor
DVD5 | PAL | 1.85:1 | 4:3 | 720x576 | 01:38:06 | 5% recovery | 3.9 GB
Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish 2.0 AC3 @ 192 Kbps
Subtitle: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Portuguese
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Uncouth, loud-mouth junkyard tycoon Harry Brock descends upon Washington D.C. to buy himself a congressman or two, bringing with him his mistress, ex-showgirl Billie Dawn. Brock hires newspaperman Paul Verrall to see if he can soften her rough edges and make her more presentable in capital society. But Harry gets more than he bargained for as Billie absorbs Verall's lessons in U.S. history and not only comes to the realization that Harry is nothing but a two-bit, corrupt crook, but in the process also falls in love with her handsome tutor.

Outrage (1950)  Video

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Outrage (1950)

Outrage (1950)
English | DVDRip | MKV | 704x478 | AVC @ 1877 Kbps | 1.14 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 256 Kbps | 2 channels | 01:14:47 minutes | Subs: Portuguese (embedded)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

A young girl is raped while coming home from work. The trauma of the attack turns her away from her parents and her fiancé, and, unable to face society, she runs away and, using an assumed name, takes a job on an orange ranch. A young clergyman takes an interest in her, although she won't confide in him. When a ranch hand tries to kiss her, she relives her terrifying experience and nearly kills him.

The Capture (1950)  Video

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The Capture (1950)

The Capture (1950)
English or Spanish (2 audio tracks) | DVDRip | MKV | 720x554 | AVC @ 2182 Kbps | 29.970 fps | 1.62 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 Kbps | 2 channels | 01:30:18 minutes | Subtitles: Spanish (srt)
Genre: Drama, Film-Noir

Badly injured and hunted by the police, Lin Vanner takes refuge in a priest's home, and tells him what has happened. When Vanner was working in a Mexican oil field, he captured a man who was suspected of a payroll robbery, but then felt responsible when the man died in police custody.

No Place for Jennifer (1950)  Video

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No Place for Jennifer (1950)

No Place for Jennifer (1950)
A Film by Henry Cass
DVDRip | MKV | 1h 27min | 720x540 | AVC @ 1800Kbps | AAC @ 160Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 1.19 GB
Genre: Drama

Jennifer (Janette Scott) is the 12-year-old daughter of divorcing couple William (Leo Genn) and Paula (Beatrice Campbell). Though both parents profess their love for Jennifer, both mentally abuse the poor girl during the custody tug-of-war. Unable to withstand the pressure, Jennifer runs away from home. She ultimately finds happiness with another family, where game-playing is not part of the agenda. Based on No Difference to Me, a novel by Phyllis Hambleton, No Place for Jennifer concentrates more on the sentimental aspects of the story than its does on the psychological effect a divorce has on an innocent child.